Friday 11 July 2014

Android Voice Commands which Most of the Users are not Utilizing

Android Voice Commands
The Android Operating Systems has carefully and precisely integrated the Google Now to the central part of their system. The Google Now offers new and advanced functions and capabilities to the Smartphone on the Android platform. Google has worked hard at improving the Google services on the phones and Voice Commands has always been at the core of developing its service. Every now and then, it keeps updating and launching new features to the Goggle services.
But with the latest Android KitKat update it allows the mobile users to jump right into Google Now simply by saying “OK,Google” at any point of time. This does not imply that the Voice Commands are the new feature rather it has been present in the Smartphones since the beginning but nobody utilized it. Still wondering what you have missed then check out the list of awesome and advanced voice commands, which would give you a new outlook and ease in using the Android Smartphone.

Here are the lists of some vital Voice Commands
Some essential voice commands to save your time. Just add your special needs at the dotted line or in the brackets while using the voice commands; like ‘Go to Facebook’ etc.

a. “Go to …..”- This command would straight forwardly take you to whichever website you wish to browse.
b. ‘Search for…’- This voice command would search for whatever you ask it to search.
c. ‘Open …..’- It will open whatever application you wish for.
d. ‘Take a Picture’- Simply it would take a picture of you and it gives freedom from clicking.
e. ‘Record a video’- It would start record the video from the moment you said it.

Productivity related Voice Commands
a. ‘Remind me to ….’- This command would remind the users to call, buy etc. at the appropriate time.
b. ‘Set an alarm…..’- It will set the alarm for the specified time.
c. ‘Note to self: ………’- it would save the note.

Communications related Voice Commands
a. ‘Call …..’- This command facilitates the call smother and faster. Just add the name of the contact after saying call.
b. ‘Text …….’- Just say the whole text after saying ‘Text’.
c. ‘Send email to [NAME, SUBJECT, ’Say your subject’, MESSAGE, ‘say your message’]’- Just simple.
d. ‘Listen to voicemail’- It will let you hear all the voice mails.
e. ‘Post to [website name]: [your message/post]’- It will post your messages instantly on the said website or forum of your choice.

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