Sunday 25 May 2014

Features in Android Kitkat 4.4 and List of Android Versions

Android Technology has been increasingly evolving and it has been selected by all the manufacturers for their devices. More than 1 billion of people have been using this operating system in their devices. We have known that the name of the android versions will be named after the sweets: First they have given the name as Cupcake, then Donut, after that Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbeard, Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean and now Kitkat. The latest version of android operating system, i.e., Kitkatprovides you an immense interface which will tempt you with its awesome chocolate interface. This version has so many features when comparing to other versions in the android history.

List of android versions are given below;

Android Version 1.5 CupCake: It is the first version that has been released in the android history.
Android Version 1.6 Donut: Searching in the Google and Google Maps has been added in this version.
Android Version 2.0 Éclair: Widgets and Apps can be arranged in the home screen of the device.
Android Version 2.2 Froyo: Vioce Typing has been implemented.
Android Version 3.0 Honeycomb: Can be used for the tablets.
Android Version 4.0 Ice Cream SandWich: New interface with pretty features has been implemented in this version.
Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean: This version made the mobile as a fastest device and also supports more than 1 million applications in the Google play store.

Feature of Android Version 4.2 Kitkat

Ok Google!: Okay Google is one of the most attractive feature which has been found in the Android Version 4.2 Kitkat. This feature can be initiated without touching the screen of the device. Simply you need to say simply Ok Google, and thenthis feature will be automatically initiated. Even you can play the song by using this feature.

Importance of Art: While listening to the music in the device, you can play or pause the music even if the device is in lock mode.

Impressive Mode: In this Android Version 4.2 Kitkat, impressive mode allows you to only view the elements that are needed by you and rather than showing the other items in the corner of the mobile. This mode automatically hides the other items in the screen.

Multi-Tasking: Android Version 4.2 Kitkat provides you fastest multi-tasking and also optimizing the website by fast up all the events in the device. Without a single hitch, you can perform several tasks in the mobile.
All messages in single stream: Android Version 4.2 Kitkat provides you a one stream messaging service, you can get voice message, text message and even email too.

Other features of Android Version 4.2 Kitkat are;

1. Contact Management

2. Smart caller id

3. Emoji

4. Print Everywhere

5. Advance Selection of Files

6. Bluetooth MAP Support

7. Chromecase Support

8. Chrome Web View

9. Closed Captioning

10. Built-in Device Management

Friday 23 May 2014

What are the things that shouldLook for in a Budget Android Cell Phone

Everyone has a desire to buy an android cell phone and the main thing is that, they have to think about their finance. Having an android mobile is become a passion for the teenagers and they will feel more happy if their mobile has features like high end mobiles.

You can see that the price of the android mobile will varies from low range to higher range. But in order to buy a mobile, we need to check out various features that are present in the mobile or not. In this post, I have shared a bit of information that allows you to go through the various things that you’re supposed to buy a mobile in your budget.

You need to look each and everything in the mobile that you were going to buy. Suppose, if you were going to buy a mobile, you need to know about its battery capacity, camera clarity and so on. Here is the list of things that you need to check out while buying a new mobile.

Processor: Processor is the main thing that you need to verify before buying a mobile. While you were buying a budget phone, the higher processing speed makes you to work faster in your device and also you can run high end application in your mobile, if you have higher processing speed.

If you buying a mobile in low cost make sure you were buying a dual core processor, so that you can escape from the lag in the phone. This enables you to play games without lag and you can experience a higher performance.

RAM: RAM is the next main thing that allows you to run several applications in your mobile and also you can easily improve the multitasking with the help of higher capacity RAM. If you have lower amount of RAM in your mobile, then you cannot open more than two applications in your mobile.

It will make your mobile to become more lag, even if you have higher processor, the device will be bit slower if the RAM is too low.

