Saturday 8 June 2013

Activate Your Blocked Facebook Account With The Help Of Trusted Friends!

The social network Facebook will allow its users to activate their profile with the help of some of their friends when their profile gets blocked. The social network Facebook introduces a function for trusted friends. Each user can specify between three and five friends to whom they have trust and he would leave them the house key for watering plants. When he has forgotten his password or the Facebook account has been suspended or blocked for any reason, he may call these special friends and ask them for help. With a few clicks, they are then be able to make use of their status as a trusted person: Each of the trusted friends gets a security code. That they should pass on to the locked-out user. Three codes are sufficient to activate the Facebook profile again. Facebook calls the whole "Trusted Contact" ("Reliable friends"). Since the end of 2011, the method has been tested already. Now it is to be slowly introduced to all. The function is then under the security settings. With this method it should be possible for users to activate their profiles back, even if they cannot remember the answer to their personal security question.

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