Wednesday 19 June 2013

Two factor authentications happen on Windows Azure

With Security service, Active Authentication must allow secured access to the cloud platform for its employees and partners. The director of Windows Azure, Sarah Fender, announced in a blog post from Microsoft a new service, Active Authentication, would bring strong authentication, multi-factor, the Microsoft cloud platform. This was expected for the Microsoft account, but not necessarily on the services dedicated to business. Two-factor authentication can be enabled now, for employees of a company, its partners or clients. Management is done on Windows Azure Active Directory, which manages the identities for several cloud services from Microsoft. The double-authentication therefore will work for Office 365, Windows Azure, Intune, Dynamics CRM, and other embedded applications with Windows Azure AD. The system set up is relatively straightforward; password on the website or mobile app and text for the second authentication by message. This obviously increases safety by reducing the potential for illegitimate access. The price of this service is not final, but we should expect $ 2 per user per month for one double authentication, or $ 2 every 10 authentications performed. A test period is implemented, those prices are halved.

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