Thursday 13 June 2013

Facebook finally introduces hashtags!

The social network Facebook adopts clickable hashtags popularized by Twitter which adds a new way of browsing the content. Facebook has to adopt clickable hashtags. This tool introduced by Twitter and long used by other social networks like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram to create a context from a post or a photo by adding a keyword preceded by the pound sign. Clicking on a hashtag in Facebook, users will see all public content related to that particular keyword. Very useful for example when it comes to following a media event. It is possible to find hashtags from the search bar and can open those hashtags imported from other services like Twitter or Instagram too. Facebook announced this novelty and this is only the first step to help people more easily find out what others are saying about a particular topic and join the conversation and promises including a ranking of the most popular hashtags (hashtags trending) as that of the Twitter

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