Thursday 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs: a life of genius

The creation of Apple Computers in April 1976 with the introduction of any new iPad 2 in March, Steve Jobs will remain one of the mythical figures of the computer. A visionary business coupled with a formidable, sensing trends and did not like him to create the need for consumers. A secretive man, too, which we know eventually that little. Back to a destiny like no other!

The childhood of the legendary boss of Apple is not the fairy tale. Steve Jobs was born February 24, 1955 in San Francisco an American mother and a Syrian father. Unmarried young student, his mother decided to give it to the adoptive parents. Steve Jobs said in a speech to the graduates of Stanford in 2005, her mother wanted her baby be adopted by a family of university graduates, a lawyer and his wife. The family changing his mind at the last moment, the baby is finally placed in Paul and Clara Jobs, who undertake to pay the university. The boy's childhood is rather turbulent, including two scientific experiments that took him to the emergency. Without consequences, however.

Steve Jobs is proving a student and a student better than average. At 17, he joined the Reed College in Portland, without any real motivation. After only six months, he abandoned his studies and decided to take courses in calligraphy auditor. "It was an art rooted in the past, a subtle beauty that has eluded science. I was fascinated, "recalls Steve Jobs. The young man then broke a student who sleeps on the floor with friends. "I picked up bottles of Coca-Cola to recover the deposit from 5 cents to buy food, and every Sunday night I was doing 10 km on foot to cross the city and offer me a good meal at the Hare Krishna temple. "says Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs has always kept the secret of his love affairs. In 1978, a relationship with Chris-Ann Brennan leads to the birth of Lisa, a baby that Steve Jobs will not recognize until very late. In an unofficial biography, the writer Alan Deutschman also evokes an affair with the singer Joan Baez. But since 1991, one woman shares her life: Laurene Powell, "an exceptional woman" in the words of the former head of Apple. Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell were married in March 1991 during a ceremony at a hotel in Yosemite. Laurene had three children: Reed, Erin and Eve.

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