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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Google Maps Now Lets Users Send Messages to Businesses

Google Maps

Users Can Now Send Messages to Businesses through Google Maps!

Google has recently rolled out a feature whereby users can send messages to local businesses in Google Maps. The whole “sending messages to local businesses” part of it is not new, though. Google had initially brought out the concept of messaging businesses as a part of its Google My Business campaign. This took place somewhere last year. But now to get more users on board and to keep the messaging local businesses separate from messaging personal contacts, Google has rolled out messaging local businesses to Google Maps.

Google My Business Profile:

Last year, Google initiated Google My Business which allows users to initiate convos with local businesses over the Google My Business profile. These text messages were sent and received through your normal SMS.

A New Option to Send Messages To local Businesses through Google Maps: 

Users now have the option of sending messages to local businesses through the Google Maps app. There will be an option to send messages at the side menu of the Google Maps app. You can then start a conversation with a local business by tapping on the ‘Message’ button present in ‘business profiles’.

The whole idea behind this move is to keep user’s personal messages separate from messages to local businesses in Google Maps.

The next benefit, is that Google My Business messaging feature will open up to more people across the globe. Before the Google My Business option was present only in a few countries that Google rolled it out to.

What this Means for Businesses: 

With this new initiative by Google, Business will be getting a lot more messages from users or potential customers, which in turn means that they have to be aware of the bulk of messages about to be received.

Business’ can also opt out of receiving messages from users by not turning on the messaging feature. It is already turned off by default anyway.

But those who wish to take advantage of “Messages to Google my Business through Google Maps” feature can do so by turning on the feature in messaging, found in the Google My Business dashboard.

Business engaging with customers over the messaging feature on Google Maps will also be able to get stats over time, such as number of clicks by customers on the message option, number of conversations had, total number of messages received and so forth.

Business can also have a separate individual managing their Google My Business profile such as a social media manager. Such persons have to be designated as a manger under the Google My Business listing in order to interact with users or customers over the Google My Business messaging service on Google Maps.

Initiating messaging with local businesses through Google My Business on Google Maps also has the added advantage of users contacting businesses when they search for a business in Google Maps. So users can now simultaneously search for business on local maps and make enquiries of them at the same time.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Google Maps for Motorcycles is Coming

Google Maps for Motorcycles
Google maps is a really helpful tool if you travel a lot to places you’ve never really been before. You can adjust the mode depending on your type of travel whether it is on public transportation or if you’re taking your own car. Google maps shows the street as you drive on it as well as landmarks so that you don’t get confused when there are no street names to go by. All in all using Google maps has become an indispensable tool for a lot of people since its first release. Now another option to hit Google maps for motorcycles.

Google initially tested out Google maps for motorcycles in India and there was no better place for them to do so. India has the highest motorcycle usage in the world and with the abundance of narrow roads and alleyways in the country, Google has made specific maps only for motorcycle usage. After India it is onto Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Honk Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines for Google maps for motorcycles.

What does Google maps for Motorcycles have that other modes of transportations do not have? 

Google maps for motorcycles takes into account narrow roads and alleyways as well as the normal routes. The idea behind the Google maps for motorcycles doing this is that two wheelers can easily take these routes where otherwise vehicular traffic would not be able to.

Since these additional routes are taken into account of, Google maps for motorcycles gives an estimate of the time taken to travel, congestion and the rest with these routes in mind.

Another reason to add these routes onto Google maps for motorcycles is that if the normal routes do not really allow for two wheelers, then motorcyclists can automatically take other routes rather than later having to re- route.

Google maps for motorcycles to be used before travel: 

A feature that stands out on Google maps for motorcycles is that the app takes into account landmarks such as hospitals or hotels rather than street names which are difficult to read and maybe even find while one is travelling.

The idea is for one to already know where they are going by looking at Google maps for motorcycles before they set out to travel. This will avoid unnecessary looking at the phone while traveling which could cause accidents and serious harm to the traveler or people nearby.

