Monday 30 January 2017

3D Bioprinter Which Can Print Functional Human Skin

3D Bioprinter
Aging is a natural process; as we are aware that every living animal, plant etc. is not immortal, whatever born has to die or destroyed, according to the law of nature. The human race is not an exception and some aging signs use to take place with the growing age, which is quite annoying for the person concerned, as nobody wants to admit the decaying of age and its symptoms.

To get rid of the aging problems, such as; wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, dark circles around the eye region are some of the most annoying signs, which have the potential of destroying the youthful look to a great extent and people use to try lots of means of various natures, including surgery.

The massive growth in the science and technology have paved the way for some of the most interesting and innovative solutions for arresting these disturbing symptoms, with an intention to get back the younger look.

Recently some scientists in Spain have invented a magical solution, by developing one of the most promising prototypes for the 3D bioprinter, which has the capability of producing some human skin with entire functionality.

Issues to be noted

It can be noted that the decayed skin texture can soon be rectified by replacing the affected area with the printed skins, which have all the functional characters and elements to provide maximum support for the user. The patching up of this mechanically printed skin can be of great support in reducing the aging signs on visible areas and helps the concerned person to get the comparatively younger appearance.

Skin is considered as the biggest organ of the human body and it is almost entirely exposed to the environment and sunlight, which potentially damage the skin texture and aggravate the untimely aging symptoms to be occurred in different regions, especially on the facial area. This unique and innovative scientific development has opened up the scopes of various uses of this artificially created skin, which can be used for various research purposes, testing of cosmetics and most importantly transplanting onto the human or other species.

It is the first of this kind of development that produces artificial, printed skin, by using the bioprinter, which will be introduced to the marketplace very soon for commercial and medical uses.


This innovative bio-printed skin is the result of the collaboration between extremely experienced scientists at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the BioDan Group, a famous bioengineering company, who have the long history and specialization in the field of regenerative medicine, especially focused on the skin texture.

The most important part of this printed skin is; the material of this skin is having the qualities of the skin structure, wherein the inner part is having the fibroblast, which produces collagen; the most crucial protein element that provides the elasticity, as well as, enhances the mechanical strength of the skin. This mechanically bio-printed skin is being processed and generated in the automated and standardized way, which is less expensive than the manual process.

Saturday 28 January 2017

Google Is Making AI That Can Make More AI

It is extremely touch to get a good artificial intelligence going on across the devices or on a single device. The tier tech companies from the Silicon Valley namely Google, Microsoft and Apple have spent millions of dollars and years of research to develop their own proprietary AI for their range of devices. Within a short time their distinct AI has become an integral part of their overall device user experience. This has been result of continuous monitoring, tweaking and further development of the AI to enhance its potential and to work at their best. Now Google AI research lab has stated that it is currently building a new AI software which possess the ability to develop more of its kin i.e. AI. In short AI is set to make more AI in future will be much cheaper and easier affair than today.

A smart enough AI to develop more AI

Google has stated that for AI to become capable of developing AI is a extremely delicate and complex process which does require higher level of human intervention. Google has hired a number of experts of experts to develop or discover such tools which has the potential of developing more AI in future. Secondly Google is trying to reduce cost incurred at the development of the AI by building a smart enough Ai to do the job. In future educational institutions and corporation will be able to hire AI builder to develop their own Ai for exclusive purposes.

Is science fiction turning into reality? 

We already have a rich science fiction literature and movie galore which showcases how AI will eventually take over the world and decides to kill the humanity. This scenario is more commonly own as the Skynet catastrophe based on the Terminator series evil AI. When machines are allowed to develop their offspring that are smarter than the earlier iteration then it is certainly a major reason to worry. In similar fashion AI will work on its own to develop Ai and it will keep learning things related to development on its own without any human assistance. This will bring up a situation where in humans wouldn’t be able to understand the minute working details of the AI by looking at its performance and this will create a trouble for the AI trainers. Eventually AI will overcome as a powerful entity which wouldn’t require human at all to discover new territories.

This might appear to be too dark to digest given the fact that Google wouldn’t let the AI run rogue at any given time. Google has built it contingency plans to avoid any such miserable situations by ensuring that Ai doesn’t get the chance to disable its own killswitches at any given point of time. Furthermore Google has clarified that its AI charged with the task of developing more AI isn’t capable of competing against the human engineers which ensure that dark futuristic Skynet isn’t in making at all.


