Saturday 8 October 2011

Turning used CDs into Spent dumbbells

Technological developments in the audiovisual raises a lot of waste that will have to recycle to avoid polluting the environment. Now we know what to do with old tapes, this is what you can do a CD or DVD as worn Seung Il Kim. The idea of ​​the Korean designer original is simply: turn these discs for weight lifting. To do this we will have free weights and special is what the designer imagined. These weights have ends that can be opened and the interior is reminiscent of the CD cases cylindrical.
It is sufficient to store the CD or DVD inside to give weight to charges of dumbbells. A load 20 disks contain fear, knowing that a CD weighs about 15 grams, a charge will weigh 0.3 kg. It remains only to assemble cram loads on both sides of the bar that weighs 1 kg and weights are obtained.

While the dumbbells designed by Seung Il Kim is not very heavy and are very effective for some but they agree or basic exercises with light weight.

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