Connectivity: While buying a mobile, you need to concentrate over the connectivity. For example, device without GPS and Wi-Fi is similar to the basic mobiles, and also if you more connectivity purposes, then you can use them with greater flexibility.

You can use the Wi-Fi hotspot for surfing with your laptop or any other device without any need of wired connection.

Operating System: Operating system is another thing that is to be considered before buying a new android mobile. Make sure that device can be updated in future and also make sure that the mobile has latest update of the current installed operating system.

Choose the mobile which has more flexibility, and also choose the device which has operating system after Android Version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, because more applications support comes after the Ice Cream Sandwich.

So it is very mandatory to check these things while buying the mobile.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Invisible Bluetooth Handset- Good for Multitask

The Invisible Bluetooth Handset

It is a human tendency to keep looking for ways to be more productive and the carving for more products which are easy and convenient to use. The Invisible Bluetooth Handset frees up the user’s hands bringing about capabilities wherein they can engage themselves in multitasking without much trouble. In other words, it is a Touch Screen Headset that leaves you free to multitask.

It is an extremely super lightweight product which fits comfortable in one’s ear and is made with an ergonomic design with silicone ear caps, where one may not even feel that they are wearing this miniature designed gadget. Aptly called the Invisible Bluetooth Headset, this headset being invisible enables the user to plug it in the ear without being looked on by onlookers while wearing it and due to its size this device can also be overlooked.This is available for a short period pricedat $19.99 at Cult of Mac Deals and users could grab them while they are available to consumers.

Easy Touchscreen Interface

The headset is said to give the user a thirty feet of operating space with five hours of talk time and the capabilities of ultimate freedom to move around as per one’s choice. It is an easy to use touchscreen interface, a touch and go operation is enough without the need of playing around to make a call or hang up.

This leaves the user with the freedom in performing multitask while engaging in conversation over the phone, where the handset enables them to go about their task without much strain. Being easy and lightweight it is also safe and trouble free even while driving and being so miniature in size can save the user for penalty of talking while driving though caution should be exercised for the wellbeing of the user while driving on a busy street which could be at times even dangerous.

Lightweight with Ergonomic Design 

The invisible Bluetooth headset can also be helpful when it comes to handling the groceries, kids or any load which can be carried with ease while in conversation on the phone. The need of holding on to the phone does not arise since the invisible Bluetooth does the needful giving the user the option of carrying on with the task in hand without any interruption and strain.

The amazing features of the invisible Bluetooth headset comprises of wireless hands free Bluetooth 3.0 connection, comfort fit silicone ear cap, touch screen interface to answer and end calls, it is very lightweight with ergonomic design, thirty feet operating distance along with up to five hours of talk time. User need to have a Bluetooth compatible phone for the function of the same.As per their terms and conditions, no refund is applicable and all sales are final.

 They provide a ninety day manufacturer warranty in case of any defective products, promotion is available to customers in the Continental US only , the listed deal price would be in US dollars, (USD), sale price would be inclusive of shipping, where the delivery schedule would be between two to three weeks and this would not be MFi apple certified cable.

Gmail Android – One Billion Downloads

Gmail Android Apps
Latest India TV reports, that Gmail, the reigning Web based email service has recently added another feather in its cap by adding the first ever app in the Android market which has reached one billion download milestone. Google’s Gmail app has now become the first standalone smartphone app which has passed the one billion installations on Android devices.

The apps download tally counts the overall number of unique accounts, with the exception of total number of downloads and devices using the app and according to Android Police, the number probably includes some abandoned as well as duplicate accounts. Earlier around 2012, Gmail had around 425 million active monthly users, which has now increased with the entry of the Android and according to AppBrain site; Gmail had reached the halfway billion mark way back in June 2013.

Gmail – Celebrating 2 Year Anniversary 

With the mounting demand of Gmail app together with other Google Play apps have attributed to the demands of Android in which most of the tools are installed through default on Android 2.2 and above, on every certified Android operating device. The mobile platform has been efficient in achieving this target.

