Tuesday 4 October 2011

Easy Set Control, an alarm clock high-tech stroking

If before, the quality of a clock is measured primarily by its efficiency, design and high-tech side are now part of the parameters that are of interest to users. Where innovative concepts like Easy Set Control.

Easy Control Easy Set an alarm clock is decidedly high-tech. Not having much to do with the alarm clocks of yesterday, this accessory emphasizes practicality and modernity.

It has a circular shape on a horizontal basis. The inner part of the circle is a touch-panel LED that acts as an intuitive interface for the user. Indeed, to set the time at which the alarm is activated, there was more to turn a dial or push buttons. Simply petting on the touch surface to define the duration of sleep or nap by dragging the needle. This fact, one can see through light blue LED time remaining before the bell.

Easy Control Easy Set seems to bear his name. It was imagined by the designers Chang-Ho Lee & Ki-Hoon Han.

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