Friday 14 June 2013

AMD announces eight-core FX-9590

This week was not only a stage for numerous gaming innovations, including fresh hardware seen in Los Angeles for the first time the light of the world. AMD, for example, presents the five-gigahertz monster FX 9590. The most popular chip maker AMD is particularly proud of to their new FX-9590. Because the processor based on the Piledriver architecture is the first of up to five gigahertz clock frequency. This is the new record reached the eight-core but only in Turbo mode, the default clock is 4.7 GHz. Disadvantage of the immense computing power, the priority is to inspire enthusiasts is the up to 220 watts power consumption. The Intel competitor takes less than half of the power, and also their own predecessors are much more modest. Their second chip rookie is named FX-9370. It is clocked at 4.7 GHz, but this is also consume up to 220 watts. The extreme power consumption places less demands on motherboards. Home users are likely but hardly the itch, because the new processors from AMD targets exclusively to OEM partners like Acer and Hewlett

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