Gmail, it is said will be celebrating its 2 year anniversary as one of the most widely used email service by next month which just shows how big Google’s role has been in contributing to the mobile industry. The app was installed on all Google Android devices as a part of Google’s licensing covering most of the Android software powered smartphones, tablets and other devices that are available everywhere with the exception of China and is updated automatically when connected to the Google Play store.

Outfit 7’s Range of Talking Friends/Angry Birds 

The milestone was crossed somewhere last week as announced by Google’s head of Android, Sundar Pichai and the Google Play store ranks the apps by downloads done in different ranges and Gmail Android app ticked over to the one to five billion bracket.Severalgroups of apps namely Outfit 7’s range of Talking Friends apps, though have already passed the one billion downloads milestone, not a single individual app has been downloaded one billion times on its own before this.

 The Angry Birds collections of games however had broken the one billion downloads in the year 2012. Gmail’s one billion downloads strengthens data on how many Google powered Android devices are sold, with Google’s executive stating that more than a billion Android device activation had been passed last year.


This implies how important Google’s agreements are to have their apps installed by default in fuelling download as well as encouraging users of its services. Manufacturers do not have access to Google‘s Play Store without installation of the Google’s suite of apps and putting them in a prominent position.

 Some of the other Google apps are Google+, Chrome, YouTube and Maps though they all remain under the one billion app install barrier and Chrome has been listed as being installed less than 500,000 as per the Play Store. Gmail has been part of the defaultinstallation ever since Google introduced Android in the year 2009.

Friday 16 May 2014

IBM’s Replacement for NAND

New Project Theseus of IBM has some promising and capable ways of replacing the NAND in the long term with a widely higher performance together with better write endurance which would make this technology an excellent choice in storage if someone agrees in the manufacture of the same. IBM had portrayed a new way of memory technology which the company considers to be a replacement for NAND flash someday, and the company’s Theseus Project which is conducted in coordination with the University of Patras in Greece seems to be the first attempt in combining phase change memory, conventional NAND and DRAM on a single controller. The outcome is a hybridized storage solution which outperforms PCIe based SSDs between 12 and 275 times.

Physics of Phase Change Memory

The physics of phase change : The phase change memory is one of those alternative memory structure which has been proposed as a kind of replacement for NAND and the phase change memory operates by rapidly heating chalcogenide glass, moving it between it crystalline and amorphous state. While in its amorphous state which is read as binary 0, the structure has a very high resistance and in its crystalline state which is known as binary 1, the resistance is comparatively low. Phase change memory has the capabilities of quickly shifting between the two state and research done from Intel and Micron have also demonstrated the feasibility of intermediate states that enables two bits of information which can be stored in each cell.

Hybrid Structure for Effective Leverage

Moreover phase change memory has a much lower latency than NAND with a much faster read, write times in theory, and can tolerate millions of write cycles when compared to30,000 high end SLC NAND as well as few as 1,000 with TLC NAND. Besides, it is also well positioned compared to various other theoretical memory devices and NAND flash has huge economies of scale with billions invested in fab plants all across the globe. IBM along with Theseus has incorporated a small amount of PCM into a hybrid structure for effective leverage with its ultra-low latency characteristics.

3D NAND Better Choice

These early PCMs were built on a 90 nm CMOS at very low density where modern NAND flash is available presently in 512Gbit size when compared to 128Mbit for PCM. It is a compact order of magnitude which is faster than a commercial NAND accompanied with superior write performance with data longevity. Though there lies a problem where IBM makes a point that its PSS solution utilises 90nm memory which is produced by Micron, who earlier this year gave notice that it would be cancelling all of its PCM production and would be pulling out of the industry, while leaving the door open to revisit the memory tech sometime in the near future, they also indicated that the superior scaling of a 3D NAND would be a better choice inspite of the various problem faced with the technology in short term.

