Friday 14 October 2011

Bouygues Telecom and Archos: one tablet per day for € 0.66

Students of higher education will soon have a tablet with Archos 3G + package to 0.66 euro per day. This is the result of partnership between Archos, Bouygues Telecom and the Ministry of Education. The tablet in question is an Archos 80 G9. She will be accompanied by a 3G + key of the same operator. Rate side, the tablet is billed as 1 euro instead of 250 euros. Like a cell phone to receive the discount, Bouygues requires a commitment of 24 months. The subscription amount, in turn, to 19.90 euros per month, or 0.66 euro a day. At this rate, the student has a gigabyte of data. Beyond this threshold, the connection is still effective, but with a reduced flow. For your fluid, we can then turn to the Wi-Fi hotspots Bouygues, also included in the package.
Presented a few months ago, the Archos 80 Android tablet is a G9. It runs on a multicore processor OMAP4. Its USB port allows to connect the supplied USB 3G +, a keyboard or mouse.
The process starts in early November. To subscribe, this happens only at the site of Bouygues Telecom. It will be valid until January 15, 2012. It represents the response to Apple Archos and Samsung offering a job to a euro a day at Orange for their iPad and Galaxy Tab. In early October, Archos had felt left out by not seeing any offer to participate in Operation Orange. He regretted that while foreign manufacturers have preferred to him, the French. Christine Albanel, director of content strategy at Orange, said on Sunday that the microphone of France Culture "Archos is not ready." In essence, it was understood that the French company was not in a position to deliver a significant number of tablets.

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