Friday 28 June 2013

Facebook allows users to Test their Beta Version

Facebook just announced that it was setting up a test program for its Android application. Thus, those who wish to test it may register and use a special version which will be updated more often, with features being finalized. While Android is gaining more and more popularity, the diversity of Smartphones, not to mention the fragmentation in the OS versions, raises concern. Developers should indeed take into account a multitude of cases, while the iOS side, only a few models of the iPhone, iPad and iPod exist. Recognizing this problem, the Facebook team has decided to launch a new program. This will enable it to offer a beta version to all users who have decided to use. It will allow developers to identify potential problems in terms of both ergonomics and operation, before starting production on the stable version of the application. This is good initiatives that is rather significant, and allow "early adopters" to find their happiness. Currently, the cycle of updating Facebook is four weeks. This is a practice which came into force last year. During this period, it is the employees who are testers, and can give their opinion about the features under development. But for the reasons mentioned above, a larger panel was necessary. Thus, at the beginning of this year, manufacturers such as Facebook Qualcomm, HTC, Ericsson, Sony, Huawei and MediaTek are partners and have had the opportunity to have early access to certain features (including the disastrous Facebook Home?). The goal here was to allow optimization namely the material for items such as graphics rendering, network management, etc. This is the very first opening for Android users to set up via functionality integrated update to the Facebook app.

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