Sunday 21 July 2013

New version of Google Maps

Google updated its Maps service. A fresh design, especially the individuality is its paramount. The cards are tailored to the user and their individual needs and taste. Google released a new version of the map service Google maps. After extensive update of the desktop version also Android and iOS users now benefit from the revised maps. The software giant improved especially the navigation and the ability to discover new places. Only thing is the previous one; Latitude is no longer exists in the new version. Google provides the service but anyway from 9th August 2013 we hope. At the developer conference I / O Google unveiled several new features to Maps. The map service in the future not only looks different, it also gets new features. The search for a restaurant is about show the results immediately on the map. So far, they appeared in an additional column. Based on your Google+ circles or external evaluation services raises the map generates recommendations. Information about places and landmarks appear in info cards that visually oriented to Google Now. Previously, each user saw the same card. The new Google Maps provides individual cards for different users and needs. A small side road around the service appears only at a long zoom level. The road is important; however, to achieve a goal, Google highlights them. Moreover, the map adjusts to your need; with every vote or mark a favorite place Google Maps learns. They look like a card that is tailored to you.

 The route planner allows you to compare transport together. Google Maps tells you whether the subway the bike or the train hit a car on the way. Detailed settings to specify whether you want to avoid toll roads or other public transport prefer the bus. You can see at a glance how you get from A to B the fastest. From the Meatpacking District to the coffee shop - Google Maps knows the fastest route throughout the city. Within nine minutes driving if a car hits the subway it will be there. Even Google find a parking space included in the calculation. 3D views of the map service offered earlier. The new version, however, makes the installation of plug-ins necessary. The Google Earth integration requires only a modern browser with OpenGL support. Also for new; if you zoom out far enough, you can see which part of the earth, the sun shines, and where it is night. Even clouds represent the mapping service - in near real time. The group from Mountain View, photographed not only roads.

They granted long Street view insights including shops, underwater worlds and ski areas. The new version integrates the views better in the map service. So far, the images were only located hidden. A start date for the new maps has not yet mentioned by Google. At present, a closed testing phase is running. After you request an invitation, you may choose Google as a test candidate.

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