Monday 31 October 2011

High-tech romance with sun - 2

This solar charger can be dragged around (it measures about 7 cm sides) and can be very useful to recharge most small electronic devices (cell phones, music players, etc.).. Its originality lies in the fact that it has a suction cup to be pressed against the windshield of a car, the window of a plane ... It is sold online 28 euros on the site of Quirky community development.

Untitled Jersey City Project (1 page)

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I am sure that you are going to trench your television to the web! The Netflix almost certainly approaches to the mind, although there is in point of fact webisode comes into view, of good excellence as well as it is meant for free of charge, on web sites like Youtube. It is the TV show called as Untitled Jersey City Project.

Saturday 29 October 2011

High-tech romance with sun - 1

The Solar Bikini, designed by American designer and performer Andrew Schneider should not be very comfortable to wear and do not turn probably queen of elegance at your next beach vacation. Besides that you will be unable to swim because that will worsen. But it will prove convenient to charge your iPod through the USB port connected to a network of solar cells of 1 x 4 inches. Note that the creative spirit, and facetious, its inventor has already invented his successor, a man called iDrink model, to generate enough energy to cool a beer. 

Sell Gold

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Friday 28 October 2011

Android: 500,000 approved applications, 320 000 available

The mobile application store for Google HAS just Passed the 500,000 mark Approved software figures released by According To The Firm Research2Guidance of September 2011. This figure is Due to a sharp Increase in Submissions of applications for the month of September, When new apps 42000 Have found a place on the Android Market. The figures show That the developers for Android, though less Numerous Than on the Apple App Store, are a little more active, They publish year average of 4.38 applications per developer, Against 21.4 for Apple store.

Thursday 27 October 2011

The New-flanged Sony

It is now officially recorded, Ericsson will sell its share (50% to 1.05 billion euros) of Sony Ericsson joint venture to its partner. Sony is now the sole owner of the mobile manufacturer, thus validating its strategy "four screens".

"We will be able to offer faster and more broadly our customers with smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions connected seamlessly to each other and open new worlds of online entertainment," argued in a statement Howard Stringer, CEO from Sony.

Test Equipment Tools

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Hello friends! Hope you all doing good :) Now, I am going to share you all my idea about Nintendo. Just envisage that you are the chief video game console company! Everybody in the business is promoting just about the similar - a console including the mainframe together with a two-handed game manager. If you are some months following the publish of your main competitor as well as your earlier console is out of date, what will you do to stand out? A way to form a buzz would be to completely nosh-up the sum of processor as well as the graphics armaments.

Monday 24 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 4

Another creation of the studio Nendo for the Japanese manufacturer Elecom, mouse IMRO. As the name suggests, it is inspired by origami or the art of folding. Unlike most mice, it offers no curved surface but only a succession of facets. Despite this the design studio ensures that it offers seamless comfort.

Laser Cutting

It is difficult to find any business that is not able to benefit from the use of a diode laser. In some cases, it is going to be used in rather simplistic pieces of equipment but in other cases, it is going to be used for items such as laser cutting and in machines that are going to provide the utmost in accuracy when it is necessary. Of course, there are many options that are available to you when choosing such a laser machine so it is important for you to make sure that you understand what you need and exactly why you need it.

The Kiosk

When you go for the online shopping to buy some clothes is the real ease we can experience, however occasionally we would like to make an effort of making a trial of those ahead of being paid for it. This paved the way to imagine of an innovative trade point-of-sale model, some corporations was on tenterhooks to prove what the union of online along with real world shopping might appear like. The effect is an affluent, relative practice that may entice clientele left from their computer and retrieve into stores.

Barka, a car off-road racing for 2085

The designer Ron Magao Carlos sees far, far away with its new concept car called Barka Racer. This is a race car off-road planned for the year 2085. The Mexican designer, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Design in Milan, imagine a league and a league racing all-terrain vehicles for the revolutionary maturity. The federation is simply named Barka Racing Federation. Cars that will compete will be like the concept car Barka Racing Federation. This is a powerful and capable vehicle to survey any surface with its wheels with one of the most original structure.

