Monday 24 October 2011

Barka, a car off-road racing for 2085

The designer Ron Magao Carlos sees far, far away with its new concept car called Barka Racer. This is a race car off-road planned for the year 2085. The Mexican designer, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Design in Milan, imagine a league and a league racing all-terrain vehicles for the revolutionary maturity. The federation is simply named Barka Racing Federation. Cars that will compete will be like the concept car Barka Racing Federation. This is a powerful and capable vehicle to survey any surface with its wheels with one of the most original structure. To control this thing, no need to use his feet as the brakes and accelerator are only accessible via the controls on the dashboard. The vehicle uses an automatic transmission. Externally, Barka Racer looks like a roadster off-road. Its modern design and aerodynamics make it a very stylish vehicle.

The question is still what drove the designer from Guadalajara to provide its concept for a date so remote. Technology that requires not particularly revolutionary.


  1. Excellent. Handicapped people can race too. What fuel are they planning to use in it?


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