Saturday 15 October 2011

The Rubik's Cube in all its facets - Part 2

The Cube unresolved

"The Cube", the Californian artist Marshall Astor, is both an art object and a fully functional Rubik's Cube. He had the idea, and realized, as a student. He explained that the sides of the cube are undifferentiated as it is the object itself, and its mechanism, which have always fascinated, not looking for the solution. The Cube is therefore composed of a real internal mechanism of Rubik's Cube that the artist has "dressed" white bronze pieces, originally, then skated with chemical treatments (acid, salts ...).
A cube with Pantone colors

The colors? Pantone is of course! The Rubitone is a concept of the industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto Argentine who had the idea to bring a slight nuance to the basic principle of the Rubik's Cube by applying a Pantone color chart stamped instead of the usual colors. What spice up a little more exercise.

Rubik's Lamp
The Rubik's Cube is a source of inspiration for designers of furniture and lamps in particular. It was designed by a Brazilian designer Eric Pautz. It diffuses a soft light that can steer by rotating the moving parts. And if the colors do not match the decor of your home, be aware that there is also a pattern in shades of gray.

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