Why did Google release Google maps for Motorcycles first in India? 

Companies go where there is demand and a market. The same happened here too with Google for motorcycles. India has one of the largest markets for two wheeler transportation in the world, hence Google motorcycles in India.

In the U.S sales of motorcycles are lagging and that could be one of the reasons why Google looked to Asia for its Google maps for motorcycle testing.

While sales in the U.S. lagged, sales in India were increasing driven in part by Government spending on rural road constriction within the country.

As of now there is no news whether Google will bring out Google maps for motorcycles in America.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Best 5 Google Apps to Better Run Your Household

Google Home Google Apps

While GSuite previously known as Google apps is a blessing when it comes to office work, what many don’t know is that it can be used at home too. With all the Google apps being in one place and often integrated, GSuite / Google apps seems to work at office and at home too. Imagine if you’re a parent and have a full time job too, keeping tabs of both your work life as well as your child’s life can be a really daunting task so why not get Google apps to help you along the way?

Using Google Calendar on Google apps to help keep track of your child’s events:

Keep track of your child’s school events and appointments with Google calendar on Google apps. You can add multiple calendars for each child and put all those child’s event into one place whether it be soccer practice or a friend’s birthday party.

You can even put different colors for different children to avoid any misplacement of schedules. You can also toggle off or on each calendar if you just need to see your own schedule.

With the Google app you can also share the calendar with others, like your child’s calendar with a spouse or a care giver without the need to send your events too.

All you need to do is select the three dots near the person’s calendar option and press “settings and share”. Even when you add a new event to the calendar, Google calendar updates the calendar which has been shared without the need for you to contact that person.

Get in touch with Gmail’s multiple tabs and snooze feature on Google apps:

Gmail on Google apps has a feature whereby you can separate emails by the types of sender like for example social media emails can go in a separate tab. What this feature does is allow you to keep your mail clean and concentrate only on the things that matter without getting too overwhelmed by a lot of emails.

You can access this feature form the Settings icon on Gmail and press “configure inbox”.

The Snooze feature is an excellent way to not only declutter your inbox but to also keep track of events as and when they occur. For example keeping the confirmation for your child’s school trip for a week before the trip. This also helps you keep track of what needs to happen and when.

Google hangouts on Google apps to stay in touch:

Google hangouts as a part of Google apps, is a cool way to stay in touch with loved ones at work too. You can access Google Hangouts from your desktop and Gmail and switch between answering emails to keeping in touch with your child. You could even check if you’ve missed some notification from the family too.

Using Google maps From Google apps to travel:

You can use Google maps to reduce the time you take to reach from one place to another. Besides giving you updates on traffic on your route you can even check out if there is a shortcut to the route you’ve been taking for years. This will help you keep your schedules while getting a few minutes rest too.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Google Maps Users Soon Can Broadcast Their Movements to Friends, Family

Google Maps
Google is known for its highly developed features that provide its users wide varieties of features. On March 2017, Google has launched a privacy detector feature, where its users will actually be able to share their movements with their friends and relatives. Google Maps is that very feature that is ensuring this facility to its users. In these days the act of sharing every detail on social networking site with your friends and relatives by posting pictures and videos has become very common.

So, Google by introducing Google maps have taken a step forward in this regard where people can easily share their exact location with whomsoever it concerns.

This feature is already installed on almost every smartphones and there is an update from Google that says this feature will also be available on personal computers. With the help of this enticing tool it will be more easy for people to let others know where they are without having to opt for text or call. This is a very big advantage as any emergency situation can be avoided.

To this Ruth Glenn, executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has seconded that this application has both positive and negative connotations. All emergency situations can be avoided being easily able to catch up with people. On a humorous note this can create drastic problems for those who are in relationships, married, as they might have to be constant under the supervision of their partner. Even parents can be sure of where their teenage children are putting up by asking them to turn on the application when they are going out. So, this can be really a boon or a curse for different individuals.

