Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Invisible Bluetooth Handset- Good for Multitask

The Invisible Bluetooth Handset

It is a human tendency to keep looking for ways to be more productive and the carving for more products which are easy and convenient to use. The Invisible Bluetooth Handset frees up the user’s hands bringing about capabilities wherein they can engage themselves in multitasking without much trouble. In other words, it is a Touch Screen Headset that leaves you free to multitask.

It is an extremely super lightweight product which fits comfortable in one’s ear and is made with an ergonomic design with silicone ear caps, where one may not even feel that they are wearing this miniature designed gadget. Aptly called the Invisible Bluetooth Headset, this headset being invisible enables the user to plug it in the ear without being looked on by onlookers while wearing it and due to its size this device can also be overlooked.This is available for a short period pricedat $19.99 at Cult of Mac Deals and users could grab them while they are available to consumers.

Easy Touchscreen Interface

The headset is said to give the user a thirty feet of operating space with five hours of talk time and the capabilities of ultimate freedom to move around as per one’s choice. It is an easy to use touchscreen interface, a touch and go operation is enough without the need of playing around to make a call or hang up.

This leaves the user with the freedom in performing multitask while engaging in conversation over the phone, where the handset enables them to go about their task without much strain. Being easy and lightweight it is also safe and trouble free even while driving and being so miniature in size can save the user for penalty of talking while driving though caution should be exercised for the wellbeing of the user while driving on a busy street which could be at times even dangerous.

Lightweight with Ergonomic Design 

The invisible Bluetooth headset can also be helpful when it comes to handling the groceries, kids or any load which can be carried with ease while in conversation on the phone. The need of holding on to the phone does not arise since the invisible Bluetooth does the needful giving the user the option of carrying on with the task in hand without any interruption and strain.

The amazing features of the invisible Bluetooth headset comprises of wireless hands free Bluetooth 3.0 connection, comfort fit silicone ear cap, touch screen interface to answer and end calls, it is very lightweight with ergonomic design, thirty feet operating distance along with up to five hours of talk time. User need to have a Bluetooth compatible phone for the function of the same.As per their terms and conditions, no refund is applicable and all sales are final.

 They provide a ninety day manufacturer warranty in case of any defective products, promotion is available to customers in the Continental US only , the listed deal price would be in US dollars, (USD), sale price would be inclusive of shipping, where the delivery schedule would be between two to three weeks and this would not be MFi apple certified cable.

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