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Thursday 4 May 2017

How Should I Protect My Windows PC from Malware and Viruses?

Protect windows pc

Bitcoin – Secured Way of Collecting Cash

Several anti-virus programs is said to be a vital element of Windows setup but Windows has been transformed and the threat scenario has been changed. Some may be more prone to threats while other may be less sensitive to them. Some may tend to take the risk while other may require protection of their important information and all this needs to be considered.

Maximum of the main AV products began when several viruses had been written by amateurs who were keen on being noticed. Presently the malware have been written by experts who are on a money making spree and are not interested in viruses which duplicate themselves, their delivery mechanisms are websites and emails.

 They are not keen on showing off but would prefer to have their malware hidden. Their interest lies in the collection of financial information together with passwords and much more though there are also some in ransomware. They are aware that they can threaten people in making payment for something of great value, such as their personal files, financial information family photos, etc. With the development of Bitcoin a secure way of collecting the cash has been implemented.

Security Against Ransomware – Offline Backup

The best security against ransomware is an offline backup of all the important data. Several of the main AV products began when Windows together with its major browsers had been uncertain which is not the same now. Bill Gates, Microsoft cofounder had launched the Trustworthy Computing Initiative in 2002 making security the uppermost priority of the company.

TCI methodologies and training had transformed the way Microsoft had designed and created software where the results had shown a dramatic reduction in infection rates in Windows PC. Windows 10 presently comprises of a huge display of security and threat mitigation technologies wherein the main threats to Windows user is from the third party programs like Oracle Java together with some Adobe software.

Besides this there has also been a great boost in the security of web browsers especially Google’s Chrome as well as Edge of Microsoft. Chrome is said to be strongly sandboxed that tends in assisting in protecting the underlying operating system from web-based threats. `Bug bounty’ program run by Google pays researchers around $100,000 for every exploitable hole they find in Chrome or Android and has paid last year, over $3 million thus making Chrome much more secure.

Safe Browsing Structures

Additional security developments are from `safe browsing’ structures that tend to blacklist websites hosting malware. Google Safe Browsing has now been part of Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Apple’s Safari while on the other hand Windows 10 is said to have its own built-in SafeScreen filter.

In case of any doubt regarding a website the same can be manually checked at Google’s website. The outcome is that the users of Windows 10 are not like users of Windows XP as long as they have their software updated.

It comprises of updating browsers together with third-party software utilising a free tool like Flexera’s Personal Software Inspector – PSI, Patch My PC or Kaspersky software Updater. Anti-virus companies have begun protecting susceptible operating system together with browser code though we may have reached a stage where the weak anti-virus software tends to do more harm than good.

Problems in Back Rooms – Became Public

Last November, problems which had been debated in back rooms had become public when Justin Schuh, Google Chrome security expert had launched a tweet storm against well-known Bulgarian AV expert, Vesselin Bontchev. Schuh had tweeted that `you misunderstand your own ignorance. AV is my single biggest impediment to shipping a secure browser’.

The essence of the several complaints of Schuh was that AV programs messed the security of the other programs despite the fact that they had been written apprehensively. He had tweeted that `you ignore all security best practice, piling dodgy format parsing and other unsafe code in the kernel and expects it’s possible to make an AV that is not more harm than good, but none of you are even trying’. Robert O’Callahan, the former Firefox developer had sounded in with a positive blog post – Disable Your Antivirus Software (Except Microsoft’s).

Programmers usually don’t talk regarding these issues since they require the cooperation of the AV supplier when the AV tends to cripple or crashes the software. Users are informed to turn off their AV since they would be at fault should something corrupt should take place which leaves only one option.
 As Schuh tweeted later that `browser makers do not complain about Microsoft Defender since there is a huge amount of empirical data display which is the only well behaved AV’.For the purpose of security:

First Windows 10 with Windows Defender, the SmartScreen filter, cloud based heuristics as well as basic telemetry all of which are related to security, in turned position. With that you could possibly be secure.

Second  Windows as standard user and not as an administrator wherein running as a standard user could eliminate around 90% of threats.

Third  ensure that Windows together with all the software of the PCs are updated. Several of the malware tend to exploit security holes which have been patched already, sometimes many years ahead. For the purpose of extreme security purpose, you could run Google Chrome or a Chromium-based browser like Vivaldi.

Fourth ensure that you have good backup of all the important data. Besides this in addition to normal PC backups you could use FreeFileSync to copy main data folders to an external hard drive daily which get backed up later to a second EHD. Blu-rays are also another choice since they cannot be encrypted to ransomware.

Fifth, you could run periodic scan in ensuring that your anti-virus program has not overlooked anything. Microsoft tends to do this with its MSRT – Malicious Software Removal Tool, before the installing of main updates while Kaspersky provides a good substitute. Free online scanners are also available from several AV companies inclusive of Bitdefender, Trend Micro, ESET and F-Secure.

Sixth, one should be aware that Windows 10 offers good refresh, reset and recovery choices and if these don’t do as needed then it may wipe your hard drive and you may have to reinstall Windows 10 from the start from a DVD or a thumb drive.

Thursday 9 February 2017

How to Stop Windows 10 From Automatically Rebooting After Updates

Windows 10
It is extremely frustrating for the users to see their computer system each time it completes the updating process. This has been norm with the Windows OS which happens to reboot on its won each time it goes through the updating process. Windows has finally decided to do away with this functionality by bringing an update called Windows 10 Anniversary Update which eventually brought a new concept of ‘Active Hours’. Active Hour allows users to update their devices automatically during the time when machine is not in use. But even such feature is not good enough in stopping Windows from rebooting it after an update and this can play a huge spoilsport while working at later hours. Follow these smart steps to get rid of automatic rebooting of Windows after each update.

Step 1: Open Administrative Tools by going to the Control Panel

Press Start button and type in ‘Administrative Tools’ and press ‘Enter’ key. Now choose the ‘Task Scheduler’ from the list of options in the Administrative Tools window.

Step 2: Open the following path: Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/UpdateOrchestrator

Now carefully look at the bottom of the window and you will find the ‘Reboot’ option which will certainly enabled at the moment. You are simply required to give a right click on that option and disable it from the menu.

This will help in eliminating the notorious automatic rebooting in the Windows OS after each update but a number of users have claimed that these failed to work in their advantage as Windows automatically switches back to the default settings in no time.

