Friday 28 October 2011

Android: 500,000 approved applications, 320 000 available

The mobile application store for Google HAS just Passed the 500,000 mark Approved software figures released by According To The Firm Research2Guidance of September 2011. This figure is Due to a sharp Increase in Submissions of applications for the month of September, When new apps 42000 Have found a place on the Android Market. The figures show That the developers for Android, though less Numerous Than on the Apple App Store, are a little more active, They publish year average of 4.38 applications per developer, Against 21.4 for Apple store.
In late September 2011, the Android Market HAD 70 000 active developers and Against 100,000 for the App Store.

This figure however IS To Be weighted with the number of applications from the Android Market WITHDRAWN. If the rate was very low There Is still a year, Google Seems to apply quality control and much more drastic remove Many software and service. After this pruning, the platform Finds Itself at just 320 000 applications available for download.

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