Sunday 30 June 2013

Internet Explorer 11-compatible with Windows 7 Soon!

A few days ago, the developers of Microsoft Build conference had an opportunity to discover the first version of Internet Explorer 11, the next version of Microsoft's browser into Windows 8.1. But this major update will not be reserved for users of the new OS. The publisher has just confirmed that IE 11 will also be compatible with Windows 7. The company, however, did not say when. Recall that the main improvements in Internet Explorer 11 for the console interface for developers, the refreshed and very inspired Metro design. It contains some new tools, such as "UI Responsiveness" that can be used to analyze the performance of a web page; DOM Explorer, a tool for emulation of different resolutions, a lay-day Memory tool, and the ability to use the right click to inspect an HTML element. On the consumer side, the main novelty is the arrival of WebGL, which will be available on all devices by running the browser. As with Firefox 22, recently published, it is to provide a better rendering of graphics, including 3D, allowing, for example, video games within the browser. Finally, Microsoft plans to improve battery life by performing a number of operations, such as independent suspension of a tab, rendering HTML5 videos without plug-ins, or the delegation of uploading images to the GPU.

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