Fast Reinforcement Learning via Slow Reinforcement Learning

Learning to Optimize

Friday 27 January 2017

Google Placed Its Own Ads First, Study Claims

Google search engine is the most widely favored search option for millions of users across the varied devices and platforms. With its immense success over the years Google started offering paid advertisements to the individuals and businesses to rank better in the search engine results and gain more business and clients through diverting users to their websites. It might seem a noble thing to do but Google has been found to plunder top ad slots for its own products. A study conducted by the Wall Street Journal showcases that Google’s own products accounts for 91% of the top results on the search results page.

Google advertisement scheme is fabricated

One of the popular advertising data firms named SemRush has conducted a thorough analysis of Google advertising scheme by carefully analyzing over 25000 pages. It undertook the research in the popular search terms like speakers, laptops, smoke detectors and watches on Google and analyzed 1000 results. It was found that Google own products across the categories found themselves in the top of the results. Google already has a dedicated marketing policies ensures that its products doesn’t interfere with the carefully design online system and this was stated by one of the official spokesperson.

Google does away with the studies

Google has clarified that the studies is baseless as it has a auction system for determining how much price will be paid by the advertisers for featuring in the Google search page results. This system not just governs other advertisers on its platform but it also work on Google’s ads as well. In short Google has tried to away with all the allegations on its popular search engine by ensuring that its ads are on the same page as other advertisers ads but sadly that isn’t the case.

A report as stated earlier released by the Wall Street Journal carefully points out the for the search term ‘laptop’ in more than 1000 searches on its platform has resulted in offering Google ChromeBook as the top choice. In similar fashion Google favored the Android smartwatch as much as 98% in the searches for the search term ‘watches’ thereby fail to mention the popular and expensive Apple Watch. Thirdly searches conducted on the search term ‘smoke detector’ positioned Nest as numerouno as it is a Google’s own alarm product.

Google is wading through rough waters

This isn’t the first time Google has been accused of placing its own ads above the competitors and other advertisers. Last year Google had to deal with an unwanted controversy with its search platform when European Commission accused it of abusing its dominant position in the internet shopping arenas.

It also mentioned that Google was proactively being using its platform for restricted competition by placing its own ads in the top tier. Google has always maintained that the advertising auctions done on its search platform is run by the algorithm which doesn’t indulge in making decision on any particular advertiser or Google’s behalf at all.

700bike Galaxy Smart Folding Bike: Mono-live Review

700bike Galaxy
If you are crazy about folding bikes then this one will make you crazier and pumped up again. Folding bikes are popular for its extreme portability factor which helps in saving space as it can be placed right in the back of the trunk without much hassle. You can place folding bikes in any corner of your home, office or garage and it can zoom past vehicles and narrow passage ways with ease and they are lifesaver in traffic jams. Currently the folding bike segment is filled with innumerable styles at varied price points. 700Bike latest offering Galaxy is set to bring a storm in the market and the most valuable factor this bike going in the market is that it is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award.

The Design

The best about 700bike Galaxy design is that it looks stunning and beautiful from every angle which isn’t s small feat to achieve. The designers of this 700bike Galaxy bicycle has certainly inspiration from the automobile sector as very angle of its bears the smart finish and attention to the details. Like any other foldable bike this one also folds right from the middle of its frame. User can easily fold the handles and pedals to make it a compact version of itself which can be placed in any corner of the room, office or car with ease and grace. Manufacturers have used the latest 3D welding technique which is utilized in building headtube and top tube right from a single mold. 700bike Galaxy has a sleek look and weighs just 12.5 kgs which makes it extremely light to carry around.


It features the CST Kevlar-protected anti-puncture tires and has a Selle Royal Comfort saddle. The aluminum rims are of 20 niches and it has brake from Tektro with 140mm disc along with the SRAM X5 9 speed shifter for enhanced agility. To render a comfortable biking experience on the city roads Galaxy comes with the PG950 cassette which makes driving down the road, cobblestone or any other terrain within the city a splendid experience.

