Thursday 24 July 2014

Firefox Apps being Repackaged by Mozilla to Make them Usable by all Android Users!

About Mozilla

Mozilla is a well-known company, which is a part of the free software community. It is popular for making the widely used browser- Mozilla Firefox.

This community is known to use, develop, advertise and support Mozilla products. It thus promotes availability of free software and open standards having nearly negligible exceptions. The Mozilla community is institutionalised under the Mozilla Foundation.

Apart from the browser, Mozilla has also produced Thunderbird, Firefox OS for mobile devices, Firefox Mobile, Bugzilla, i.e. the system used to track down web bugs.

About repackaging Firefox OS apps for Android: 

This company has now undertaken the endeavour of repackaging Firefox OS apps to make them compatible with and usable in the Android platform.

Mozilla aims to make Web apps and Open Web Apps the epicentre of smart phone experience by making use of the Firefox OS.The devices with the Firefox OS is cheaper than other modern day smart phones. Survey says that Android is the most popularly used mobile phone OS.

By repackaging the Firefox apps for the android platform, the company is delving into a new realm. Previously, it had already made packages of the Firefox OS apps to suit the desktop OS such as Windows, OS X, and Linux etc. It is their first attempt in repackaging for mobile OS.

It has already launched the repackaged apps. All the users of the repackaged Firefox OS apps in android platform are able to download and install the apps from the Firefox Marketplace. These apps will behave like all other commonly used Android Apps.

A developer gets the provision of making his own personally customised Open Web App for Firefox OS devices and make that app available to millions of users of Firefox for Android users all over the world. The developer does not have to change a single line of code, making his task so much more user.

To install and use apps that have been repackaged, the user has to allow unknown sources to make the installation of the app.

The repackaged apps have been built using HTML5. They are different from the native apps found normally on Android, iOS or Windows platform. At the initiation of making Firefox IS, Mozilla made use of Boot 2 Gecko.

Get yourself acquainted with the company's plans and undertakings: 

The Mozilla Company has expressed its wish to make the Firefox OS apps compatible with the iOS platform too.

But the iOS platform does not possess the option of installing a web browser that is Gecko-based. This sort of web browser is essential for support Open Web Apps and its unavailability is preventing the repackaging of the Firefox apps in the iOS platform.

So that iOS compatibility can be achieved, Mozilla has collaborated with Apache Cordova. Mozilla has been reported to have signed deals with companies in India and Taiwan so that it can market its devices in these countries.

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