Monday, 10 October 2011

His illness

In full glory after his return to the head of Apple and the launch of the iPod and the very first Apple Stores, Steve Jobs knows a serious health first accident in 2004, the doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in the pancreas. In his speech to students at Stanford the following year, Steve Jobs said: "The doctors told me it was almost certainly terminal cancer, and that I should expect to live just three to six months.
" The same day, a biopsy can review the first diagnosis of more optimistic conditions to practice ablation.

The iPad 2, the last "scene"?

In 2009, new alert: Steve Jobs to employees that grants itself a sick leave of 6 months, no further details. It was later learned, by the press, he had to undergo a liver transplant. Two years later, he again directed his employees to announce a new sick leave with no end date. While the new iPad 2 is due in March 2011, Steve Jobs made ​​a surprise going up on stage to ensure the show. Steve Jobs a very thin but smiling and true to himself with a barrage of numbers and phrases shocks.

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