Saturday 19 July 2014

The SLT-A58 from Sony is the Best DSLR for an Experimentalist Photographer

Sony SLT A58
Sony has always done justice to its reputation for innovation. It has excelled in each and every field that it had laid hands on. Sony had a reputation in the market for handy-cams and in no time, we found it mosey the market of Digital Cameras. Before the other brands have sensed the competition, Sony has made its strike. Sony started producing the best one can hope for in the world of Digital cameras and DSLRs. They have extended the boundaries of affordable DSLRs. They can pack up the best combination of features in one chassis and tag the package with quite an affordable price.

Enough of Technology Inside one Chassis

The looks and design of the Sony A58 is no different from that on any other DSLR, but the features incorporated in this new output from Sony, are far more supporting and especially the optical viewfinder is not what one expects at such a price. This new DSLR from the esteemed house of electronic manufacturer Sony is tagged at Rs.45,990.As this camera falls under the category of an entry level camera, the features offered is far more than what other brands offer for a camera of this sort. The control features installed for this camera goes at par with other competitive brans like Canon and Nikon.

What Makes it Perfect with all the Necessary Features at this Range? 

This camera is different from other models of the same range on other technological factors. It is different from Nikon and Canon regarding the eye sensor feature in the viewfinder. This deficiency of an eye sensor forces its users to switch modes manually. This often causes professionals to divert their concentration while changing the modes, which is quite hectic in the middle of a professional shoot.

Now coming to its zooming features and stats, in a DSLR no one expects a Digital zoom as we can get the best zooming manually and that is exactly, what DSLRs are meant for. But the A58 got a zooming that makes it quite different from the other cameras of this category. If you want to judge the minute features from afar, this digital zoom can be of some use. This helps in better quality of picture composition and fastens the roots of photography and clarity. The zooming control is also useful for navigating through the previews and to zoom into the pictures you preview on the LCD.

The SLT-A58 is Perfect for the Hands of a First Timer

When you are dedicated to photography and prefer carrying your DSLR wherever you move, the weight is a factor. The camera is light enough and the amount of weight that this DSLR has, is just what is needed for a steady shot. This is the best camera for a first timer as it balances the complex and simple features to give its users a sufficient guide to perfect Focusing and quality captures. All you need to do to accommodate with this new DSLR is to understand the OLED viewfinder.

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