Saturday 22 June 2013

First human 'infected with computer virus'

A British scientist has become the first person in the world infected by a computer virus! He bribed a computer chip lodged in his hand for several years with a virus of its making. The approach may seem strange, but its purpose is to warn us of the risks we could face in the future. Scientists around the world are working on nanotechnology to achieve miniature robots capable of handling each parameter of the body: for example, white blood cells to help eradicate diseases, regulate the level of sugar in the blood. In short, the miniaturization of robotics allow medical prowess and should be an important new step for mankind by significantly prolonging our life expectancy. With this in mind, Mark Gasson, a researcher at University School of Systems Engineering Reading in England, voluntarily infected RFID chip he had in his hand. This chip allows access to university buildings and uses the phone. But the infecting, it now has the ability to spread the virus in the systems which access and cut their communications infrastructure. This approach is not malicious: Mark Gasson wants to show that it is very dangerous not to worry about the safety of these future devices that will arrive sooner or later in our body.

The potential of these future devices could well be hijacked by malicious individuals and of course we would be unable to repair our chips by ourselves, which could have extremely serious consequences. This is reminiscent of robots of this type are also experienced for diabetics, as many pacemakers that are configured computer. Some time ago, an American hacker was able to demonstrate that he was able to remotely control some pacemakers and could thus kill the holders of such devices. The company was therefore updated its pacemakers to avoid the situation turns sour. This news makes us shudder when we know how easy it was to infiltrate scientific in these infrastructures. In the near future, to shake hands with a stranger could endanger the hardware that concerns us like phone, laptop, shows and other intelligent devices. Major advances are not safe. But what do you think? Is the development of the internal nanotechnology - which have a real purpose, it is important to remember - you would be sufficiently profitable compared to the risk you are exposed to the worst dangers?

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