Friday 18 July 2014

Done with candies? Have a soda – says King

Candy Crush Saga
Sequels are the rage these days. The sequel to the most loved and hated game – Candy Crush Saga from King – has arrived on Google’s play store with a soft launch – Candy Crush Soda Saga. Only this time, there is some soda as well to go with the gummies. So is it different or all the same with a new package?

Initial Impression: 

It seems like King is following the “don’t change the winning mantra” rule by the book. The overall look of the game is almost identical to its predecessor and has gaudy colors and a cartoonish look written all over it. In fact, it might well be taken for a clone of the original game, only it is not.

It seems like King wants to cash in on its candy crush saga popularity while it is still there and is apparently milking the cow to the end. Therefore, instead of hard candies and chocolate, they are now selling soda and gummies.


The original gameplay is largely retained and so is the general feel about the sequel. If you are a fan of earlier editions, you feel right at home and can start climbing up the ladder. In fact, only the hard-core fans might able to detect the differences between this and its predecessor – where gummies float in soda unlike dropping candies.

The catch – it is still a match-3 puzzle game with the annoying energy system retained in most certainty. There is also a purple block which lets you create new combinations, match possibilities, and can make for more challenging levels.

As this is a King game, in app purchases run rampant and loud in-your-face type. There are all in all 75 levels to grind through with these purchases significantly making the progress less of a burden.

Early Preview: 

Early adopters in play store are already complaining about a lack of daily bonus wheel and overall lack of challenging levels, however some have stated that level 55 in particular is hard to overcome with some difficult moves, though others do not agree.

There are also reports that the exit button on Android is fixed. As for early preview, crashes, force closes and logging-in troubles remain though these kinks will most likely be ironed out by King come release time.


So King is out again with another sequel based on the same formula that led to the widely popular original game in this series and the overall gameplay being largely similar gives it a milking the cow feel, but then who doesn’t. Should you play it? If you have fetish for match-3 puzzles or just want something to pass your time, pick it up, chances are it will do just fine.

On the other hand, diehard fans of the series are sure to play this and complete it without sparing a thought. While there are preview versions already available for Android and AppStore and release is imminent now, other platforms are going to miss the title yet again it seems. King has no interest in the rising platforms such as WP8 or BB10 and they will be skipped.

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