Vice President of Google Maps has accepted that they are not the first brand who have tried to create something like this. As several tracking applications are available on different devices. Glympse which is introduced by Microsoft have been offering this facility to their user since a long time. Apple also puts forward an option called find my friends on their iPhones, iPads, and even watches and this is probably why Google is not expecting any criticisms especially from them who do not want their near and dear ones to locate them. A very intelligent tactics Google have used to camouflage themselves to be on the safer side of the table.

It is very simple to use as the users of this Map will just have to activate the location sharing option by pressing a button available near the search bar and then they can select the person from their contact list whom they want to address their location. They will automatically be informed via a text message. If the receiver does not have the Google Maps application downloaded on their phones, then they will get a link through which they can view the location using a browser.

The one who are unwilling to disclose their whereabouts they can make the desired changes in their setting due to which they can determine for how long their location can be traced.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Tips And Tricks On Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps, provided by Google is a web mapping service application and technology which powers several map based services inclusive of the Google Maps website, Google Transit, Google Ride Finder and maps which are embedded on third party websites through the Google Maps API. It offers a route planner for traveling by foot, public transport, street maps, car, bike (beta) and an urban business locator for various countries across the globe. Google Maps with close variant of the Mercator projection does not show areas around the poles but a related product is Google Earth which is a standalone program offering more globe viewing features, including polar areas. Google Maps providing high resolution aerial or satellite images for many urban areas worldwide and is the world’s current satellite imagery which is over five years old. 

Google Maps – Android Staple
Google Maps is an Android staple and when one is exploring a town or any location of the world, they can plan their trips and get the most of their journeys done easily with the help of Google’s easy to use tools. There are several options in utilizing these tools which could be of immense help and benefit to the user. When the user looks up a destination, they can slide the information from the bottom of the screen to reveal the call, save and share buttons. Users would get to see the street view of the area, ratings as well as reviews. The silhouette icon could also be tapped at the far right hand side of the search bar to get instant access to the map data which provides reviews, saved addresses for home as well as work, and saved places, nearby offers together with recent searches.

Local features replaced with Explorer
The satellite and traffic layers have been placed to a general menu and by just tapping on the gray tab at the bottom left side of the app, the menu will then open to enable the user with the desired layers. Besides this the local feature has been replaced with the Explorer and to find the Explorer banner, you can press the search box at the top and scroll down the page. This leads you to the options like drink, eat, shop, play and sleep besides which there are other options to find nearby places without the need of knowing its exact name.

Save Google Maps Offline 
Another options is by typing OK Maps in the search box in order to save Google Maps offline or you could just choose the Make this Map area available when offline `with link under the search box for quick access. Viewing an area of the map when not connected to the internet can be done by first opening the Google Map app and then zoom in the area of the map and search for `ok maps’, where after a few moments, a message appears confirming that the on screen map area has been downloaded and when not connected to the internet, the same can be viewed offline. Finally if the user needs to see the locations of friends, then they need to open the Google + app to choose location from the left hand menu.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Things You Didn’t know you could Do with Google Maps

Google Maps
Think so Google maps help you a lot when you are in a new arena or at strange places, also used to get driving direction to unknown places. Do you know what you can deal with Google Map, let you what make up with it.Here are some tips to deal with Google Maps.

Get Walking Directions: 

User deal with only driving direction to and from a location. You could also possible get walking direction and if permitted get public transportation directions in selected areas. This is not possibly at every instance but try to, select car, walking or transportation and direction in a customized way.

Get Alternative Driving direction by Dragging: 

Sometimes the way direction provided by Maps may coincide with the construction area or toll area and needed to take a longer route by just dragging the path around. It isn’t hard, just with free hand go around find a better path.

Embed Maps on Your Website or Blog: 

On clicking the Link provided Upper right hand side of Google Map will provide URL to use them as your map and it gives you a code. This will help you to embed a map in any web page that supports these kind of embed tags. Many of you have embed an YouTube link, if that is possible then this is also possible to embed a map.


