Thursday 17 July 2014

Mercedes S-class S350 CDI- A (S) Class Apart

Mercedes S-class S350 CDI
While you are mesmerized by concept, cars and imagination flies with flying cars of the 21st century dream. The S-Class is where you would want to be. It offers unparalleled luxury coupled with solid performance, efficiency and adequate safety.


This is out-and-out a luxury car, which itself is signified from the 3-pointed star atop the grille. This is the first S-Class developed with a long-wheelbase saloon first, in the company of the short-wheelbase variant generating from it – which according to Mercedes gives it an unprecedented level of torsional rigidity at 40500 Nm/deg. In order to keep the body light, it is a steel-aluminium chassis – which increases accident safety and stiffness with an evenly distributed weight of 2215 kg. The front and rear tracks are slightly wider leading to a modest increase in interior volume. All use the trademark 7G-tronic plus 7 speed transmission with an optional paddle shift for manual control. In addition, it comes equipped with standard suspensions and dampers though MBC (Magic Body Control) is reserved for 8-cylinder models.


With plenty of interior space at 1m legroom and 920mm headroom, riding it is an absolute delight. The material and leather used on seats, armrests, fascia and steering wheel are immaculate and rivaling the best. There are warm/cool cup-holders and warmed armrests too. There are no prominent lights, 300 LEDs are responsible for that and cleverly placed and comes with a choice of 6 colors. WiFi and Bluetooth are standard and so are 3D mapping with a 12.3-inch touch screen with a number of optional upgrades. This comes with ornate speaker grills, grooved air-vents and traditional hides – an amalgamation of tradition and avant-garde technology.


The car is built with finesse in mind and hence any response is minimally disturbing. It shuns the hard acceleration more a smooth elegant start. While the engine’s idle is slightly audible from cabin, at cruising speeds, it is almost inaudible. The V6 model has a laidback approach with no urgency. Cruise is steady and ample reserve torque provides flexibility and is as impressive from the driver’s seat as from the back. Fuel consumption is respectable for this class of performance.

Ride and Handling: 

Though the magic active suspension system only comes on the higher-end models, the suspension has two modes – Comfort and Spot. A ride feels like you are completely blanketed from the road, instead of engaging with it. New speed-sensitive variable-ratio steering and a torque-vectoring brake system makes turns sharper. The engine does grumble under hard acceleration and strained at maximum speeds so a cruise is the best. The car is fitted with ESP to prevent drivers from going overboard. Turning off the ESP leads to a slight under steer but better balancing in corners. The suspensions do a very fine job and you would rarely notice any undulations.


Owing to the luxury and ride performance this offers, it is a no-brainer to think twice before recommending. It excels in all the key areas and hits the right note while also having some driver-amusement.

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