PCM – Promising Next Generation Memory Technology

According to 2013 ITRS report, it was noted that NAND performance was not expected to increase much from its present situation but in fact would be a bit difficult in maintaining current NAND performance while making improvement in density and holding write endurance constant. Presently PCM seems to be a promising next generation memory technology and someone needs to step in the manufacture of it or else it would be a difficult sell.

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Google Glass goes on sale to US public

Google Glass
Google Glass, an Eyewear based Device

Google says that the eyewear based device, Google Glass, a hotly anticipated internet connected eyewear, is moving to `open beta’, which would be available at $1,500 till the stock last and has put its Glass headset for sale to consumers in the US.

This eyewear mounted devices presently is at the beta development level and would on sale for a limited time till the stock is available. The company had stated on a blog post that it had finally decided to go ahead onto a more open beta in the development of the device.Google had opened sale of Glass to the US public for a day briefly in April making it available to the public instead of just a select group of users like app developers.

Google had sold the headset for a day which previously had been available only in limited supply to the developers, especially only a selected number of businesses and aficionados.

Functions like High Definition Computer Screen

The company stated that it was striving to work on improvements on the hardware as well as the software though it did not specify how many glasses would be sold or if they would be making any more, once the same were sold out.

Anyone living in the US can now buy Google’s wearable product, the Google Glass, which is a stamp sized electronic screen mounted on the side of a pair of eyeglass frame with the capabilities to record video, access email, provide turn by turn driving indication and also retrieve information from the internet world by connecting wireless to a user’s mobile device.

It consist of a small clear strip which functions like a high definition computer screen which is hooked on the frames and is position within the wearer’s field of vision. Users can connect to the web and besides video recording, can map their location and the same is being used across several sectors.It has raised privacy and safety concerns urging legislators in some jurisdiction to consider bans or limits on its use including at the time of driving. The company also launched a try and buy program for potential buyers.

Running Apps like NameTag

Google Glass is not only the most ambitious product but also the most awaited product and the consumer version is probably expected to go on sale to the general public by the end of 2014. Moreover, Google would also be offering a free sunglass shade or possibly one of its latest introduced prescription glasses frames with any purchase done.

Besides a built in camera which can record video it could also be useful in gathering evidence and is capable of running apps like NameTag which can photograph a person as well as identify them by scouring social networks for a match.

If the device is used by police it could probably be set up along with an app which would enable officers to search databases of unidentified offenders and outstanding warrants. In the meantime, Google is continuing in putting all efforts in expanding offerings on Glass with its announcement of Android KitKat 4.4 update together with iPhone SMS and Calendar feature. As per reports it was also revealed that Google Glass would probably get a dual lens in the near future.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Great Mobile Platforms Android Vs iOS

 Android Vs iOS
Android and iOS both are great mobile platforms and have room for improvement as well as different ideas for what the users need. Google’s Android together with Apple’s iOSis excellent operating systems which are used primarily in mobile technology like the smartphones and tablets.

Android, a Linux based and a partly open source is more of a PC than iOS, where its interface and basic features are more customizable from top to bottom, though the uniform design element of iOS tends to be seen as being more users friendly.

The options from smartphone and tablet system should be considered with care since switching from iOS to Android or vice versa will involve the purchase of apps again in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Android presently being the world’s most common preference in smartphone platform is used by several different phone manufacturers while iOS is only used on Apple devices like the iPhone.

iOS Pros and Cons 

Apps come to iOS first despite its tiny market share and these devices tend to see app release much ahead of Android. They have strict app policies where iTunes app stores utilizes these polices to keep average app quality high.

 The iOS interface is quite good with the overall UX does not change from what users have got familiar with. Quality hardware – iOSis available on a few devices though Apple has a high standard for those devices and ensures that each device is well designed and capable in functioning.

