Wednesday 19 June 2013

Official documents reveal technical details of New Nexus 7

Small and cheap tablets are selling like hot cakes and they are of more demand this is the reason enough for Google, the new Nexus 7 According to rumors, the successor is coming in July with a faster Processor, full HD display and a new Android system. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration for communications equipment (FCC) has published on its pages various documents also reveal technical details of the highly anticipated Nexus 7's successor. Accordingly, the device made by Asus carries the model designation K009 and houses similar hardware from the chip maker Qualcomm, as it is also found in the Nexus 4th Specific regard to the LTE-capable wireless chip "WTR 1605L" and the four-core processor from the "Snapdragon S4 Pro" series (APQ 8064). In contradiction to this, however, is a message of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, according to the newer Snapdragon processor 600 is installed in the second Nexus, as it is also found in the HTC One or partially in Samsung Galaxy S4. It remains unclear whether here the two are very similar model numbers have been confused (APQ-8064 and APQ-8064T) or the manufacturer for different regions is planning several model variations. A brief comparison of the two chips is that the performance differences in practice are likely to be barely noticeable. DigiTimes also now confirmed the information that AppleInsider has received several weeks ago to the second generation of the Nexus seventh Thus, more and more compacted that Asus and Google bring out the Nexus 7's successor in July 2013. According to DigiTimes, the tablet successor has heard the term "7s" and should be around 30 Euros or more expensive. However, the price adjustment due to higher quality components not successes, but to the direct price competition with entry-level tablets to avoid, the source continued. Thus, Google is targeting the device from the middle class. The high end of the manufacturer wants to leave Apple with the iPad mini. Asus reportedly offered to the Nexus a sharper display. Instead of 1280x800 pixels in the first generation is the successor to buyers can look forward to a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. Also mounted on the rear side; a five megapixel camera to be on the first board. In order to continue to win the favor of the purchaser shall be stowed in a thinner frame, the technology of the successor. So that the appliance cannot be quickly out of breath, a 4000 milliamp-hour (mAh) strong battery is installed, you can also charge wirelessly. Usually Google presents new Nexus devices along with a new version of Android. Since Google has not been as expected for in-house developer conference, a new version of the mobile operating system shown, the Group remains its users on software side a little guilty. Therefore quite possible that the Internet giant along with the new Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 or even 5.0 version shows. As DigiTimes reports, the change is from Nvidia on Qualcomm processors not on price, because the two chips cost about the same. The reason should be that Nvidia can timely provide the latest-generation Tegra processor (Tegra 4) not to launch the Nexus seventh According to others, but the price will be crucial for the processor change.

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