In order prevent such thing from happening in future you should open the window by typing in this address: C:/Windows/System32/Tasks/Microsoft/Windows/UpdateOrchestrator. Now carefully locate the ‘Reboot’ file that doesn’t have any suffix or file attachment and rename it as ‘Reboot.bak’. If you are unable to rename this file as it is a system file, now you will be required to ‘Take Ownership’ and this can be done by simply giving a right-click, then follow the steps as appears on your screen.

Some more smart steps to stop Windows from shutting down

Users should understand that these steps are designed to stop the Windows OS from rebooting itself but it will not stop the OS from updating itself. Windows has also brought some exciting features with Creators Update on Windows 10 which brings a greater amount of control over the updates. Now users will be able to opt out of the updates from the drivers or simply users can stop the updates by disabling the Windows Update service.

Though disabling the Windows Update service is an extremely risky affair as it stops system from the receiving the security updates which is necessary to secure devices in this era of prevalent attacks. Furthermore whenever system updates are acquired by a device then its needs to get rebooted in order to function properly. Now you know how to get rid of rebooting problem with these smart yet simple ways.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Screenshots have turned out to be the most innovative and smartest way to have a record of some important thing or to share information with others. This enables you to get a prove of anything or substantiate your point in no time. There are different methods of taking screenshots on different devices. The different devices include:
Windows Computer – You can easily take a screenshot of the existing screen without having to download any extra tools or software for it. All you need to have is a regular keyboard used in Windows and from that keyboard you just need to tap the print screen button.

This button is generally found on the top right corner of your keyboard and in some cases you also have to press the shift button to bring this function into the active mode. As you tap this button the computer will automatically go for a screenshot of the whole existing screen and will save it to clip board. If you wish to take extra screenshots then you will have to utilize an added program which is known as the Snipping Tool.

After downloading this program, you will have to search and locate your computer for the apt tool and then open the program. Press new and crosshair that enables you to choose the desired area that you intend to capture, as soon as you release the button you will then have to save the file. It is best if you include the Snipping Tool to your Start bar.

Mac – The best known device to feature finest screenshot ability is Mac. In this device you are provided with a short cut that easily selects the portion that you want to take image of. All you need to do is hold the shift and command keys simultaneously and also the number 4 button that will transform your mouse or trackpad into a crosshair. By using crosshair you are required to draw around the area that you want to take a snap of. After this step, your desired image will be protected as a .png file on your desktop.

iOS Devices – Inorder to go for a screenshot on an iOS device, like an iPad or an iPhone all you are required to do is hold on to the home button and the power button that appears on top right side corner of iPhone 6 and on the top of other iPhones issued before this. In this way the snap of your existing screenshot will be taken and will automatically get saved to Photos.

Android Devices – Taking screenshots on most of the Android devices is almost similar to the one’s we take on iOS devices. With the developed version of androids, the way to take screenshots have become even more easier, as you just need to hold on to the volume down and power button simultaneously. After the screenshot have been taken a quick options of animation will appear and your captured image will be saved to the Photos app in the screenshot section.

Thursday 21 August 2014

How to Create a SMTP Server on Your Computer

SMTP Server on Your Computer
The word SMTP can be expanded as “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. So SMTP can be defined as the standard (set of instructions) or rule of Internet for e-mail or electronic mail transmission. Some people want to create a SMTP server on their computer because they want to use outlook for sending mails even when ISP is not allowing to do so because they are not connected to their server because of absence of internet facility. So creating a SMTP server on the computer allows sending e-mails even when there is no connection between the user and ISP servers and thus no internet facility is required within local SMTP server.

Creating SMTP server on the computer is mostly preferred by the small businesses which do not have the facility of exchange server but still they want to send and receive emails but with the help of outlook. So in such cases creating own SMTP server is the best idea. It can also be observed in some colleges and universities. So now let’s begin to learn how to setup SMTP server on computer.

IIS SMTP Server Setup

Step 1:

Select the control panel and open it and click "Programs," or "Programs and Features".

Step 2:

Now click on the option of turning windows features mentioned as on or off,” which is located in the left panel if you're having the Classic view of it. Now click "Allow" if by chance you get any types security warnings.

Step 3:

Now what you have to do is to expand and increase "IIS or Internet Information Services" and please make sure that "SMTP Server" is installed for sure. In case it’s not then check the box located next to it and restarts as required.

Step 4:

Now select the Windows key and "R" to open the run menu. Now simply type "inetmgr" and select "Enter" to open the Internet Information Services or IIS Manager.

Step 5:

Now press the right-click in "Default SMTP Virtual Server" and press "New," and then select "Virtual Server."

Step 6:

Now don’t forget to input your personal SMTP settings within the new Virtual Server Wizard in order to configure the server.

Step 7:

Now simply configure the email client say Outlook Express or Thunderbird to practice the new SMTP server. Now all the email clients will route to your personal SMTP server and the server will automatically route those mails to the external addresses successfully.

Now you need to setup HMail server. Simply download it from the resources and follow the instructions to install the setup of exe format. Select the database as per your need and requirement. Enter the master user and password and keep it secure and then this way finish the setup installation and open it. Now open the administrator account and enter the domain name and remember to save it. Also save your IP values and ranges and also save the proper configuration settings and it’s done.

Now you can simply use your ISP’s SMTP. Just open the email program and look for something like account setting or settings of the email program. Email program can be of thunderbird and so on. Now look for server settings in it and there enter the information and other details from the ISP. So finally it’s done and now your SMTP server is ready to work in your local area of network. If you are facing any problem in managing the outlook contacts then you can go for MX-Contact and it will help you a lot.

So I hope that you have understood all the steps and hope you will be able to create a SMTP server without any type of errors. But still if you have any problem regarding this then please comment and let us know. And those who have any other good idea regarding this concept then please share it with everyone here by commenting below. In later posts we will come up with more amazing ideas like this so stay connected.

Thursday 24 July 2014

How To Run Android Apps On Pc And Mac

Blue stack
Android is probably the next big thing! It is everywhere; from smart phones to tablets and even wearable devices such as watches. It provides the applications that entertain us and at the same time, keeps us updated about the things we take interest in.

