Wednesday 10 July 2013

CyanogenMod; A Privacy Guard Manager Arrives!

The CyanogenMod team has to make some changes in the management of its incognito mode which now takes the name Privacy Guard Manager and takes place in the Android Settings section. In addition, the team provides some information relating to succession of updates to the stable release for the Galaxy SIII. But there is also talk of a new site for downloading alternative firmware. While some mobile devices have alternative firmware CyanogenMod stamped 10.1 and based on Android 4.2, the development team did not stop there and offers new features on the new versions. As a reminder, these are open-air laboratory and are updated daily to remove bugs, feature has been added. A Galaxy SIII has the right to multiple updates. The team gives some details about the users of Galaxy SIII (U.S. version) and saw appear several updates to the stable release without special explanation. Indeed, they went from version 10.1.0 to in the space of a few days. First there was a correction made to any picture / video sensor, but it brought with it a particularly annoying bug disabling data’s in some users. A second patch has been deployed; unfortunately, the end of added code came from a new version that included other problems. Therefore a release was pushed correcting all the bugs. It can be downloaded here. On Google+, the team says that the head was wrapped in tar and covered with feathers. About incognito mode that applies to all users new versions, at least for the moment, a change was made. As a reminder, it will block permissions requested by applications to be installed on Android. Anyway, it is now question of Privacy Guard Manager and takes place within a tab in the settings section. It makes visible all installed applications and an icon to the right allows you to see the status, whether personal data is exposed or not. It is also possible to define a common rule to all at the time of installation, which is quite convenient and easy to use.

 Finally, proof that this feature should eventually be deployed on the stable versions of firmware, a long press on the tab Privacy Guard Manager from the parameters you assign and how it works and gives you details on how to do it. In addition, the CyanogenMod team is preparing a new website, currently available in beta. He clearly wants more accessible to users and gets a much nicer interface and can also be used on your mobile. From our side, we regret the absence of relatively important information; the Android generation supported. Indeed, if the date of the latest version is important, we would like to know if it is important to download anything. Hopefully this change is expected in the next update and prior to production. Besides, if you have any comments to make them, simply go there.

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