This allows programmers to catch o Google map and combine it with other data sources, so unexpected effects may appear. This states that some effects like what would happen if this place is at nuclear blast.

Create your Own Maps: 

Need not be a programmer to create your map. Just you can add Flags, objects and shapes. Publish and share it with your friends to establish.

Edit location in Google Maps: 

Have you ever noticed that entrance of a company at other side? Don’t save and try to edit it. You can edit every location you could and make things to their original location.

Get a Map of Traffic Condition

Viewing the traffic condition of your city at Google maps, combine this with the alternate route to get out from traffic location and it will navigate to best available route. And also keep a note of not doing these while driving.

Street View

Street view helps to show the image of certain street captured from a special camera, but unfortunately have caused troubles to Google, but indeed this is a way to find address and identifies how your destination will look like. Privacy was the problem with Street View and Google responded to it by Blur faces and license plate numbers from captured images.

Share Location with your Friends

Latitude a feature introduces by Google to share your location with friends. Update to this is provided and you can do it manually or automatically. This Latitude can be used in Phones or standard device that supports Google Map.It might be little hard to enable location sharing but it’s your wish to turn on or off them.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Waze Reports integrated into Google Maps

Waze was bought by Google ht two months ago, Waze Community GPS will allow in Google Maps to improve, at least on mobile. The first Advanced announced by Google Maps integration into the incidents of Waze community reports. The latter is however not the only one giving, since technology from Maps are also available to "wazers" said the Web giant. In recent years, the Waze app is available on iOS and Android, has attracted tens of millions of users. The Wazer’s statement during driving, allow the whole community to enjoy their statements in real-time accidents, traffic jams, police presence, radar, work stations, etc. Its acquisition two months ago by Google, for nearly a billion dollars, was not a surprise. In June, when formalizing the acquisition of Waze, Google did not hide his desire to improve Maps quickly. Yesterday, Google has confirmed this philosophy perfectly, announcing further concrete improvements on both sides. On Maps mobile users benefiting by getting reports from other Waze users about the incident reports in real time Waze users. This includes accidents also the work and road closures. Waze community can in turn benefit from the Google search, complementing already services including Foursquare and Yelp. The Waze map editor, which allows correcting some errors, also now it has Street View technology and satellite imagery from Google. Finally, note that the Federal Trade Commission, the government agency responsible for competition in particular to investigate the acquisition of Waze by Google. I must say that Maps is already one of the most important mobile applications in the world, crushing all competitors. And on the Web, its dominance is equally impressive. The acquisition of Waze can be interpreted as a strengthening of a dominant position. In the worst case scenario, it could go up to the cancellation of the acquisition of Waze. However, Google seems sure of himself in terms of comparisons between Maps and Waze.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

New version of Google Maps

Google updated its Maps service. A fresh design, especially the individuality is its paramount. The cards are tailored to the user and their individual needs and taste. Google released a new version of the map service Google maps. After extensive update of the desktop version also Android and iOS users now benefit from the revised maps. The software giant improved especially the navigation and the ability to discover new places. Only thing is the previous one; Latitude is no longer exists in the new version. Google provides the service but anyway from 9th August 2013 we hope. At the developer conference I / O Google unveiled several new features to Maps. The map service in the future not only looks different, it also gets new features. The search for a restaurant is about show the results immediately on the map. So far, they appeared in an additional column. Based on your Google+ circles or external evaluation services raises the map generates recommendations. Information about places and landmarks appear in info cards that visually oriented to Google Now. Previously, each user saw the same card. The new Google Maps provides individual cards for different users and needs. A small side road around the service appears only at a long zoom level. The road is important; however, to achieve a goal, Google highlights them. Moreover, the map adjusts to your need; with every vote or mark a favorite place Google Maps learns. They look like a card that is tailored to you.