Android essentially is an operating system that is generally used for smart phones and the user-friendly tablets. But that was in the past. A lot of Companies have designed methods that enable the user to run an android application in their PC.

Out of all these applications available in the market, one application has successfully managed to take care of this problem with 100% reliability. The application being Bluestacks. Bluestacks is not just reliable, at the same time it is quick and easy to handle.

To get the android application running on the PC a few simple steps needs to be followed.

  •  The primary step is to find the Bluestacks application online.
  •  Next step is to click the download App Player on Bluestacks. The windows user will have to choose windows, which is available on the left side of the page and a MAC user have to click on Mac available at the right.
  •  Now, the major step, open their setup file and follow the instructions in the exact order they have provided and install Bluestacks.
  •  After the installation process is taken care of, the next step is to run the application. If the installation process is successful an option to start Bluestacks will pop-up on the screen. Click on that and the process is complete.
  • Installing Bluestacks is simple. It is like downloading any other application. The instructions provided by them and simple and easy to follow.
After successfully downloading the Bluestacks application, downloading an android app is rather simple. The users only have to click on to Google Play and select the application and continue with the download process. The best part is Bluestacks is up and running on the PC , the user could sync the installed apps between the android device and the PC to suit the need of the user.
Bluestacks does not support the application Whatsapp, other than that all the applications run successfully in this medium.

Well, Bluestacks is free for a short span of time. After that period the user will have to pay a minimum charge to keep the application running. One could also download a number of sponsored applications on a daily basis and delete the program once the installation is complete.

Thanks to Bluestacks using the android applications in the PC or a MAC book is no more a matter of trouble. One could easily enjoy those special applications in their PCs by simply downloading this reliable application. Playing temple run or subway surfer during the lunch break at work or in between classes will no longer be a problem.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Converting LG G2 To LG G3

 LG G2

The XDA forum has developed a new firmware version of LG3 Optimus UI, which can be used in LG2. By following the steps below, it can be installed in LG2 and a 4K display can be experienced.

Requirements: The following things required in order to install LG3 Optimus in LG2:
  • The LG2 phone has to be rooted.
  • The phone has to have a custom recovery installed.

Disclaimer: The steps, which are required to install the LG 3 Optimus in LG 2 phones, has to be followed word by word. If a person misses a step or does a step incorrectly the phone may turn into nothing more than a toy phone. If such a situation arises, no one shall take the responsibility for turning it into a showpiece other than the person who was installing it.

The procedure will not protect the phone’s internal memory. To protect the memory of the phone installing a back up is essential. If the backup application is installed properly, all the files could be saved. Either it can be backed up manually as well as by using an appropriate application. Manually it could be done through the use of USB port. Different backup application software are also available that can be easily used to save the internal memory of the phone.

The easy steps that follow are a simple guide to convert a LG G2 phone into a LG G3 phone. What is important to remember is, these steps are applicable for the model - LG G2 D802. No other model will respond to these steps.

How to install LG 3 Optimus in LG 2:

The following steps have to be followed to the line to get the 4K effect in LG 2. :

Step 1: The ROM file named Optimus G3 V1.0 has to be downloaded. Care must be taken while downloading and only the recent version should be downloaded.
Step 2: KK Baseband must be downloaded for the model number.
Step 3: Both the ZIP files must be copied to the root of LG G2.
Step 4: The LG G2 has to be rebooted in the recovery mode. It can be easily done by pressing down the volume button and the power button in the phone and letting it go after the appearance of the LG logo, and it will come back after the phone has been booted in the recovery mode.
Step 5: Clear up the phone. Refresh the data, software and the system in the phone. Give it a good wipe.
Step 6: And the final step in converting a simple LG G2 into a LG G3, giving it a 4K experience is to remember that, the ROM has to be installed from the recovery mode, install the ZIP files and then flash it in KK baseband.

By following these 6 simple steps, the LG G2 user will be able to experience the user interface used by the LG G3 users.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

How To Block Ads in Your Web Browser

No Ads
In our day to day life we are spending more time in front of internet. We are using email, social networks, study channel, news, entertainment like music movies, videos, etc. and the notable thing is the internet is making things easier like online shopping, ticket booking etc but the most irritating thing while using internet is the occurring of unnecessary ads in the web browsers in various forms. While the things are sound good these kin of ads diverts us from where we are focusing and make our time totally waste. So here we decide how to block those unwanted ads from the web browsers.

For every web browser there are some simple steps are to be followed to block these kinds of irritating ads.

Ad Block or Ad Block Plus
Here we will see about ad blocking application which is applicable for web browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera and many other web browsers. For this specific purpose a open freeware web application is available named Ad Block or Ad Block Plus which can be downloaded from the internet and installed in the web browsers.

We will discuss it with the Google chrome. For Google chrome it is available in the Google web store.
  • Search for Ad Block or ad Block Plus in the Google web store ,Select the free installation.
  • Once completing successful installation, a message will be displayed on the screen, that “Ad block has been added to chrome” hence it is added to the web browser.
  • Now the Ad Block icon is visible in the screen on the right side top corner. By clicking on it. The settings page will be opened. Hit the General Button and check whether you have select the Add item to the right click menu option. 

 Now choose the filter lists and hit on it. Now here you will be able to subscribe to the filter lists, which will automatically block the ad without seeking your permission. This will make your work so easy. Hit the update now. It will help to update the filter lists in periodic intervals of time. Confirm that you have selected all the options carefully. By using custom filter lists category you can add URL of the website where you visit frequently. Now you won’t see any of the ads in the web browser ever.

 For an example if you enter the FacebookURL link. And while you are checking your Facebook web page, no ads will be present over there.

  • Now click on the customize button. This will be used for the advanced users. Where one can have a choice of blocking the add by its URL and it will hide a section of the web page
  • Now that is it you have completely installed the Ad Block application, now you can enter any of the website and by making a right click, you will see the Ad Block option and which can placed over any ads you see.

Sunday 4 May 2014

How to Protect Your WiFi network in Windows

Protect Your WiFi
Nowadays many of us using the WiFi networks in homes so we haveworried about if anyone miss use our WiFi network by without noticing us. This will be mainly rised from our neighbors who may know our password and use for accessing the WiFi network. In order to protect your WiFi network from unwanted access keep you WiFi network safe and secure. Just follow these simple steps and protect your WiFi safe and enjoy your full access in your WiFinetwork.

