Friday 14 June 2013

ASUS announces Poseidon graphics card

At Computex, ASUS has made a number of announcements to the players. One of them concerned a rather special graphics card: the Poseidon. Part of the Republic of Gamers line, it will provide cooling air which can be supplemented with water cooling. But contrary to what has been said here and there, it is not a GeForce GTX 770. With the arrival of new graphics cards in the middle range, manufacturers are trying seriously to get back to offering innovative models with the cooling system and this is about the only thing they now have the right to change, even if a degree of freedom is sometimes given to them on the PCB. With the Poseidon, ASUS has decided to propose a model with a system of standard cooling, but could be supplemented with water cooling. All took the name DirectCU H2O and the mark indicates that we can win and 31 ° C with such a solution, it remains to be seen. Republic of Gamers range forces, the model could be over clocked, and more expensive than average, but not necessarily inaccessible. Indeed, in its press release the company says it is a GeForce GTX 700, without elaborating. Some of the experts have argued that it would be a GTX 770, ASUS has confirmed that this is not the case. There remain a lot more possibilities, and although refused further comment, it cannot be that of the GeForce GTX 760, since it is expected to be launched by a little less than two weeks.

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