 The route planner allows you to compare transport together. Google Maps tells you whether the subway the bike or the train hit a car on the way. Detailed settings to specify whether you want to avoid toll roads or other public transport prefer the bus. You can see at a glance how you get from A to B the fastest. From the Meatpacking District to the coffee shop - Google Maps knows the fastest route throughout the city. Within nine minutes driving if a car hits the subway it will be there. Even Google find a parking space included in the calculation. 3D views of the map service offered earlier. The new version, however, makes the installation of plug-ins necessary. The Google Earth integration requires only a modern browser with OpenGL support. Also for new; if you zoom out far enough, you can see which part of the earth, the sun shines, and where it is night. Even clouds represent the mapping service - in near real time. The group from Mountain View, photographed not only roads.

They granted long Street view insights including shops, underwater worlds and ski areas. The new version integrates the views better in the map service. So far, the images were only located hidden. A start date for the new maps has not yet mentioned by Google. At present, a closed testing phase is running. After you request an invitation, you may choose Google as a test candidate.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Google Maps available for the first time on Android tablets and the iPad !

The major update of Google Maps comes with another novelty, since for the first time, the mapping application is available in a version for Android tablets and the iPad. In announcing a new version of Google Maps for Android and iOS, the U.S. giant has also filled a long history with the introduction of specific versions for tablets. It is already available for Android models and will soon available to the iPad. Google says that all the new features of the update for Maps are available in the edition for tablets. So the menu, a more fluid navigation, the ability to discover useful places (restaurants, shops, hotels) in terms of its geographical position as well as more detailed information on the real-time traffic information, and the ability to reroute if a better route appears along the way. Another important change for Maps is removal from service on August 9 Latitude to share its location with other users. This function is replaced by something equivalent in Google+ for Android and will "soon" available in the iOS version.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Google buys Waze

Google has bought the navigation app Waze for about a billion dollars. Google wants its map service enriched maps with more details and with the additional traffic. Google confirmed the acquisition of Waze in a blog entry. At least 1.1 billion U.S. dollars (820 million Euros), according to media reports, Google has worked out for the navigation app. The Waze employees remain at their own request at their location in Israel and operating from there. Google's mapping service Google Maps accumulates gradually with Waze data. Even the Waze service will get benefits of Google's great search capabilities. Originally Facebook interested in Waze and it was reported in the media. However, Facebook laid down a condition that Waze should come to California for which the deal apparently did not materialize. When Waze users inform each other about traffic jams, accidents and speed traps and the app offers routes statement based on the subscriber information, but also works as a kind of online network for motorists. Founded in Israel five years ago, start-up has now about 45 million users.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

The new Google Maps!

Google must have some news on the occasion of the conference Google I / O, which begins today. Of these, we expect a new version of Google Maps, its famous mapping service that is still widely reference. Due to a technical error, this new version has been posted online by mistake a few minutes, enough anyway to the website Droid Life made a few catches ... The aim of this update is to provide users the most interesting information at the time when they need it most. Thus, a search for museums in San Francisco highlights the museums of the capital with a stripped card which appears only on the streets, some important buildings, Metro stops and especially museums represented in red map. We can also note that the map fills the screen; the search of Google Maps is placed above in the upper left corner. Other information collected can be integrated with the Google Earth without a module, but only for browsers with WebGL can be enabled. With the latest versions of Safari, it is not active by default, but you can activate it by displaying the "Development" in the preferences menu, then there checking a box. For Google Chrome, it is logically simple: if your machine is compatible then it will be active. Always with a view to provide better information, improved Google Maps route finding with support aircraft, but also multimodal routes. Between two points, and the service may display the time in the car, but also by train, by public transport or bus as applicable. Need to change the setting; everything will be automatically displayed on the map. This new version should be offered as a closed beta first, it will ask for an invitation to enter. Ultimately, the current site will be replaced by the new version, but we do not know what the search giant intends to mobile side. Answer certainly during the Google I / O.