Sunday 4 May 2014

How to Protect Your WiFi network in Windows

Protect Your WiFi
Nowadays many of us using the WiFi networks in homes so we haveworried about if anyone miss use our WiFi network by without noticing us. This will be mainly rised from our neighbors who may know our password and use for accessing the WiFi network. In order to protect your WiFi network from unwanted access keep you WiFi network safe and secure. Just follow these simple steps and protect your WiFi safe and enjoy your full access in your WiFinetwork.

Steps to protect your WiFi: 

Normally connect your WiFi network as you do. Hit on the start button and type as “cmd” in order to start the MS DOS prompt in your computer. In your command prompt type this following command ipconfig/all In the output screen see for wireless network connection, in that section look for the IP address with default gateway entry. This is the IP address for your WiFi router. For an example it will be like

Just copy that IP address along with that default gateway entry and open your web browser. Paste this IP address in the URL address bar. This will take you to connect to your WiFi device setting. Mostly the WiFi router will ask your adminname and password. On the basis of your device manufacturer the name and password may vary. But the fact most of the routers have name as “admin” and password as ‘password otherwise “admin” for both admin name and password.

Now you can be login and you can be able to change the settings of your WiFi network connection. Jus enable the encryption in your network hence it will stay password protected. Once you do this, then all your data will be secured. It is being a good option to enabling WPA2-PSK in your WiFi network instead of WEP and WPA security. This is due to WPA2 security with strong password will prove to be the highest security provided for your WiFi network.

Now you are advised to change the name of your WiFi network also called as SSID. It will make tough for oneself to figure out that the network belongs to you. Even though changing the name will not provide you the complete security, but you need not broadcast it to all that you use a particular network for your WiFi connection. So now just go to your WiFi router settings page in order to find SSID network name option and modify it.

And for advanced users, it is advised you to enable the MAC address filtering in your WiFi router. Just manually enter MAC address for the devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, that you want to make connection with your WiFi network.

These steps will secure your WiFi network. But anyway one should bear that a motivated cyber criminal can still access your WiFi network through various methods. So the best way is to keep your IP address more secure. And also you are advised to change your WiFi password in a regular interval.

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