Thursday 13 June 2013

Oracle releases Java EE 7 final version

Oracle announced yesterday in a webcast and a press release that they are releasing the Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and Java EE 7 SDK final version. The platform, which allows you to host and run applications, has some interesting news. However, it seems that Oracle had to push a number to the version 8 in its next update. Oracle claims that this version 7 of the Java EE platform is the result of the engineers of more than 30 companies working within the Working Group of Java Community Process, and the Glassfish community. The main novelty announced for special attention to developing applications in HTML5. They are simpler to design, judge editor with features like "low latency and bi-directional communication with WebSockets", the exchange of data via JSON and support more simultaneous users. During the webcast, the performance and flexibility of the platform have also been particularly praised. And it is worth mentioned that they states, “To help increase the productivity of developers, Java EE 7 provides simplified application architecture in an integrated and coherent platform." The complete list of new features is available on a dedicated page by the publisher. Note that a number of features planned for Java EE 7 initially were eventually discarded, and should be published with Java EE 8. This is the case of several tools to PaaS and cloud, which are pushed to avoid shifting the release of Java EE 7. Oracle target HTML5 applications, performance and flexibility, but it pushes its features designed to PaaS and cloud to the next version 8.

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