Thursday 24 July 2014

How To Run Android Apps On Pc And Mac

Blue stack
Android is probably the next big thing! It is everywhere; from smart phones to tablets and even wearable devices such as watches. It provides the applications that entertain us and at the same time, keeps us updated about the things we take interest in.

Android essentially is an operating system that is generally used for smart phones and the user-friendly tablets. But that was in the past. A lot of Companies have designed methods that enable the user to run an android application in their PC.

Out of all these applications available in the market, one application has successfully managed to take care of this problem with 100% reliability. The application being Bluestacks. Bluestacks is not just reliable, at the same time it is quick and easy to handle.

To get the android application running on the PC a few simple steps needs to be followed.

  •  The primary step is to find the Bluestacks application online.
  •  Next step is to click the download App Player on Bluestacks. The windows user will have to choose windows, which is available on the left side of the page and a MAC user have to click on Mac available at the right.
  •  Now, the major step, open their setup file and follow the instructions in the exact order they have provided and install Bluestacks.
  •  After the installation process is taken care of, the next step is to run the application. If the installation process is successful an option to start Bluestacks will pop-up on the screen. Click on that and the process is complete.
  • Installing Bluestacks is simple. It is like downloading any other application. The instructions provided by them and simple and easy to follow.
After successfully downloading the Bluestacks application, downloading an android app is rather simple. The users only have to click on to Google Play and select the application and continue with the download process. The best part is Bluestacks is up and running on the PC , the user could sync the installed apps between the android device and the PC to suit the need of the user.
Bluestacks does not support the application Whatsapp, other than that all the applications run successfully in this medium.

Well, Bluestacks is free for a short span of time. After that period the user will have to pay a minimum charge to keep the application running. One could also download a number of sponsored applications on a daily basis and delete the program once the installation is complete.

Thanks to Bluestacks using the android applications in the PC or a MAC book is no more a matter of trouble. One could easily enjoy those special applications in their PCs by simply downloading this reliable application. Playing temple run or subway surfer during the lunch break at work or in between classes will no longer be a problem.

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