Users can adjust the seat as per their comfort level by adjusting the height. Another great thing about its design is that when this bike is folded up the bottom of the seat post acts as the stand for the bike itself. Being a futuristic bike it doesn’t lag behind on the tech front and it comes with a black & white LCD white placed in the handle post. It showcases the time along with the speed and distance covered by the user. The Chinese edition boasts of a special feature wherein SIM cards can be paired with the integrated GPS and can easily show the location right on the screen but this feature is severely missed on the international retail units of this 700bike Galaxy bike. The best thing about this 700bike Galaxy is that user can easily connect and sync it with their Android or IOs device to track their performance.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

LG Sends Out Invites for G6 Event on February 26

LG electronics is all set to unveil its G6 in an international event on 26th February. This leading mega tech company has already sent out invites for this much yearned event to take place a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress. LG electronics has sent its invitations for the launch of its flagship phone, G6. The company is confident about the success of this much awaited event. This South Korean tech giant will unveil its new mobile in Barcelona, on 26th February just a day before the mega mobile tradeshow starts.

Invitations sent for launch of this flagship mobile 

The invitation card features the design of fireworks at night above a lake with the heading, ‘See more play more’. The card was smartly designed in the screen ratio of G6 itself. A LG spokesman remarked that the card was specifically designed to highlight the phone’s new UXs. LG display which creates and supplies the displays for all LG models has remarked that the new phone will feature the new QHD+ display. The phone features the technology which capitalizes on the long screen and will have a 564 PPI resolution. Moreover, another interesting facet of the phone is that it will feature a heat pipe which will prevent the phone from overheating. To ensure the safety of its users the model has gone through numerous quality checks prior to the announcement of its launch.

LG considers this new flagship mobile launch to be a major milestone for their company and thus have started sending early invitations for the media for this important press event. The invitation being designed in the outline of the Smartphone itself shows the confidence and faith that the company holds on this new flagship event. The moniker ‘see more play more’, points to the large screen and higher battery capacity of the new phone. On 26th February at around 12:00 after the commencement of this event, the world will get to know about the more exciting and innovative features of G6.

Enhanced features 

Till now, LG has mentioned about few of the interesting features of this new model. Unlike the G5 set, this phone model will not be modular. Instead, the design of LG G6 will comprise of glass and metal and sources confirmed that it will be different from all the earlier LG mobile sets. As per 3D Renders, one common feature will be the standard 3.5 mm jack. A recent LG teaser also hints that the phone will have a larger display and will be waterproof.

This means that the phone is expected to offer us with a larger 5.7 inch display. Due to the underwhelming sales of its earlier G5 model, it is believed that LG G6 will be a bounce back for the company. LG G5 in spite of featuring a host of new accessories and a modular design could not please the mind of its users, and was considered to be a flop model. With this new G6 model the company will hopefully (fingers crossed) will redeem itself.

YouTube Builds Castle to Make Slow Loading Videos Cute

For over a decade we have seeing the default spinning circle on YouTube while watching video on a slow connection. YouTube has taken a hint of this monotonous situation and has started to spice up the so called ‘loading’ experience with an innovative and fun castle animation. People who rely on Wi-Fi network or slower mobile networks or simply possess a standard broadband connection which offers satisfactorily internet experience has to deal with loading animations all the time. Opting for faster internet connectivity isn’t a cheaper option so YouTube decided to make their waiting a playful and fun experience by creating a new castle animation. Sadly this innovation doesn’t speeds up the loading process rather gives a respite from the old age spinning circle animation.

Castle animation isn’t new

If you are thinking that this a new feature brought about by the YouTube then you be further shocked to know that it has been present for several weeks. But recently it has started appearing on wider range of videos and networks on the YouTube which has brought it wider audience. There are a millions of users who never get to see this cute animation feature on the YouTube because of their blazing fast network but other relying on slow network will get to see it more often while waiting for their video to buffer.

When would you see the castle animation? 

Sadly YouTube isn’t completely doing away with the staple spinning animation at the moment. YouTube users will get to see the castle animation only at the first load of their video and in between if video buffers again then they will be greeted with the usual spinning circle. YouTube has brought this change in order to bring a visual change for the users on slower network but as stated earlier it wouldn’t wonder for your networks by speeding up the process.

Google set to enhance user experience on slower connections

YouTube is owned by Google and it is a widely known fact worldwide. For past some time Google is actively working on enhancing the user experience across its range of services and offerings. Google has been critical about the slow connection wherein it brought some major changes in its services and platforms capability to ensure smooth transitions and users experience for its users with slow connection.

