Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Support For CardDAV And CalDAV Available For Windows Phone 8!

Late last year, Google had caused a nasty surprise by announcing the end of the EAS support (Exchange Active Sync) for its accounts. Microsoft, who said he then surprised the decision, was finally indicated that support CalDAV and CardDAV would be added in Windows Phone 8. Right now, a video shows how these settings can be done. Last December, Google announced that the EAS carrier would no longer the party for its own accounts. These could indeed use this mode in Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms to configure a single gesture emails, contacts and calendars, all in push. Instead, Google indicated that users could use two protocols; CardDAV for contacts, CalDAV for calendars. For Microsoft, this was a problem, because Windows Phone 8 could not stand either of these protocols. The firm was therefore negotiated an extension and Google had agreed to extend by six months the deadline, thus passed July 31. And since we passed in mid-June, it was time to get information about it. This is the case now since the release GDR2 General Distribution Release of the mobile system should be available for download soon, although no exact date has yet been given. In this video, the site All about Windows Phone shows this version of the system available on the Lumia 925. In the settings Google Account, you can see two new cases devoted respectively to support CardDAV and CalDAV. In both cases, the server seems to be "www.google.com", which should allow easy configuration. However, we lose the push and the information can be verified, at best, every 15 minutes. Now, two remarks are necessary. First, it is unclear if the configuration of Google account on Windows Phone 8 GDR2 automatically configures CardDAV and CalDAV fields. Logic would dictate that this is the case, in the interests of efficiency, although it is not certain that the user wants to synchronize contacts and calendar in addition to his post. All About Windows Phone indicates that this transition seems to be automatic when you install the version of GDR2 detects an account configured with EAS. Second, it is already confirmed in the video that support both protocols is only available for Google. This is clearly a bad thing, as some users may have sources of contacts and / or calendars other than Microsoft and Google.

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