Infographic Marketing

Hello friends! Hope you all doing good! Now I am going to share you all my idea about Infographic Marketing which I came to know about this through by means of a blog titled as Information Graphics Design. It is basically a graphic visual illustration of information, data and knowledge. Today, we generally knew that the mass information has been dumped excess and as a result the Infographics is evolved. It is an incredibly a well liked technique of presenting records in a manner that is with no trouble use by most of the people around globe.

Sunday 23 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 3

Airmouse, imagined and created by the Canadian company DeanMark, is expected to increase the accuracy and timeliness of work performed while preserving the integrity of the ligaments of the hand. It consists of a "skin" neoprene which are fixed on a 2D sensor, at the palm and the left and right click buttons at the end of the index and middle fingers. It is also a mouse that knows how to forget because it turns off when no longer needed her and that is used...

Friday 21 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 2

This is not a sculpture out of a contemporary art museum, but an ergonomic mouse designed by Ryo Yoshimiavec with researchers and physicians surgeons. Adapta baptized, it is supposed to take advantage of the natural tendencies of positioning of the hand and avoid fatigue and muscular disorders during prolonged use. She participated in the 2011 James Dyson Award, an international competition created by the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 1

The young American designer Joey Roth seems to appreciate most of all natural materials and minimalism. In 2010 after designing a pair of mini speakers ceramic, which had already caused a stir, this time he designed a prototype mouse that looks like out of another time. The Felt Mouse is made of wool felt, teak and aluminum. And fit in perfectly with your MacBook Pro, casually resting on an old wooden table campaign.

Saturday 15 October 2011

The Rubik's Cube in all its facets - Part 2

The Cube unresolved

"The Cube", the Californian artist Marshall Astor, is both an art object and a fully functional Rubik's Cube. He had the idea, and realized, as a student. He explained that the sides of the cube are undifferentiated as it is the object itself, and its mechanism, which have always fascinated, not looking for the solution. The Cube is therefore composed of a real internal mechanism of Rubik's Cube that the artist has "dressed" white bronze pieces, originally, then skated with chemical treatments (acid, salts ...).

The Rubik's Cube in all its facets - Part 1

Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube

This highly original variation of the Rubik's Cube is amazing in more ways than one and most likely baffle the regulars. It is a model but the classic 3x3x3 cubes are not all the same size and whose faces are covered with a mirror coating. What losing its bearings. Sold online 11 euros.

Real NET10 customer

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Friday 14 October 2011

Sony S: a tablet really different?

The late arrival of Sony took the form of promise. The Japanese giant aware of the delay at startup announced a tablet really different. Problem: how to make a new product based on a proven operating system already, namely Honeycomb Android 3.1 (updated in 3.2 possible). That's why Sony has not only to rethink the design of the tablet, it has also reworked its interface by adding an overlay and native applications exclusive.

Bouygues Telecom and Archos: one tablet per day for € 0.66

Students of higher education will soon have a tablet with Archos 3G + package to 0.66 euro per day. This is the result of partnership between Archos, Bouygues Telecom and the Ministry of Education. The tablet in question is an Archos 80 G9. She will be accompanied by a 3G + key of the same operator. Rate side, the tablet is billed as 1 euro instead of 250 euros. Like a cell phone to receive the discount, Bouygues requires a commitment of 24 months. The subscription amount, in turn, to 19.90 euros per month, or 0.66 euro a day.

Steve Wozniak was in line at the Apple Store for its iPhone 4S

An unusual picture went around the world this morning: that of Steve Wozniak, co-founder and still an employee of Apple, which is the first in a long queue outside the Apple Store in Los Gatos, California to obtain the brand new phone. Desiring to know that he stood in line like everyone else, he has posted several messages on Twitter and photos proving its presence outside the shop before it opened.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Google + already in distress?

