Tuesday 1 July 2014

Super sharp UHD-TV

Sharp’s latest UHD TV
Ultra High Definition – Two Digital Video Format
UHD TV–Ultra High Definition is a video format which has been conceptualized by Japanese public broadcasting network. It includes two digital video formats of 4K UHD – 2160p and 8K UHD – 4320p, proposed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories which have been defined and approved by the ITU – International Telecommunication Union.

On October, 17, 2012, the Consumer Electronics Associations had announced that `Ultra HD or Ultra High Definition would be used as displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and at least a digital input which would be capable of carrying as well as presenting native video at a minimum resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

With the Consumer Electronic week 2014 kicking off in New York recently, Sharp has launched its biggest and brightest entry to compete with its rivals and has unveiled its 2015 Ultra HD (UHD) TV line-up recently, the new UD27 series together with update for its Aquos HDTV line-up with a surprising addition of hi-res audio, the SD-WH1000U, Wireless High Resolution Audio Player.

Packed with UHD Features and Mobile App

Sharp’s latest UHD TV, when it will be debuted in September, will be offered in two sizes including a 60 inch model for $3,000 – LC-60UD27U and a 70 inch model for $4,500 – LC-70UD27U which will be lined with 0.4 inch brushed aluminium bezel, where the new displays will be packed with all of Sharp’s UHD amenities as well as the latest version of the company’s SmartCentral 3.0 Smart TV platform together with mobile app.

Below the screen there are many top tier UHD features as well as 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs, a native 120Hz refresh panel with a 480 motion interpolation and HEVC – H265 decoding and Netflix compatibility. Besides these, Sharp’s top proprietary processing features may also include, Spectros colour display, Aquo- Dimming screen, dimmed for enhanced contrast, Revelation upscaler for HD content together with an anticipated THX 4K certification when the displays are out in the market for sale.

TV/Web Split Screen For Multitasking

Other additional features may also include TV/Web split screen appropriate for multitasking, a 35 watt sound system along with subwoofer as well as a Wallpaper mode for display when it is not in use. Nothing much will be done by Sharp to its HD line-up for the fall probably due to its focus on its hybrid Q+ displays and the company would be offering its models of 60 inch LC-60LE660U as well as the 70 inch LC-70LE660U a makeover and the popular models will be displaying a 4 inch super slim bezels like their UHD counterparts.

Besides this, viewers will also get to see more of the same 660 inclusive of 120Hz panels, SmartCentral apps, 3 HDMI inputs as well as dual core processor where the 60 and 70 inch 660 TV models will be priced at $1,200 and $2,000 respectively. The new UD27 UHD TVs of Sharp seems to be impressive as its new WH1000U hi-res wireless device.

Sharp claims to have 10M more sub pixels than a regular HD set with the Q+ technologyand to get some insight of what Sharp is planning, one needs to comprehend some basics on display TV technology. A 1080p TV has about 2 million pixels or single picture elements with each pixel comprising of three sub pixels. Red, green and blue – RBG, for a total of 6 million sub pixelswhere a video input then signals and drives individual pixel to a specific colour and brightness creating the images we see on TV.

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