Steps to protect your WiFi: 

Normally connect your WiFi network as you do. Hit on the start button and type as “cmd” in order to start the MS DOS prompt in your computer. In your command prompt type this following command ipconfig/all In the output screen see for wireless network connection, in that section look for the IP address with default gateway entry. This is the IP address for your WiFi router. For an example it will be like

Just copy that IP address along with that default gateway entry and open your web browser. Paste this IP address in the URL address bar. This will take you to connect to your WiFi device setting. Mostly the WiFi router will ask your adminname and password. On the basis of your device manufacturer the name and password may vary. But the fact most of the routers have name as “admin” and password as ‘password otherwise “admin” for both admin name and password.

Now you can be login and you can be able to change the settings of your WiFi network connection. Jus enable the encryption in your network hence it will stay password protected. Once you do this, then all your data will be secured. It is being a good option to enabling WPA2-PSK in your WiFi network instead of WEP and WPA security. This is due to WPA2 security with strong password will prove to be the highest security provided for your WiFi network.

Now you are advised to change the name of your WiFi network also called as SSID. It will make tough for oneself to figure out that the network belongs to you. Even though changing the name will not provide you the complete security, but you need not broadcast it to all that you use a particular network for your WiFi connection. So now just go to your WiFi router settings page in order to find SSID network name option and modify it.

And for advanced users, it is advised you to enable the MAC address filtering in your WiFi router. Just manually enter MAC address for the devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, that you want to make connection with your WiFi network.

These steps will secure your WiFi network. But anyway one should bear that a motivated cyber criminal can still access your WiFi network through various methods. So the best way is to keep your IP address more secure. And also you are advised to change your WiFi password in a regular interval.

Monday 28 April 2014

Top 5 Data Storage or Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Google Drive
Are you a person who always busy with works and bring collections of files with you every time, you moving on to someplace? Or do you want to carry all of your music collections with you in your android device? If you were saying yes to any of these questions, then you can use this following list of applications in your android device for better usability. You can use the cloud storage technology to improve the lifestyle of yours and also it reduces the amount of storage devices that you were using in your daily day to day life.

Here are the best applications that are shortlisted by the for more reliability; and the best applications are shortlisted below, 

1. Dropbox : Dropbox is the one of the widely used solution that has been used globally by millions of people. Each and every blogger should have this application with you and I would suggest everyone to use this application in their Smartphones. The valid reason behind this is that, Dropbox allows you to store your files in the cloud storage servers and helps you to retrieve the data anywhere and at anytime. With the free subscription, the Dropbox provides tons of free space in the cloud storage system that helps you to upload anything from your android mobile itself.

2. Box : Box is a similar application that allows the android users to share their data with the users who were in their contact list. This application is similar to Dropbox, but the main difference is that, by using the box, the data can be shared with their contacts and their contact data can viewed by you, if you share the data with you. Apart from this, Box is a wonderful application that can be used in android devices for using better cloud storage.

3. Sky Drive : Sky Drive is a Microsoft product that allows you to upload your data in the cloud storage system. Sky Drive is a better solution for the people who use both android and windows Smartphones. So that, they can sync their data from one device to another device without any sort if additional actions. Sky Drive is a fantastic cloud storage system that brings out similar features as other cloud storage system. But it provides speed as well as better accessibility while comparing to other cloud storages.

4. Google Drive: The Google Drive is a better solution for the Google users, Google Drive is an Online Cloud Storage that is maintained by Google Inc., and also you can merge your Google account with your Google Drive. Most of the android devices come with Google Drive application, and this makes you to upload anything on your account from your mobile phone.

5. Verizon Cloud Storage : Verizon Cloud Storage is another online cloud storage that helps other to keep track of their personal data with higher privacy and security. Verizon Cloud Storage can keep you data preserved even if your phone gets lost or the data in your device gets wiped on.

Sunday 27 April 2014

5 Best Free Best Utilities for Windows

Microsoft Security Essentials
Windows is the one of the most used operating system in the world, we all know this fact. But windows & is one of the best version of windows after the release of windows xp. It has loaded with tons of utilities and features that help one to perform his function very well. There are thousands of applications that can be installed in the windows operating system and also you can choose list of utilities from the windows websites. But there are few free utilities that bring you a wonderful experience in your windows operated personal computer.

In this post, Mono-live has brought you an excellent list of application that is available for totally free for your windows operating system. And the main thing is that, you can use them to improve the performance of your windows operating system. Here goes the list

Microsoft Security Essentials:

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the renowned and best anti-virus applications for windows operating system that has developed by the Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials has the most powerful tool that protects your personal computer from various Trojans, viruses and worm. These acts as a preliminary protection for your personal computer and also protect your personal computer from various threads. While comparing to the other operating system, the windows operating system acts a best one for the virus protection in your personal computer.Microsoft Security Essentials is light weighted and it is very easy to use while comparing to the other software that are available in the market.


It is one of the best class utility software that should be present in each and every personal computer. This one brings out the various issues that are found in your personal computer to your knowledge. It can be used to repair your personal computer issues and also can be used for repairing the registry in the personal computer. It keeps your personal computer a clean one.


Rocket Dock is a freeware that can be downloaded from the internet for totally free of cost. Rocket Dock is mostly used for keeping all the shortcuts in a single dock in your screen, Rocket Dock is quite interesting and also that can be used for merging all the software shortcuts in a single dock itself.Rocket Dock is fully customizable and it can be used for several purposes that can be known by you, once you have installed it in your personal computer.

Wireless Network Meter:

This one is quite interesting utilities for the windows operating system. This application, allows you to monitor that data usages in your network and also you can use this to monitor the real time usage of your network.


This application is suitable for the portable devices such as laptops. This allows you to keep an eye on the battery that has been used in your laptop and also it provides an detailed report on how long the battery remains online.

I hope, you would have liked this list of utility software for your windows operating system.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Tips to increase Windows 7 Performance and speed up your PC

Windows 7
When the day passes on, the speed of the machine goes slow and which results in slow in performance of the machine. This also applies for the windows operating system, the speed of the system will go unbearably slow and this will make you feel uncomfortable for working in your personal computer. In this post, has provided few simple tips about how to increase the performance of the windows 7 operating system.