Lack of customization – By maximising user friendliness, Apple has created an environment that for the most part with default settings could be good for all and excellent for users who would like the choice of many options but frustrating for others who would be interested in personalizing their experience. Users can face lack of device option with two to three choices for iPhone, or two choices for iPad with each device being a lot similar.

Android Pros and Cons

In Android there is a huge device variety which comes in all shapes, sizes and prices with every manufacturer having their own particular blend of Android, with extra features together with capabilities. This results in competition with fast innovation from the UX point of view.

Android devices are highly customizable and are more open than Apple devices right from downloading new default font to overhauling theuser interface and the changes are more accessible on an Android device.

App Policies are less restrictive where Google Play has their own policies that are not as strict as the iTunes stores, though Google Play is not the only choice to distribute Android app and if Google Play tends to reject an app, there are other sources available.

Android has extremely versatile software which can power various types of devices best phones and tablets. It is also used to control set top boxes various headless devices and drones.

The app quality in Android, due to its lighter restrictions and the possibility in side loading apps easily, are not as dependable as iOS. Moreover, with side loading from other sources there could be a possibility of getting infected with malicious software.

With the entry of various Android devices coming up most of the manufactures do not have Apple’s reputation when it comes to reliability of products which is applicable to both the hardware as well the propriety software which is provided by the maker of these devices.

Friday 9 May 2014

Classroom – Online Tool – Google Apps for Education

Google is planning to offer a new online tool in its Google Apps for Education suite known as Classroom. This offer is designed with teachers in mind intending to help them with their daily work in assistance with the efficient organisation and creation of the assignments, needed in the education of their students.

 It provides a simple way to give feedback to students on individual basis while communicating more easily with the classes.

 Classroom, the new tool which was unveiled on Teacher Appreciation Day, makes use of several Google services which include Google Doc, Drive and Gmail to enable teachers to create and organise their assignments swiftly, providing feedback in an efficient manner and communicate with their class with ease.

It was designed with the intention of providing hand in hand with teachers to enable them to save time, improve communication with the students, and keep the classes organized enabling them to function smoothly in their daily work.

Simple and Easy – More Time to Teach and Learn

Classroom is based on the principle of making the educational tool, simple and easy to use, giving teachers the opportunity on more time to teach as well as for the students, more time to learn. Google’s former math teacher, Zach Yeskel himself wrote in a blog post announcing the news.

This free tool is focused in making it easier in the creating and collection of assignments paperless, which can be seen quickly on who has or has not completed the work, providing direct, real time feedback to individual students.

 Moreover, it also helps in improving class communication wherein the teachers can make announcements, ask questions and comment with students in real time, thereby improving communication in and out of the class.

Drive Folder – Individual Assignment/Student

Besides, the capabilities of being organised with the classroom, automatically creating Drive folders for every individual assignment as well as the student, where the students can see easily whatever is due on their Assignment page.

 The Mountain View Company would be inviting a limited number of interested applicants to try it, somewhere early next month. Educators interested in trying out Classroom could apply for the same.

Classroom tool is easy to set up where teachers can add students directly or even share a code with their class to join which takes around a few minutes to set up. Its simple paperless assignment workflow enables teacher in creating, reviewing, and grade assignment swiftly all at a single location.

Improve Organization/Enhance Communication

It helps from the point of improving organization, wherein students can see all their assignments on an assignment page, where all the class materials that are automatically filed into a folder in Google Drive.

Enhancing communication enables teachers to send announcements and question instantly and with student having the facility to post to the stream, they are in a better position to help out their classmates.

Overall it is affordable and secure and like the rest of our Google Apps for Education services, Classroom does not have any advertisements, does not use the contents or the student’s data for advertising purpose and is free for all schools.

