Thursday 24 July 2014

The Many Benefits of Today's Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitor
Heart rate monitors are devices that give one a way to measure their heat rate. It can be done in real time or recorded for reference later on. They are widely used by athletes and those who regularly perform physical activities.

Earlier versions included a separate monitoring box with electrode leads that one would have to attach to their chest. Wireless monitors were developed by the 1970’s, and they were used in cross country ski training. As more people became interested in high intensity training, the monitors became quite popular. By the 1980’s, anyone who worked out regularly found them to be a very useful device.

There are three main categories of these heart rate monitors. This includes finger sensor models that are commonly seen in hospital settings, chest strap models used with treadmills, and the more practical wrist watch versions. One can find several styles on the market. Many will have additional features that help with things such as weight loss, recovery, or intense training routines. They are readily available through online sites such as or any store selling exercise or medical related items.

Those who can benefit the most from the use of such devices include walkers and joggers. They can get more out of exercising by aiming for heart rates that are fat burning or aerobic target zones. Runners will use them to keep in their ideal target zone during both intense and easier training sessions. Some models can also alert the user if they are becoming dehydrated or reach a deficit in nutrition.

Cyclists use these monitoring devices when on the road, trails, or even stationary bikes. Hikers, skiers, and climbers can keep track of their heart condition when going up in altitude, and then they can record their reaction to thrills on the way down. Anyone interested in weight loss will want a version that displays the number of calories being burned while exercising. This helps them target which routines provide the maximum in fat burning abilities.

Along with the monitor’s many uses in athletics, they are a valuable piece of equipment to patients and doctors involved with rehab. Rehab patients, especially cardiac patients, rely on the real time readings. It allows them and their physician to safely return their bodies back to full strength.

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