Tip 1: Disable the unnecessary services: Microsoft has several built-in services that have been running without your knowledge and also this makes the system to perform well. If you install any software in your personal computer, then it will gradually decrease the speed of the operating system. Sometimes, the windows operating system will improve the speed of the windows operating system. But the number of system services increases; it will decrease the performance of the personal computer. In such cases, you can modify or disable the services that are running in the personal computer. Once you have disable the system services, then you can see the changes in the speed of your windows 7 PC.

Tip 2: Keep an Eye on Power Settings for better performance: In some cases, power supply plays an important role in the performance of the personal computer. Always choose the power supply option in high performance in the windows 7 personal computer. Suppose, if you were using the personal computer for less performance, you can use the power saver option. In order to change the power plans in your windows 7 personal computer, go to Control Panel -> Power options and then you can choose your plan settings for more performance.

Tip 3: Decrease the number of Startup Items in your Windows 7 Personal Computer: The startup programs play an important role in the performance of the operating system. If the number of programs in the operating system is more, then the performance of the windows 7 personal computer will become very slow. You can monitor the activity of the personal computer and also you can remove the various startup programs in the personal computer by typing MS config. in the run command; it will open a menu box that shows all information about the number of services and startup menu in the windows 7 operating system.

Tip 4: Remove Viruses and Spyware from the System:
The number of viruses program that are available in the personal computer will reduce the performance of the PC. Install the anti-malware program in your windows 7 personal computer and it will reduce the number of malware that are found in the windows 7 personal computer. Mostly I used to install the Microsoft Security Essentials in the windows 7 personal computer; it is more powerful while compared to the other anti-virus software that is found in the market.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

How to Speed up the Google Chrome

This might be a wonderful information for you that how to speed up your Google Chrome Browser, that you can easily do without doing any extra things. By simply doing few things, you can easily improve the speed of your browser and you can enjoy the full browsing speed with your Google Chrome Browser. We all know Google Chrome Browser is owned by Google Corporation and in the meanwhile, you can experience the best browsing with the Google Chrome Browser.

The most of the people would have felt that their browsing speed has been reduced. This let them to feel bad and also with these few simple steps, you can easily improve the browsing speed of the Google Chrome Browser. In this post, has provided little information that allows you to improve the speed of your browser.

1. Disable the Plugins: Google Chrome Browser has provided various plugins that allows you to improve the user usability. But in turn, it will reduce the speed of the browser. Generally Google Chrome Browser has several built in Plugins that are installed predefined. For example, various plugins for java, Silverlight and so on. But most of those plugins are remain unused; in such a case you can improve the speed of the browser by disabling the plugins in the Google Chrome Browser. This will solidly improve the browsing speed of the system. Before disabling the plugins, you should view the use of the plugins and after that disable the plugins for better performance.

2. Clear the Browsing Data: Browsing data are the data which are similar to cache memory that helps you access the websites through stored cookies.Cache memories are stored in the database of your system which allows you to store the history of the website that is visited by you. By clearing the browsing data, the speed of the internet connection can be improved.

3. Disable Extensions: These are the Small programs on the Google Chrome Browser, which is available in the Google Chrome Web store and these small programs adds an extra features to the Google Chrome Browser. These extensions are very useful, but if the number of the extensions increases then it would ends up in slower browsing speed of the personal computer. You can even disable this plugin to improve the browsing speed of your Google Chrome Browser without uninstalling the extensions from the Google Chrome Browser. Even you can found some of the extension in the tool bar of your Google Chrome Browser, you can simply right click those extensions and you can simple uninstall or disable them in a click. And also you can visit the settings menu and then tools and then click on Extensions to enter into the extension menu for the Google Chrome Browser. You can uninstall the program which is not necessary for you and also you can disable temporarily for improve the speed of the browser.

If you follow these three simple steps, you can see the changes in the speed of the internet connection.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

How to Backup Drivers in Windows

This is one of the biggest issues for most of the laptop users, especially for teenagers. Without making any sort preliminary steps, people use to format their original Operating system which is coming along with the laptops. And which results in formatting the operating system with all drivers that are given along with your laptops.

This is even worse, if there is no driver disc is provided along with your laptop. This will cause a major problem for the people who cannot find drivers for their laptop. When you were formatting a drive, all the data along with important files are swiped and cleaned out. The default drivers that comes with the laptop are also went away with this formatting action.

When you were reinstalling your operating system, it won’t install any driver software for your laptop. As a resultant, you have to surf various websites in the internet for the drivers for your laptop. In this post, has made few tips to backup your windows drivers before formatting the windows operating system.

Once I have bought a laptop which doesn’t come with any driver disc. This makes me to think according to the issues and finally I found an application in the internet which is named as DriverMax.

This software can be installed in the windows operating system and all the necessary drivers that are found in the system will be backup and stored with the help of this software. This software makes me to feel better, since there is no external driver is provided for the laptop so I can’t install the drivers manually.

So you can easily back up the drivers that are found in your windows operating system and you can use them for future use by simply burning them in a DVD Disc.

The first and foremost step that you need to do is that, find and download the DriverMax software in your windows operating system. Once you have successfully downloaded this application, you can install it in your personal laptop or computer using the installation wizard. This will let the software to be installed in your windows operating system laptop or personal home computers.

While installing, the software will ask your permission to back up the drivers that are present in your personal computer or laptop. Then it will automatically detect all the drivers that has been installed in your personal home computer or laptop. Once the process of indexing has been successfully completed, you need to proceed to the next button. In the nest screen, it will sort out the list of drivers that has been found in the laptop / personal home computer.

If you want any details about the drivers, then you can select the drivers, it will automatically display all the information regarding the driver that has been selected by you. Once the process of back up has been completed, you can burn the files in a DVD disc for future use. For restoring, you can choose the restore option in the same DriverMax software.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Top 10 Best Free Messengers or SMS Applications for Android iPhone and Windows

There are so many messenger applications in the market. But, most of the people are unaware of the apps which is best in the market. In this post, has shared the best application for sending message from one android device to another device.

Ø Line Mobile Messaging application

Line is a mobile message and voice call application in social network. It has gaming features also. Line Mobile Messaging was introduced by South Korea's Naver developed on 2011.You can do voice calls and send instant text messages with all your friends. The Line messages applications offers games that you may play with your Line message applicants. It has built in camera application, to share your clicks.Line will run as a desktop application and mobile application for iOS phones, Android phonesand in some other platforms also.