Classroom would be available to any school using Google Apps for Education by September this year.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Top GPS Apps for Android Phones to download

Emerging android technology has brought an immense hike, and also thousands of applications are available for each and every function that is required by the users. In this post, has brought you exciting information about the best applications that are required for GPS system in the android operating system and here it goes;

GPS Status ToolBox:

GPS Status ToolBox is one of the best applications especially for travellers, and this is equipped with the GPS and also with the Sensor data. GPS Status ToolBox helps the visitors by locating their exact location of the person with the help of the sensor data and also with the help of GPS.This will acquire the location of the device very perfectly and also it will calculate the exact location with the help of satellites, speed and acceleration. It allows us to track the location of the one person, and also it allows us to send the location to the family members and also other persons. GPS Status ToolBox apps enable the user to acquire the exact location and also they can easily able to find their direction with the help of compass that is found in your device. This application is more powerful and also helps you to get the exact positions in a click and keeps up to date.

GPS Navigation Maps, the simplest and best GPS navigation system that monitors your activity, while you were roaming from one place to another place. More than 30 million of downloads has crossed in the Google Play Store, and it provides more quality maps for better performance. This application comes with several built in features in it. Sygic: GPS Navigation Maps, has more feature that announces street names in which we are travelling, this application has speed camera feature that helps you to tell the speed in which you were travelling and also provides you the information about the lane in which you were travelling.

GPS Tracking Pro: 
GPS Tracking Pro allows you to keep their eyes on others, for example they can keep an eye on their son or other relatives with the help of GPS Tracking Pro. This allows the users to place the pictures of their relatives, friends and other people over the map.GPS Tracking Pro allows you to exactly locate the position of the mobile which you want to track. By login the website, the users can navigate through the various places in the navigation map.

Find My Friends:
Find My Friends is a simple app that allows others to find your location in the Map and also you can find your friends location in the Navigation Map. Simply you need to open the map in this application and this will locate your friends in the Navigation Map. You can simply visit their place by setting up the location of your friends in the Map.

Sunday 4 May 2014

How to Protect Your WiFi network in Windows

Protect Your WiFi
Nowadays many of us using the WiFi networks in homes so we haveworried about if anyone miss use our WiFi network by without noticing us. This will be mainly rised from our neighbors who may know our password and use for accessing the WiFi network. In order to protect your WiFi network from unwanted access keep you WiFi network safe and secure. Just follow these simple steps and protect your WiFi safe and enjoy your full access in your WiFinetwork.

Steps to protect your WiFi: 

Normally connect your WiFi network as you do. Hit on the start button and type as “cmd” in order to start the MS DOS prompt in your computer. In your command prompt type this following command ipconfig/all In the output screen see for wireless network connection, in that section look for the IP address with default gateway entry. This is the IP address for your WiFi router. For an example it will be like

Just copy that IP address along with that default gateway entry and open your web browser. Paste this IP address in the URL address bar. This will take you to connect to your WiFi device setting. Mostly the WiFi router will ask your adminname and password. On the basis of your device manufacturer the name and password may vary. But the fact most of the routers have name as “admin” and password as ‘password otherwise “admin” for both admin name and password.

Now you can be login and you can be able to change the settings of your WiFi network connection. Jus enable the encryption in your network hence it will stay password protected. Once you do this, then all your data will be secured. It is being a good option to enabling WPA2-PSK in your WiFi network instead of WEP and WPA security. This is due to WPA2 security with strong password will prove to be the highest security provided for your WiFi network.

Now you are advised to change the name of your WiFi network also called as SSID. It will make tough for oneself to figure out that the network belongs to you. Even though changing the name will not provide you the complete security, but you need not broadcast it to all that you use a particular network for your WiFi connection. So now just go to your WiFi router settings page in order to find SSID network name option and modify it.

And for advanced users, it is advised you to enable the MAC address filtering in your WiFi router. Just manually enter MAC address for the devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, that you want to make connection with your WiFi network.

These steps will secure your WiFi network. But anyway one should bear that a motivated cyber criminal can still access your WiFi network through various methods. So the best way is to keep your IP address more secure. And also you are advised to change your WiFi password in a regular interval.