Thursday 6 June 2013

ARM Cortex A-12 for higher performance!

With its new chip for Smartphones and tablets called Cortex A-12, ARM is entering into the mid range segment of devices that will continue to grow. In the preamble to the Computex show which opened in Taipei, ARM recently presented its new Cortex A-12 chip for Smartphones and tablets midrange. It is advertised as 40% faster than the Cortex A-9 that is used especially in the Tegra 3 SoC. The chip Cortex A-12 is compatible with technology developed by MRA to associate it with a powerful processor and juggle both depending on the performance required, to save battery power. The first devices featuring Cortex A-12 are expected in mid-2014 to serve as a mid-range offering that will, grow strongly; according to ARM. The British company has also unveiled a new graphics processor, the Mali T622 that supports 3D display via OpenGL ES 3.0. It can be coupled with the Cortex A-12, but also intends to set-top boxes and other video players.

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