Ø Whatsapp application

Whatsapp is a text messaging application, which is launched on 2009. It is designed in the motive of send messages at free of cost. Through internet facility, the messages can be sent. Hence the user must have internet. You can send audios, photos and videos. It is a cross platform application, which runs on iPhone phones, android phones and so on.

Ø Viber application

It is a popular free mobile messaging application that piggybacking on Wi-Fi or other data plan. It makes a cell phone user to make voice calls and to send instant messages without any billing.The company's logo is "Connect Freely."

Ø MessageMe application

MessageMe is newly introduced application in the market. The application is launched in the early of 2013. It provides the services on context, multimedia and to mix media. It is used to draw photos and you can send instant messages. It is blended with media types. To simplify the sending process of MMS, it uses slick interface. It runs on both android and iOS phones.

Ø Voxer application

Voxeris commonly called as "push-to-talk"application.Because when you select the talk in the application, you can able to send the instant voice messages or multimedia messages to your friends. The message is either send instant messages or voice mails. Voxer enables to send text and photo messages. It offers VOIP voice calls like Skype do, and group messages. It works onAndroid and iOS phones.

Ø HeyTell application

HeyTell is a yet another push to talk application which provides instant voice messages. It is available on windows phone, android phone and iOS phones.HeyTell application provides "hold and speak" which is used to talk in message. In this application you are no need to sign up or to create an account. And it is a cross platform application. This application is introduced by a company named Voxilate. It has many special features that include voice changer and ringtones.

Ø TextNow application

TextNow is another messenger application. It provides free voice call and text by piggybacks on data plans. It will work on all desktop computers andin mobile phones. It provides individual phone number to everyone in order to receive phone calls and messages. TextNow provides unlimited free messages (voice and text). TextNow will run on android and iOS phones.

Ø Talkatone application

Talkatone is a mobile application which provides free voice call and text message through Wi-Fi/LTE/3G or 4G data plans. It will be running on iOS and android phones. Talkatone messenger allows the people to message and call through Wi-Fi or any data plans. It won’t need cell minutes.

Ø Keek application

Keek is a video messenger. It provides this service for mobiles. It is used to record the video and to share it. It is used to share the status, posts and contacts directly into the social websites like facebook, twitter etc. The Keek messenger application will be available in Google, Android and iOS devices.

Ø Snapchat application

Snapchat messenger differ from other messenger applications. Because it has a special feature called self-destruct. Once the messages are sent, it will automatically delete the message after some particular time after the recipient read it. So it is differ from other messengers. And it is very popular among the young people.

How to reduce the Heat issues on Laptops

heat issues of Laptops
The most common problem in laptops are overheating. It may be due to the ageing of the laptop or it may be due to the improper heat transfer through the air vents. Overheating of the laptop causes several issues such as loss of data, damage in motherboard and it tends the laptop, to hang frequently. Due to the heat, while using the laptop on your lap causes male infertility and skin discoloration also. In order to refrain these problems, the following things have to be done. In this post, has shortlisted the way to reduce the heat effects issues on the laptop while playing games.

Avoid using laptop on the soft surfaces
To avoid overheating laptop must not be used in soft surfaces like sofa, bed etc. because it resists the heat transfer. It won’t allow the warm air to go out. And it may lead to formation of dust particles over the air vents. So use your laptop on laptop desk.

Turn on the power saving options
If your computer has power saving options means, just turn on them. Because when you use less power means, the heating is also gets reduced.

Avoid using power chord often
Don’t use power chord often or don’t use it continuously. It may generate the overheat. And it will cause the laptop to shutdown automatically, which leads to loss of data.

Keep up the maintenance of the laptop
Maintenance of the laptop is the very necessary thing. Get your laptop to the service center often can help the laptop from overheat. You'll have to figure out how often you need this maintenance according to the speed with which your laptop gains dust.

Use of laptop cooling mat or cool lift laptop stand
Buy a laptop cooling mat which will help you to achieve the rapid heat transfer.

Overheating is based on the fan.If the fan gets lots of dust means it won’t transfer the heat properly. Further addition of dust leads to stop the processing of the fan. If the fan is not working means it would be recommended that not to use laptop. Commonly when fixing anyone’s computer the issue found is that it has not been maintained.

  • Occasionally check the laptop’s temperature, speed in bios.
· There is a software router for fan which is used to control the pace of the fan. By installing them we can reduce the noise of the fan.

· Using a light weight OS in the laptop keeps it cooler. Light weight means not use primary OS.

· In order to clean the fan uses a compressed air. i.e pump the compressed air through the fan. Dusts will automatically get removed. While doing so you have to remove the battery and inner parts of the laptop using screws.

· Closing the unwanted programs running in the background will help you to keep the laptop cooler.
Using a laptop cooler avoids the laptop from overheating. When the number of process running increases means the system temperature will also get increased. So it is advised to use external laptop cooler.

Friday 11 April 2014

How to Use 3D Tabs in the FireFox Browser

Firefox lets to experience the world of 3D browsing using a plug-in named FoxTab. FoxTab helps you to actualize your fantasy for a 3D browser. It gives the eye a visually pleasing environment to work on. It is a tab management add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser. With this add-on integrated in your browser you can easily flip between open tabs by a simple key stroke or a mouse gesture. It provides the user with a pleasing 3D thumbnail view layout.

We know that the web is ever changing into an application environment where many tabs are opened and accessed concurrently; the fastest way to switch between tabs would be the ability to visually recognize them. It saves time, effort and thereby increases efficiency of doing the work. With FoxTab, Firefox has introduced the most innovative and attractive way to switch between tabs which is unique to this browser. It further provides advanced options of grouping and filtering pages by their URL.

Using FoxTab :

To launch the FoxTab, you need to click on the icon of FoxTab in the toolbar of your browser. The other option available is to hit Ctrl + tab keys. To flip in the backward direction, one can use Ctrl+Shift+tab keys.
After clicking on the icon, you will be directed to the FoxTab interactive mode. This mode lets you set the theme and layout of the FoxTab.

Top sites :

For accessing the top sites, open FoxTab and select the Top sites option from the top bar. The concerned thumbnail will open the correct webpage and middle click will direct the same webpage in a new tab.
To add new pages to your top sites, right click on the page and select the option to add it to your top sites. You can also do the same with Add on top sites option available as a toolbar option.

