Wednesday 26 June 2013

Apple Thinks Color Correction in FCP X

Apple was recently awarded a Patent No. 8,468,465 for a 2D interface to make color corrections on a video clip. The patent application for the "2D Slider Control" was filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in August 2010, a year before the release of Final Cut Pro X. Among the "inventors", worth mention is certain Peter Warner, based in Paris and characterized "Designer at Apple," according to his LinkedIn profile. The rest of the beneficiaries are located in California (Los Gatos, San Jose, Livermore, SF and more). Final Cut Pro X also uses a different GUI for the color calibration part, with a representation of the color range in the form of a rectangle. The 8,468,465 patent meanwhile, uses the more traditional form of "color wheel". The interface changes the appearance of the cursor when moving in the wheel to indicate a change in intensity of the color. But the cursor will remain the same if we simply rotate around the central axis, thereby maintaining the same level of saturation for this new color. Will the 8,468,465 patent move to the graveyard of many patents the manufacturer never made consistency? They will do it, instead, in a new version of FCPX, or an X Color?

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