Saturday 8 October 2011

NASA wants to launch a solar sail

The space also knows great upheaval turning to green technology. After Japan launched its solar sail IKAROS, the United States, are on his trail as NASA plans to launch the biggest solar sail ever made. This concept of solar sail has been part of a three orientations that NASA wants to launch in 2016. The other two technologies relate to an atomic clock to mercury ions and a system of space communications using the laser.

As a reminder, a solar sail is a spacecraft that moves using radiation pressure emitted by the stars. The one that NASA plans to launch in five years will have an area of ​​1444 m². Its function is to clean the area by removing its debris and maintain satellites. All this by exploiting renewable energy.

Let's hope that NASA reach its projects on time. Who knows, solar sails could significantly reduce the cost of space travel and allow to achieve low-cost space tourism and hospitality space.

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