Tuesday 22 July 2014

The anticipation of Google Fit at Google I/O

Google Fit
Rise of Smartphones

Mobile devices or smartphones' applications focussing on health management is the latest trend that is rising in the mobile phones' market. Today most of the leading companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle with the introduction of such Apps, that will help a person to attain a good health on a long term basis in an easy way.

Anticipating the Launch of Google Fit

Like the other competitors Google too is planning to launch its fitness health management App, which has been named Google Fit, most probably in their Google I/O conference. Google has taken this wise step with all probability not to lag behind in competition. As per sources, this App has been planned for the collection and aggregation of data from many other popular fitness trackers.

More Competition

Google has already been in the market posing quite a good competition to its competitors. The introduction of such a useful health service, anticipates a challenge to companies like Apple.

Especially with the dawn of Apple's health management App Health Kit, Google too needed to step ahead to provide similar services to the people at large. While this App can be quite like a marketing strategy for some, on the other hand, for the common people who love to stay fit, this App is really more like a blessing.

Apart from the expected features, many sources also claim that this App may partner other health devices that would be too synchronizing the health activities on a regular basis, thus making a platform which is called Android Wear, thus allowing and enabling the users to track their regular activities like steps as well as heart rate for interfacing with the Google's preferred cloud-based service.

However, some information is yet unclear and vague with respect to this health service. Many sources yet cannot confirm whether this Google Fit App will be a built in service for the next Android version or the users need to download it independently.

Helping Hand for Good Health

Google had been in this health service field for quite a long time. After the shutdown of Google Health that was also quite like a health portal, the Google Fit seems to say that Google is always concerned with the health of the people at large.

There are always a pretty number of health care Apps in the Google Play already. One example is the game Zombies, Run! The game makes the combination of gamification as well as fitness techniques since the players need to escape from the zombies either by running or by jogging.

But the Google Fit might actually push all such related health services a bit behind since this might be the official health service App. There are chances that people might actually take their health seriously, as this App might be regulating their daily or regular physical activities.

Till now Google has been quite dominant in the market because of its Android products and services. With the release of this App, Google might actually continue to stay ahead in competition. Till then we all need to wait!

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