Saturday 22 June 2013

LG to introduce unbreakable, flexible OLED

LG has confirmed it would be the first manufacturer to produce OLED flexible and unbreakable screens for mobile devices. Mass production will begin in the fourth quarter and the first Smartphone model is expected later this year. LG took a big lead over the competition in regards unbreakable and flexible touch screens. Last month after presenting a prototype 5 inches at the Society for Information Display Area, the Korean company confirmed that it will begin mass production from the fourth quarter. This is what the Korea Times reported, citing a statement from LG stating that the initial rate of production will be 12,000 sheets per month flexible OLED. The manufacturer has also been the first to launch a Smartphone equipped with such a screen; it will also provide the screens for other manufacturers. Enough to take the lead over Samsung: who also works on this same technology but encountered with technical difficulties at the beginning of production of its flexible screen which is the reason for the delay in its production. The first Samsung models with flexible screens are not expected before the second half of 2014.

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