Quite recently Google has brought an update to its Google Search for Android functionality which allows it to save user’s queries during bad signal reception and it quickly produces the results when connection resumed. Google has named this feature Offline Search wherein it makes use of its Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP technique which allows users on slower internet connection to access page by consuming minimum amount of data. This feature isn’t new as Opera already has similar kind of feature in store. But Google is widely favored by the users all around the world for searching tasks and this move will be beneficial for millions of users in the long run.

Five reasons why your next accessory should be a smartwatch

Unlike other revolutionary pieces of technology, the release of the first smartwatch a few years ago wasn’t met with a viral trend on Twitter or any other form of acclaim for that matter. Not only was it too expensive by watch standards, customers simply didn’t see the need to have a second smartphone-like device on the hand.

Fast-forward to the present, and the situation is the same, if not worse. Smartwatch sales from leading manufacturers are either stagnant or plummeting. A technology that had great promise has now become the subject of many critical blogs, and even fans of the gadgets are now reconsidering their position. Nevertheless, smartwatches still have a place in the world. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting one today.

1. Notifications

Gone are the days where a landline phone on your desk was the only means of communication you needed in the office. Smartphones have enhanced the way we pass on information in a great way. However, having a phone can be an unpleasant distraction as much as it can be a benefit.

Every day, we receive countless notifications, and wherever we may be, we always feel compelled to check the phone everytime it beeps or vibrates. But with a smartphone, instead of reaching for your phone when a notification comes in, you can quickly glance at your wrist and decide whether it’s important or not, before opting to take action.

Moreover, instant notifications through smartwatches eliminate the need of always moving with your phone to avoid missing important phone calls, texts or emails.

2. Fitness

We all want to live a healthier life, but staying fit requires quite the effort. With a smartwatch, however, you can make your journey towards a more active life a lot easier.

Many modern-day smartwatches come with apps that help track our daily fitness progress. They will help you monitor your pulse rate, exercise routines, and the rate of calorie burn. Some watches even offer
 tracking solutions for joggers and runners. They use GPS to determine how far to run or which routes to take to achieve the desired goals.

3. Making purchases

If you’ve ever experienced the hassle of having to pay for something when your hands are too full to reach for the wallet or phone, you will undoubtedly appreciate the smartwatch.

Both Samsung and Apple watches have “Pay” applications, which enable a customer to pay for goods or services by just clicking on a button and bringing the watch close to the payment terminal.

4. Easy navigation

Navigation has come a long way. It is almost ludicrous to imagine a time when we used paper maps to know the direction to take. Google Maps was the first major leap towards the success of electronic navigation, but just like a paper sheet, there was the inconvenience of always having to pull out your phone for directions.

Voice navigation came in soon after, and although an outstanding innovation, some still viewed it a distraction to walk around while listening to audio navigation tool.

With smartwatches comes the latest in navigation technology. Samsung has won the hearts of many by incorporating the overly useful HERE WeGo app on the Gear S, Gear S2 and the recently launched Gear S3. HERE WeGo is a stand-alone app that offers navigation features without the need to be synced to your smartphone.

Even more impressive is the Apple Watch, which in addition to looking at the screen, provides directions using its taptic engine. Admittedly, it’s not perfect, and you do have to learn what each haptic feedback means. But with only subtle taps on your wrist to tell you which turn to make, you can get around without even having to look at your watch.

5. Customization

Regardless of their complexities, at the end of the day, a smartwatch is essentially a watch. And in addition to telling the time, a watch is meant to compliment the wearer’s physical look.

Unlike buying a traditional watch which gets you stuck with one design, smartwatches are available in different colors and bands. For further customization, you could also personalize your watch by reorganizing the widgets and tweaking some settings.

Final words

Contrary to what you may have read online, smartwatches are very handy gadgets to have. This is why, despite disappointing sales, leading brands are still unveiling new devices. Even more gratifying is the recent influx of cheap smartwatches, which albeit lowly priced still have a lot to offer.

Smartwatches have an important part to play in the future of communication and modern electronics as a whole.