If you want to set top site as your default page, select tools -> Add-ons ->FoxTab -> General -> New Tab Page, and select Top Sites. This will set top sites as your default page.

Opened tabs:
To switch between opened tabs, you need to select the open tabs options from the top bar. The particular thumbnail will help you focus on the given site. Navigation can be done using arrow keys, page up, page down, shift+tab and scrolling with mouse.

Recently closed tabs:
Recently closed tabs are ordered in the way they are closed. This option can also be selected from the top bar. This helps you to reopen the previously loaded pages.

The other mode which is available in the FoxTab is the flip mode. This is done by accessing the FoxTab with Ctrl+tab combination. It helps you to switch between tabs easily. The tab on which the Ctrl button is released becomes your selected tab.

Themes help you to control how your browser looks like. For this the buttons are available on the upper right side. It helps you to set a theme, wallpaper and a 3D perspective to your tab.

Grouping and filtering help you to filter the thumbnails that you view and group them as well.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

4 Ways to Increase Your Download Speed

Download Speed
In this internet freak world we all are glued to screens all day long. We study, we interact, we work, we learn and we entertain ourselves through internet. Internet these days has become a fundamental unit of survival for most of us. As we all know, internet is used for various purposes, we indulge in downloading software, applications, songs, movies, PDF files and list is never ending and this is the rosy picture about internet and downloading.

Many of has faced speed problems when we download or install new things for ourselves. The downloading speed hampers the download capacity and sometimes urgent things suffer. We cannot just live with this problem; we must find ways to resolve it. Well I have got some steps for you to overcome these glitches when you download. Some simple necessary techniques and steps you must follow to avoid the disturbances. In this post, has detailed about how to increase the download speed of the internet connection while downloading a files in the internet.

Following are the steps to overcome speed problems while downloading-
  1. Checking your DNS server and boost up the speed
This is the foremost thing you must do; check the internet speed through some speed test website. These websites help you to check your internet speed free of cost and also enable you to keep a record of upload and download speed. This is necessary to check whether your service provider is providing efficient services or not. Do check all the DNS settings to ensure that correct information or choices have been looked upon. This is will ensure you of the base details you must know for accessing efficient speed over internet.

   2. Don't ignore updates and be regular
When your PC informs you about updating or upgrading software, don't ignore it. Updated programs help to overcome the faults of the previous version. Be regular to update as more the update notifications lined lesser is the speed. We must also keep a track of viruses and anti-viruses to avoid problems while accessing the internet.

  1. Unused apps must be turned off
This is one of the most important solutions to overcome speed problems. While we download from one application other unused applications must be turned off to avoid low speed and virus. There is no point of having multiple windows when you are not accessing them, it just hampers your download speed.
  1. No uploading while downloading
I hope we all can differentiate between these two words. Whenever we have set one or more file for the download process we must avoid uploading data to avoid speed glitches. Both actions can be performed simultaneously but must be avoided as both the tasks receive less speed and takes more time. We can save time and power while performing these separately.

These are certain tips that must be followed to avoid low speed while downloading. Some other things that can be kept in mind are to get rid of external interference like phones, tabs, ipad around, I am sure most of us have these around PC while we work on it, these devices hamper speed because of electromagnetic connections. We also must keep the cables of connection short and intact, this must be ensured before we switch on our PC. Stay tuned for more technology based information with Mono-live

Tuesday 25 March 2014

How to spark music and movies via Airplay from your system

The standard Apple Airplay is a great way to spark music via Wi-Fi from your computer to speakers or movies from your PC to the TV. This goes without Apple hardware with the help of Airplay. With Apple's streaming technology Airplay; the music from the computer can be transferred wirelessly to the speakers, even photos and videos can spark to a TV. In Mac’s and iOS devices airplay is built in as a standard one, Windows and Android can be upgraded with the software. Many developers offer additional tools that pick up Apple's restrictions, at least partially, and implement new features - even for Google's mobile devices and Windows PCs. Here is an overview.

From Android Smartphone or tablet music can be played with the right app audio and video content in airplay format stream. The DoubleTwist player can send music and movies to the Apple TV with the paid expansion AirSync, or to devices that pass themselves off as such. Besides film and music to synchronize with this app, you can also play playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player with the computer and Smartphone. Videos are in the Airplay -compatible format and it converts MP4 as highly compressed. While this saves space, the quality suffers can be seen visible. The videos are out of focus, artifacts are easily visible. The Honey- Player is reflected in the choice of airplay receiver less picky and also supports the Airport Express station, but only for streaming music in wireless. Unlike DoubleTwist it doesn’t need synchronization software on your PC or Mac to their side.

Thanks to the integrated browser streams Twonky Beam (free) all kinds of audio and video content from the Internet to Airplay -enabled devices. If you call up a web page on the player examines the background to the content and features Stream bares with a “Beam" button, which starts by tapping the play. Select from the right opens a list of available airplay receiver. The audio content from the Android device to Airplay can be enabled to the receiver with the free applications AirAudio (free) and AirStream (free). The apps access from all sounds systems, but put it ahead with root privileges. One has to be done with cracking the Android Smartphone.

Android Smartphones and tablets can also be used as an audio receiver. Discarded equipment would, for example, a second chance as an inexpensive alternative to Apple's AirPort Express station; they receive music wirelessly and output them via a connected speaker. All it need are apps like Airbubble (1.49 Euros) or Android Hifi (0.99 Euros). Although Airbubble is cheaper, this program can do more: It allows the user to set the buffer size for the audio stream and can be started automatically on demand when you turn on your Smartphone.

Videos and photos accept the App Airplay / DLNA Receiver Pro (3.71 Euros). The easy to install Android on an HDMI stick, making this a cost- Apple - TV - replacement. Only the dual-screen mode for games and video mirroring will not work well with it. For stationary computer iTunes is the key to airplay world. With the Apple software you can send videos and music to Airplay - enabled devices.

