Tuesday 23 July 2013

Is there any Google algorithm New updates?

According discussions on the Webmaster World forum, Google could still try to make an update of its algorithm. It may be the extension of what Matt Cutts announced two weeks ago. Some website publishers have seen fluctuations in their positions last night and this morning. It is rather the American side, if you see something on your site in other countries too; then leaves a little comment below. In recent months, more and more publishers and websites complain vehemently Google’s method: updates of filters that will favor large companies and brands at the expense of smaller SMEs and blogs. This is probably the reality of 2013: it is clearly not in 2008 or 2010. To stand out, you must either be unique, or have a special budget. I now know what kind of comment every day on sites SEO U.S.: "The best thing to do is rely on search engines. Depend on Google; this is clearly suicide for any type of small business ".

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