Google's social network, continues to experience disappointing results, despite its entry into public beta in late September. Opening the site to a wider audience, not just a handful of owners has hand-picked Google, however, has had a positive effect on the number of visitors, which jumped 1200% according to Google. This has unfortunately been only temporary, because a few days, the basis of unique visitors has fallen back to levels it has seen just before Sept. 20, the date of opening to the public.

Titan: a computer $ 97 million ... Research

The U.S. government has ordered a copy of the most powerful computer in the world to conduct research on energy future. Completion expected in 2013. The order was placed with the manufacturer Cray computer for $ 96 million. Named Titan, the supercomputer will be an evolution of the Jaguar that currently have the United States.

To build this machine, a Cray uses the best processor AMD (Opteron) and Nvidia (Tesla). In all, there are between 8,000 and 19,000 chips that make up Titan, or 299 008 hearts, all accompanied by 600 TB of RAM.

Monday 10 October 2011

cho cell media

STEMCELL Technologies, a biotechnology company has developed specialty cell culture media, cell separation products and ancillary reagents for life science research.  They make sure that their research work through many options in the creativity of novel products, unfailing quality, in providing consistent, and by providing the much needed assistance when needed.  The cho cell media videos which are two of a kind are worth watching and can give a better understanding to the viewer. STEMCELL are also committed in developing new products which will help in a better and faster experiment. Their technical support team and scientific staffs besides providing educational programs and training courses are also available for discussion on any queries raised. 

Isolation of T cells

STEMCELL Company, originated from Media Preparation Service of the Terry Fox Laboratory for Hematology Oncology Research at British Columbia Cancer Agency. They received the ISO 13485:2003 achievement certificate for manufacturing, research and shipping facilities in countries like France, Canada, Vancouver, USA, to name a few.  This certificate was given to them since they fully complied with the requirements of quality management for medical devices with regards to design, distribution and manufacturing of In Vitro Diagnostic products. The different product of Isolation of T cells along with its details and complete kit is listed in details to brief the user about the same. 

Isolation of B cells

One of the most privately owned Biotechnology Company, known as STEMCELL has been developing cell separation products and ancillary reagents for life science research.  With a passion for quality and driven by science, they have delivered over 1000 products to over 70 plus countries worldwide. They have been dedicated in providing standardized reagents as well as tools for every area of stem cell research and have branched off to other sectors of life science. Isolation of B cells, its characterization along with its maintenance is listed in detail at their site to give the user an understanding of the same which also tends to be beneficial to them.

His illness

In full glory after his return to the head of Apple and the launch of the iPod and the very first Apple Stores, Steve Jobs knows a serious health first accident in 2004, the doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in the pancreas. In his speech to students at Stanford the following year, Steve Jobs said: "The doctors told me it was almost certainly terminal cancer, and that I should expect to live just three to six months.

The contractor

When Steve Jobs created Apple with Steve Wozniak and Gerald Wayne, he's only 21 years. A head for business and never leave! When he landed Apple in 1985, it will not take long to rebound. The following year, Steve Jobs introduces NeXT Computer, a company specializing in the manufacture of high-end computers, which also covered schools and universities. Commercial success is hardly dazzling: 50 000 units will be passed only in total. The creation of Pixar But NeXT was a nugget: NeXTSTEP operating system, which will be the heart of the acquisition by Apple in 1996 to $ 400 million. In 1986, Steve Jobs is also expanding into the movie: he bought at George Lucas's computer graphics division of Lucasfilm for $ 10 million, one-third of the amount requested, and created Pixar. Ten years later, Pixar created the event with Toy Story, the first fully animated film designed and produced by computer. The film generates more than $ 360 million in ad revenue and a host of other successes, in 1001 Ratatouille legs through Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc or The Incredibles.

The Visionary

Steve Jobs has always shown a real talent to feel the trends. In the late 70's, when Steve Wozniak is passionate about the technical side of its prototype personal computer, Steve Jobs immediately see the benefits for the user. He also urged the public interest for computers and design. In 1977, the new Apple II breaks with all that exists at the time, combining technical performance and sleek plastic case.

