Friday 14 June 2013

Google buys Waze

Google has bought the navigation app Waze for about a billion dollars. Google wants its map service enriched maps with more details and with the additional traffic. Google confirmed the acquisition of Waze in a blog entry. At least 1.1 billion U.S. dollars (820 million Euros), according to media reports, Google has worked out for the navigation app. The Waze employees remain at their own request at their location in Israel and operating from there. Google's mapping service Google Maps accumulates gradually with Waze data. Even the Waze service will get benefits of Google's great search capabilities. Originally Facebook interested in Waze and it was reported in the media. However, Facebook laid down a condition that Waze should come to California for which the deal apparently did not materialize. When Waze users inform each other about traffic jams, accidents and speed traps and the app offers routes statement based on the subscriber information, but also works as a kind of online network for motorists. Founded in Israel five years ago, start-up has now about 45 million users.

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