This works with all iTunes compatible file formats (i.e. about H.264 - encoded movies in the container formats Mov, mp4 and m4v). The can be streamed to the Apple TV 3 in Full- HD quality. The Apple TV 2 itself can only play 720p movies, takes 1080p material but, scale it down automatically. Besides DRM protected movies can also manage videos without copy in iTunes and transferred, for example, recorded from TV and converted films. Other providers DRM formats are left out. On audio side, the formats MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF can send (up to 192 kHz and 24 bit).

Apple's in-house Multicast DNS implementation welcomes all involved Airplay devices known each other even under Windows. Therefore, the presented in the following Windows applications require this extension; it is reloaded with the iTunes installation. Some applications require only the welcome printing services that can be installed independently of iTunes. So you can also use airplay without having to install iTunes. Additional functions for Windows users by airplay: Airfoil for Windows (19 €) brings out the Airplay Audio streaming out more. It uses Airplay devices, but also supplied Linux PCs and Android Smartphones with audio content in the wireless home network, on the one Airfoil client runs. Unlike iTunes Airfoil transmits sounds from any source to the receivers.

So you can continue to use your favorite player and this make the airplay with this comfortable advantage. Want to iPhone, iPad or Mac users the screen contents show others about the family in the living room, they just reflect it via Apple TV to the TV. Thus, for example, the installed under the ceiling projector wirelessly use not only for film and photo playback, but also for presentations or simply for more convenient joint work. Windows users retrofitted video mirroring by software. AirParrot (8 Euros) embeds itself in the system tray and supports 1080p mirroring on the Apple TV 3 The playback stop, but the stream can also be reduced to 720p.

The open- source tool Shairport (free) equips the Windows computer on the Airplay receiver. It only needs the services. Shairport works to preserve resources and ran reliably in all our experiments. The software AirServer (12 Euros) collected under Windows and OS X to an Apple TV, so you iOS Games with dual-screen mode or OS X screen can stream content to your PC. Additionally, one can simultaneously forward the same received from AirServer stream audio to external speakers via Airplay iTunes. However, some preparatory work is needed for all of these functions:

This AirServer can listen to it in Windows Airplay -enabled suppliers, Apple's Services and on top of that DirectX 9c you have to install next to iTunes as well. In addition, the Windows firewall for incoming traffic on TCP ports 49152 and 7001 and UDP ports 6009 and 6010 must be opened. You can reach the fastest with the command wf.msc in the command prompt (shortcut: Win + r). Then create two (one for UDP and TCP) rules that you call AirServer. Then select it via double click and open the “Protocols and Ports “tab, the above mentioned ports. Confirm the settings, and then click "Apply”. The extension appears in the taskbar an icon, on the one making the program settings. In it, the user defines, for example a password. This prevents unsolicited shoots him everyone logged onto the same network airplay client content on the monitor or audio output.

Saturday 22 February 2014

How to Send or Enable Auto Reply in Gmail

We will not be sure that all the time you will avail internet connection and still you are required to inform someone who is very important that you are not able to reply, in such situation you can set your email to be auto replied to your contacts while they are trying to contact you via email.

The time limits can be set as per your wish. Once the person wants to contact you again and again, the reminder will inform the corresponding person that still you are away. Just follow the steps which are stated in this article, surely it will help you to assign a auto replying facility of your email.

Steps for making auto reply

First, log in to the Gmail account. In the Gmail page, you will be seeing a gear like icon right top of the screen. Click that one and it will show you a drop down menu. In that menu you be seeing the setting option. Hit on settings.

It will show you the settings page. In “General” tab you will see the Vacation responder section while you are scrolling down the page. While you are checking that you will find the subject and message option in the “vacation responder”

Just fill the subject and the message based on your engagements in the vacations you will be also allowed to set the date and the time in which you will not be available. In this date setting you can set the date of you first and last day of your vacation.

Here you are choosing to whom you want to auto reply with the vacation response. If you are not required to send the auto reply mail for whomever mailing you. You should check the option which occurs below the message box. Then it will be sending the auto reply for the persons who are present in your contact list. Additionally if you are using the Google App, you may avail another option which helps to restrict the auto reply to the people who are using your domain.

1. Incase if you are using your signature in your mail, then automatically your signature will also sent along the vacation response. Once everything is completed save the changes you made.

2. If you need to make any changes in the vocation auto reply message, just get in to the Vacation settings.

 Note: whatever the messages that are in spam or sent to you using a list will not get your auto reply.

Once you are enabling the vacation responder, in the top of the Gmail you will find a banner. That banner will display you the subject of your vacation response message. Once your vacation got over and you want to quit this auto replying service, you can do it by clicking the “End now” that present in the banner.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Download Java Applications for Windows

Java Apps for windows
Java games and applications are not able to run directly on the computer because of its .jar format. Actually we need this java file for various purposes. We can run the java file in 2 ways.

v Convert .jar file into .exe file format

v Install the emulator on the PC

When you download emulator from MidpX, you will have both the above mentioned options. i.e. it can able covert the jar midet file format to windows PE format. And it can able to run the java files using emulator.MidpX is a freeware. When it is installed it will automatically get linked with the .jar files. You need to double click on the required application that you want to run. Then it will run in the mode of emulation.

Steps to convert .jar to .exe file format
1. You have to directly start the application, two windows can be displayed.

v cmd window

v mobile emulation window

2. Before closing the emulation window, you have to close the cmd window.

3. Then the file will result in .exe file in the same folder itself. Inorder to run this files no need to use the emulator.

Types of emulator


Microemulator requires java development kit. It is able to run in leading operating systems. In this, you can able to adjust the screen resolutions. In order to run the microemulator, you need to install Java Runtime Environment JRE 6.0 in the computer. Else it won’t work. It will run in all leading operating systems.
First download microemulator zip file. And then extract it. Once you extracted the file, run the microemulator. Then follow the procedure.
File -> open midet file (open the .jar file that you want to run)

KE Emulator

KE Emulator can be run in all leading operating system’s platforms. In order to run it, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment JRE 6.0 in the computer. Else it won’t work.
You need to download KE Emulator.exe. Then run and install the setup and emulator. Open the java file that you want to convert.

SJ Boy Emulator

KE Emulator can be run in all leading operating system’s platforms. In order to run it, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment JRE 6.0 in the computer. Else it won’t work.
First download the Sj Boy Emulator. Then you have to run the setup and then install the emulator. Now you can able to run Sj Boy Emulator. Instead of open the java files from the midet, here you have to drop the java files in the icon.