Samsung Android 7.0 Nougat Update

Android keeps bringing new OS each passing year but OEMs fails to get their smartphone up to date with new Os features but that isn’t the case with Samsung. Samsung has started roll out of Android 7.0 Nougat update to its flagship devices. This update will first come to the premium Galaxy devices namely the Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 7 Edge.

Users with these devices are simply required to the Settings followed by About Phone section then System Updates to get the latest Android Os update. Samsung isn’t offering the latest version of the Nougat as Google’s own smartphone lineup of Pixel devices already comes loaded with the version 7.1.1 while Samsung is bringing 7.0 version update. The area of improvisation is slight between the two versions of the Nougat but it simply crowns Pixel device as the sole bearer of latest Android update.

What’s new in 7.0 Nougat?

Google has brought a wide range of functionalities and improvements on its Android platform with Nougat update last year. This includes support for the DayDream i.e. its VR platform in form of Screen Saver which offers splendid graphics and visuals to the users, quicker multi-tasking, multi-window support, viewing two Chrome tabs, Clear All button for recent apps, new installer animation and list goes on.

It also brings bundled notification for quickly getting through notification at a single go. A ‘Notification Importance’ setting is present in Nougat to set dedicated notification for important apps on the device. An enhanced version of the ‘Data Saver’ functionality comes with Nougat which helps users in saving ‘more’ on their mobile bills. Data Saver allows users to actively monitor their network usage data and even setting up notifications for the same effect.

Some new updates to the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge comes loaded with the fingerprint scanner but Samsung has bumped up its functionality with a latest update. It brings the support for Samsung Pass which allows users to use their fingerprint to not just to unlock the device but also open certain apps, sites along with a pop-up window wherein users can run as many as five apps simultaneously.

This functionality of running five different apps together shouldn’t be confused with the spilt screen functionality already available on these flagship devices.For heavy users Samsung has brought a Performance mode which allows them to optimize certain aspects of the device to answer their specific needs. This includes making tweaks in device for enhanced gaming, entertainment, multimedia consumption or improving the battery life for longer usage.

Samsung is bring Nougat to a wide range of devices

In the next few months Samsung will be rolling out the Nougat update on its wider range of devices which includes Galaxy Tab A with S Pen, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy A3, Galaxy A8, Galaxy Note 5. By the mid of this year most of the premium Samsung devices will start running the Nougat which is a great new for the Samsung users.

Sunday 22 January 2017

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Samsung is gradually building up its premium range of Smartphone after the premature demise of the Note 7 which seriously affected its yearly revenue predictions. Samsung has launched its lasts Galaxy C9 Pro 9 at the price of 36,900 INR in India. Currently Samsung is pre booking for this elegant Smartphone from 27th January and it is expected to start shipping from February. The talking point for this Smartphone among the plethora of Galaxy series devices is 6GB Ram. Samsung is cluttered its Smartphone lineup by following the nomenclature of Galaxy for almost all of its offering from the budget, mid range to high end devices.

The launch of Galaxy C9 Pro is quite late as it launched first in the Chinese market in October 2016 followed by the launches in Indian sub-continent countries namely Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. The launch of the C9 Pro is quite late as the Indian Smartphone market is flooded with devices with similar specification at a margin of Samsung pricing. In terms of specification Samsung will have to compete against the offering of Chinese devices such as LeEco LeMax 2 and OnePlus 3 but its holds on its own due to its premium build and amazing display.

C9 Pro specifications to watch for

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro comes with an awesome AMOLED display of 6.0 inches with full HD (1080p) rendition. This Smartphone is powered by the mid range Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor with eight cores and for gaming purpose it has Adreno 510 GPU. On storage front it comes with 64 GB of internal storage and can easily be expanded up to 256 GB via microSD card. Samsung has brought the 6GB of RAM on this device which results in a splendid user experience with amazing multitasking opportunities.

It is a dual SIM Smartphone with 4G LTE support along with the regular GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.2. It comes loaded with the Android Marshmallow not Nougat which might be a bummer for some the consumer but one should understand that it is around four months old device. Samsung C9 Pro does offers the best of the specification to the users but it fails on the price tag as there are already a number of devices available in the market at lower cost.

Notable features of the C9 Pro

Samsung has brought a high performing camera on this device with a 16 MP rear and 16 MP front camera for selfies. Rear camera comes with dual tone LED flash which helps in taking highly enriching and detailed pictures and it possess the capability to capture videos in 1080 pixels.

