Saturday 8 October 2011

Steve jobs - the real show man

Of all the business of Apple, Steve Jobs was by far the best! In these traditional press conferences, keynotes, art of the stage allowed him to get the audience in the pocket every time. The shows were carefully repeated: denim-basket, Steve Jobs was addressing the public in the manner of an evangelist. Away from the formal presentation, Steve Jobs featured his message with clips, demonstrations or videos.
The MacWorld keynote of August 1997 will remain as such in the annals: the way a magician, Steve Jobs revealed ... Bill Gates, who announced his intention to continue developing Office for Mac. Guaranteed effect! Not to mention the gimmick well known to journalists: "One more thing ..." (another thing), which marked the announcement of a new surprise.

When one goes through the usual biographies of Steve Jobs, one realizes very quickly that entire sections of his life remains a mystery. No photos have so far been made public by Steve Jobs a child or his parents. No photo instead of his family life and even his own children, with the exception of Lisa became a journalist. Just can I find a few pictures of Steve and Laurene Jobs after marriage or this photo of his parents' home, with legendary garage where were assembled the first computers made by Apple Computers.
For the rest, Steve Jobs has always taken special care to hide his private life to finally be perceived by the public only through Apple. Throughout his life, Steve Jobs has also consistently opposed the projects of biographies. And it was not until February 2010 that Steve Jobs has agreed to entrust to Walter Isaacson, a former Time magazine editing. A wink of history for one who has always dreamed of being named Person of the Year by the prestigious magazine.

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