Saturday 8 October 2011

NASA wants to launch a solar sail

The space also knows great upheaval turning to green technology. After Japan launched its solar sail IKAROS, the United States, are on his trail as NASA plans to launch the biggest solar sail ever made. This concept of solar sail has been part of a three orientations that NASA wants to launch in 2016. The other two technologies relate to an atomic clock to mercury ions and a system of space communications using the laser.

The Galaxy SII surpasses the iPhone 4S

Samsung is probably the builder who has done most to shadow Apple and its iPhone 4 in 2011. The Korean manufacturer, in litigation with the Cupertino company in several countries around the world, did not wait long to compare the Galaxy SII at the last iPhone, 4S. Of course, the Korean product surpasses its American counterpart.

Turning used CDs into Spent dumbbells

Technological developments in the audiovisual raises a lot of waste that will have to recycle to avoid polluting the environment. Now we know what to do with old tapes, this is what you can do a CD or DVD as worn Seung Il Kim. The idea of ​​the Korean designer original is simply: turn these discs for weight lifting. To do this we will have free weights and special is what the designer imagined. These weights have ends that can be opened and the interior is reminiscent of the CD cases cylindrical.

Jobs and media

Skillful manipulator, Steve Jobs immediately understood how to use the media to promote the best Apple. The secret to create the buzz: raising the expectations around a product. And to stir the interest of observers, Steve Jobs did not hesitate to drop a few leaks perfectly controlled. Latest episode: the iPhone 4 very strange "forgotten" in a bar near the Apple headquarters and quickly falls into the hands of a magazine ...

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Several versions exist about the meeting between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The most likely dates back to adolescence. On his return from Reed College in Portland, both Steve end up in the fall of 1974 at the Homebrew Computer Club, then at Atari, where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to work together. Steve Wozniak advance in parallel on a computer project. While it shows that computer Wozniak of its composition, Steve Jobs is immediately seen the potential of the machine.

Steve jobs - the real show man

Of all the business of Apple, Steve Jobs was by far the best! In these traditional press conferences, keynotes, art of the stage allowed him to get the audience in the pocket every time. The shows were carefully repeated: denim-basket, Steve Jobs was addressing the public in the manner of an evangelist. Away from the formal presentation, Steve Jobs featured his message with clips, demonstrations or videos.

Friday 7 October 2011

Austin solar energy

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Garage Doors

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Facebook App Development

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Basic Link Building Tactics

Search engines – particularly Google – place a huge importance on quality inbound / outbound links associated with your web site. Links pointing to your web site, especially from reputable sources, are viewed by Google as a vote of confidence for your web content, and the more quality votes your content gets, the higher your rank. In fact, Google’s entire algorithm was originally based on this system of reputation.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs with Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were a perfect illustration of the enemy brothers, sometimes allies and sometimes rivals. Steve Jobs called on Microsoft in 1984: the young company of Bill Gates was given the realization of software for the Macintosh, including the Excel spreadsheet. A few years later, while Microsoft is working in parallel to IBM, the release of Windows will set fire to the powder. Apple shouts treason.

Steve Jobs: a life of genius

The creation of Apple Computers in April 1976 with the introduction of any new iPad 2 in March, Steve Jobs will remain one of the mythical figures of the computer. A visionary business coupled with a formidable, sensing trends and did not like him to create the need for consumers. A secretive man, too, which we know eventually that little. Back to a destiny like no other!

Sales Coaching Counselors

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Security awareness training

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Austin commercial electrician

Hi pals! Good day to you all J Today I am going to tell you all my idea about an online site at As a matter of fact, I come across this online site by means of an online blog titled as Austin commercial electrician. This is one of the best electrical companies around Texas which can offer us the most excellent service. Their aim is to proffer the premium electrical service to the people as well as companies in Austin also the neighboring regions.