This device comes with now standard USB Type C port and possesses a mammoth battery of 4000 mAh – a sensible effort on Samsung’s part given its large screen size. Furthermore, this device has a fingerprint sensor which has become a staple feature on majority of devices launching nowadays and Samsung has also brought an audio enhancer in form of Cirrus Hifi Codec.

Saturday 21 January 2017

Gmail phishing: Latest Cyber Attack

Gmail phishing
Email phishing isn’t going to be dead anytime soon. Scammer, cyber attackers and hackers are getting smarter with each passing day and they are evolving new ways of convincing people that their mails are true. A new kind of sophisticated phishing technique has been in vogue wherein hackers compose highly convincing emails for the target users. In this technique past messages and attachments of the target users are analyzed before composing such mails which breathes of originality and normality and urges users to click to divulge their critical information.

The Gmail-phishing trend

This particular trend of phishing has been uncovered by Mark Mauder, the CEO of WordPress’s security plugin is called Wordfence. In this particular kind of evolved phishing attack hacker first sends across an email which appears to the user as a normal mail containing a PDF which possess a similar file name as seen earlier by the user.

Another gruesome thing about this PDF is that it carefully contains a disguised image which when clicked by the users launches a new tab will appears just like official Gmail log-in page. In is extremely tough for a normal users to find the minute details which reveals it isn’t the real Gmail sign in page. This can only be found by closing looking at the address bar revealing a script running right there.

So real, so convincing

As stated earlier it is extremely difficult for anyone to find flaws in the webpage design which results in targeted user entering their log-in details without any second thought. Once a user has entered the details then it can be used by the hackers to gain access to account for stealing the data or simply forward one mail to other recipients from the very same mail. In one such incident hackers has successfully hoodwinked an athlete believing their mail and link to be the true Gmail sign-up page.

Thereby they used his accounts log-in details to similar mails to other athletes in the team and within a short whole team’s emails and data were compromised. Hackers don’t waste much time after getting the log-in details. They use target users email account to send out multiple mails with user’s actual subject lines to other people in the contact list.

How to protect yourself from such phishing attack

There are some smart ways to outwit the hackers and stay safe from such attacks. One should always check upon the address of opening links when clicked on any kind of email. In this case the legitimate Gmail page has ‘https://’ address while the phishing attacks links possess ‘data:text/html.https://’. This clearly shows the given link brings the fake url of the Gmail’s sign-up page and it is also too long in nature. The best way to secure your Gmail account is to enable the two form authorization on Gmail wherein users has to insert not just their id and password but they also have to enter a passcode sent to their mobile device to enter their email account.


Amongst several ways of entertainment, one of the most comfortable way to get entertained that too from the comfort of your home is Television and with the growing technology, televisions have shown unbound progress. Different angles of entertainment can be propagated from this Pandora’s box which has long ago came out from the structure of box-system to a hanging portrait. Variations have also come up in this hanging structure and people research a lot before actually buying a television.

The two most known variations of television are OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) or ULED (Ultra Light Emitting Diode). Both are best in terms of the features they are providing. The two have high definition display the difference lies in their technology depending upon its efficiency.

The LEDs that comes in wall hanging portrait like structure which is not a portrait in reality but the trendiest version of television is the smartest version of televisions. The LED’s are famous for its picture quality which provides a crystal clear picture due to an effective combination of matrix of several LEDs located at the back.

The OLED TVs screen are manufactured using materials that are organic and generates a naturally colored pictures after being illumined by an electric current. The pictures are so defined that the blacks appear extremely black, similarly the whites and other contrasting colors appears highly whites and contrasting respectively. The OLEDs are very thin and it produces much smoother motion pictures than its predecessors.
The most popular firm that manufactures OLED television is LG.

They are the most advanced producers of OLEDs on which you can rely. There was a general belief that these kinds of updated televisions are not long lasting but LG has proved this notion wrong as they have assured its customers a much stronger, longer and unhindered service from their end where they can use their television for approximately eight hours per day for almost 10 years.

ULED refers to a number of technologies produced by a manufacturer of alliance called Hisense and is applied to the firm’s top ranks of television so that it can provide images of ultra high-definition display. Hisense’s head Andre Iannuzzi has further notified that the main aim behind introducing OLED is to enable the best quality of pictures bearing the latest LCD technology. He even said that 4K ULED comprises of 17 different technologies with respect to color, brightness of the screen, resolution and motions.

