Wednesday 26 June 2013

Free calls with Facebook!

Usually you chat a lot with your Facebook friends! Instead, call for a change, but free on your Smartphone. Yes now you can call your Facebook friend without burning your pocket. Read here how easy it works. With a new phone feature by Facebook is only meant for your the Smartphone. For the last few weeks Facebook has been working with this phone function in selected. So you can call Facebook friends, who use the social network on their Smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection via Wi-Fi and the Facebook app. This feature is relatively new, but it is not yet available on all Smartphones. With popular models such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2, HTC One and the iPhone, the Facebook phone but already works. To check whether your phone model dominates the function, follow the instructions in app stores. If you use an iPhone, you can already make calls through your Facebook app. Do you then proceed to step 2. On Android devices, you need to call the Facebook Messenger app. You can free download from Google Play. Then log into your Facebook app to open the messenger app and click OK if necessary.

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