Rail Whale, a subtle blend of trams and double-decker bus

For the future of public transport and urban designer Polish Grzegorz Rozwadowski imagine a concept vehicle called Rail Wale, a trolley garage. Rail Whale, is somehow a subtle blend of trams and double-decker bus. Two urban transport are no longer present. Rail Whale is basically a modern tramway whose interior is larger and better equipped than a double decker bus. It has a floor to double the number of passengers it can carry.

iPhone 4S: Chronicle of a missed opportunity

Yesterday Tim Cook has disappointed many by announcing an iPhone 4S instead of version 5 that everyone was waiting at a halt. If the phone itself is far from being technically ridiculous, he sins by design identical to the old and the size of its screen. A disappointment that has crystallized the expectations many sectors to Apple. That adheres to his philosophy or not, Apple is one of the companies that have profoundly affected the technology sector over the past decade. The wait is always important when the company presents one of its new products. Around the new iPhone was even more than usual.

This is due to two main reasons. Great expectation then disappointment They make fun of the iPhone already 5On mocks the iPhone already 5C'est first the first time that Apple expects October to unveil its updated in telephony. It was the summer before the company presented the evolution of its iPhone, it was settled in 2007 as a music paper. This additional time observers implied that Apple had struck a little more time to refine a new model really different from the old. On the other hand, in fifteen months of existence has seen the iPhone 4 sharpened competition seriously. The battalion has earned the Android phones cruppers in market share of the iPhone. The operating system of Google, for example now climbs to first place smartphone in France. With a market share of 28.5% (against 26.4% for IOS), it has experienced a rapid acceleration of its adoption (in January 2010 it accounted for only 3% of smartphones in France). Shipping Android phones are often cheap (which explains the rapid deployment), but some flagships like Samsung Galaxy S II and an impressive 4.3 inch screen mark the minds on the high end. Some of the "fanboys" the strongest so Apple waited to see an iPhone landing five big screen with a new look even thinner. Do not see land as a 4S iPhone at the sight of these two factors has led to very strong reactions to hot at the time of the announcement.

ABC shows including a report by a show still very successful voice recognition system. A strategy of reason rather than innovation Firefight delicate Tim Cook Baptême fire delicate Tim cook the keynote yesterday was indeed rather long (almost 1 h 40) and its first 50 minutes were largely assigned to the information that we already knew. IOS 5 and icloud had indeed been presented in June at the WWDC. Even more difficult then not just as an iPhone 4S and a demo for minutes of the new camera by Phil Schiller. Apple will have played the card rather than the result of innovation with the iPhone 4S otherwise technically at the level of competition, but now the screen is too small for some. Remains that Apple now has a true range (49 to 399 U.S. dollars) keeping its 3G and 4 in the catalog, what get Android on his land. Tim Cook repeated the strategy of 3G with a few months late, perhaps now better kill the iPod with the conference fell to the same period and which now is given a small part of the iPhone keynote. The strategy reasonably good father to Apple is it the right to maintain its margins and market share? Response in future financial performance of the company.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Easy Set Control, an alarm clock high-tech stroking

If before, the quality of a clock is measured primarily by its efficiency, design and high-tech side are now part of the parameters that are of interest to users. Where innovative concepts like Easy Set Control.

Easy Control Easy Set an alarm clock is decidedly high-tech. Not having much to do with the alarm clocks of yesterday, this accessory emphasizes practicality and modernity.

S2S, a concept of tidal power generator

Among the known sources of renewable energy, tidal energy is very requested. Therefore, it is always interesting to find a concept such as S2S.

S2S is a concept of electric power generator operator tidal power. Indeed, the part below the sea surface is never static. With waves, currents and movements of living marine, the sea is in constant motion. S2S takes advantage of movement by transforming the kinetic energy generated electricity.

Solution Union Offers Private Label Solutions Suite

Want to get into the online software solutions game and shore up those weak monthly sales with residual income based products? Well this article is for you! A Chicago based firm named Solution Union has amassed a set of core business applications that every small business needs and with prices that allow resellers to compete head to head with the big dogs. Their solutions include online backup, email security, hosted exchange services and Blackberry enterprise which works directly with hosted exchange 2010. Solution Union aims to help their customers start and maintain a SaaS business easily with minimum hassles, low setup costs and without expensive infrastructure to capitalize.