All these extras come together to provide a tremendous quality of ultra style viewing images that will give you a real life experience. He also said that both OLED and ULED includes a very high and smart quality of technology. Though the picture of quality of both the televisions is the same but the only difference lies in their longevity.

The display quality of OLED might begin to diminish after 3 years but the display quality of ULED will stay as it is for at least up to 10 years without failure. Now, the buyers have to decide what they want to buy as per theirbudget since both the televisions are land marks with respect to their features.

Best Websites to Score Things for Your Little One

The shopping for babies have become a cakewalk for most of the mothers nowadays.The online shopping and e-commerce has made the shopping a quite easy and convenient task all over the world.

Baby shopping for the unborn is considered as a good omen in a country like India, so the e-commerce websites for baby shopping works quite well here. The baby shopping is just click away way now.

There are lot of reliable websites from where all the baby stuff can be purchased easily and happily.The prices are genuine and the goods are guaranteed. These websites provide you with all year round sales, discounts and many other awesome offers. A list of the best websites to score things for your little one is compiled below:
  1. First cry: FirstCry is an online and offline brand providing a wide range of products for babies, kids and moms. The website was formed in 2010 with a pure desire of solving Indian parents’ problem of not having access to the best baby brands and products. The website has emerged as a leader in this niche in last 6 years. It is ranked as Asia’s largest online portal for kids and baby products. has over 70,000 items from over 700 top Indian and International brands like Mattel, Pigeon, Ben10, Funskool, Nuby, Hotwheels, Farlin, Medela, Disney, Pampers Barbie, Gerber, Mee Mee, Fisher Price etc. 

    First Cry promises a very satisfying customer experience with variety of products baby care products like strollers, apparel, games, high chairs, infant supplies, birthday presents, books and lots more at much affordable rates. All the products available at FirstCry have been sourced from authorized representatives/ manufacturers. The payment modes are multiple and the deliveries are quick. The website is advertised on almost on every popular channel by the celebrities like Big B.
  1. Babyoye: This website is acquired recently by Mahindra Retail group and has a wide variety of baby and kids’product. The products like diapers,nipple shields, cycles, shoes, maternity clothes, toys, Mellisa and Doug toys are all available .The website has got a rival start-up “Hoopos”, so their collection of products has got quite bigger now.
  1. Little pipal: This website was formed in 2009 with the aim of selling the personalized stuff for your little joy bundles. From here you can have everything personalized like Room decor, bath, clothes, gifts, books and much more. The team works with great dedication providing great customer services and satisfaction.
  1. Hopscotch: It is one of the best boutiques to meet all the shopping needs of your little laurel. Hopscotch deals with all the premium and imported brands and thus has become extremely popular with their best and unique collections.

    The products might be a little bit expensive in here but the unique designs, quality and thedurability of the products remain unmatched.
  1. Baby Jalebi: It is another new name in the market of baby shopping. Baby Jalebi comes with the wide collection of clothes, toys bedding, and hygiene products plus much more for the comfort of your kid.They provide great services, multiple options for payment and quick deliveries.
  1. My Baby Babbles: They deal with Personalised items, beautiful designs and unique products for kids. On all you can find all the products that your little one must have. The products are innovative in designs and great in terms of quality.

Thursday 19 January 2017

FF 91 – A Car That Recognises Faces

FF 91
The Vehicles that come up these days are fed with latest technology of all time. The vehicles too have turned out to be more of an electric gadget with all sorts of automatic features. The development in terms of cars, depicts a countries economy, the more updated version of cars, the more developed the country is. Faraday Future has introduced a fresh and new modeled car called FF 91 that is sure to give a tough competition to all the models of cars present today. The car with its terrific features is a perfect combination of style, elegance and comfort. It is designed with all sorts of fresh technology built especially to add charm to your personality.

It is bestowed with many features that will force you to bring this vehicle at your place as soon as possible. It comprises of an electric motor which is of 783 kW i.e. equal to 1050 hp. The mileage of the car will leave you in awe as it is capable of running 96 km/h that too in just 2.39 seconds. Yes, you heard it right, seconds! So you can well imagine the power of the vehicle.

This is not the end of the story as the car includes a battery with a capacity of 130 kWh, which is the highest density battery of the world. You can also charge your car up to 50% in just 4.5 hours and the car is capable of moving up to 600 km per charge. Don’t you think that the description seems to be of a cell phone rather than a car! Let me make you aware of the fact that LeEco who is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has induced his money in the making of FF 91.

The FF 91 car is called as Arrival Interface by Faraday Future that is not just a name given rather it introduces another vital feature of the vehicle which enables the owner of the car to unlock it even without using key. So, you need not worry now if you have forgotten to carry your key or by mistake have left it inside the car, as the smart car will identify its owner and simultaneously will welcome him or her by automatically opening the door because of the welcoming system fed in the car which uses cameras that are located internally to identify the user and will also maintain the settings as per the users choice.

The perks of the car does not end here as FF 91 is capable of recording the expressions of its users and will hence adjust the music and other settings like temperature depending upon the expressions. There are 10 cameras inside the car along with 12 sensors which are ultrasonic, both long and short radars which are 13 in number, the rear mirror has a display which is high definition and many more.

FF 91 is the vehicle that is capable of depicting the future of the car manufacturers and its users which is richly stylized without any loops from any aspects.

Join the Combined Defence Services for an Exciting Career

Every year the Union Public Service Commission conducts, the "Combined Defence Services"Examination (CDS), twice for recruitment into the Indian Military Academy, officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Indian Air Force Academy.

The Notification for CDS is generally released in the months of October and June, and the examinations are held in February and November respectively.CDS Result will be declared in July 2017. Successful aspirants are taken into the respective Academies after an interview conducted by the Services Selection Board (SSB).

CDS Orientation Training Institutes 

If the candidates clear the interview rounds and according to their merit, they are sent to the following institutes for orientation training:

  1.  Indian Military Academy, Dehradun 
  2.  Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala 
  3.  Air Force Academy, Hyderabad 
  4.  Officers Training Academy, Chennai 
  5.  Officers Training Academy, Chennai 21st SSC Women (Non-technical) 

Women are only eligible for Officers Training Academy, Chennai.

A permanent commission is given those who join the first three institutes. Short term service commission is given to cadets passing out of Officers Training Academy. While filling the application form, applicants are required to fill their preferences in the application form.

The SSB interview takes place for approximately a week, throughout which a candidate goes through various physical and psychological tests to determine whether or not he is officer material. Candidates who have applied for Air Force Academy are also tested for Pilot Aptitude Battery Test, apart from the SSB interview. Once all these tests are cleared, candidates go through rigorous medical examination before finally getting admitted into the above-mentioned academies, and only after successful completion of the training program, candidates are inducted into the armed forces.

Career Opportunities

Many exciting career opportunities are offered to young men and women once they enter the Armed forces. Career in the forces, in addition as a career, is also an adventure in itself. To make sure that suitable candidates are chosen, a comprehensive selection process is conducted by the armed forces through Service Selection Board (SSB) interview.

This system of selection is incorporated from the “trait theory” of leadership which assumes that every leader must have some specific and pre-determined leadership traits. The theory,assumesthat such traits can be acquired by a candidate with the passage of time meaning so that a person once rejected in an SSB interview is likely to succeed if he obtains some of the traits with the passage of time.

In addition, psychological and mental strength of the candidate vis-a-vis requirements of the Armed Forces is judged and finally an overall assessment of the personality of a candidate is made by way of exhaustive personal interviews.

The CDS written examination is an offline objective examination. Exam for the Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Air Force Academy will be for 300 marks, while Officers Training Academy exam will be of 200 marks. The written exam if for 2 hours, with each section will have 120 questions. For every correct answer the candidate will secure .8 marks, while for every incorrect answer .33 marks will be deducted. The three sections in the examination are:

  • English 
  • General Knowledge 
  • Elementary Mathematics. 

After clearing the written examination, the candidates are eligible for the Interview round. The interview round comprises of two stages:

Stage 1: This stage consists of Officer Intelligence Rating tests and Picture Perception Description Test. The candidates will be judged on the basis of their performance in both OIR Test and PP&DT.

Stage 2: This stage consists of Interview, group testing officer tasks, psychology tests and the conference. This test is conducted over a period of four days.

In personality assessment test the candidate is assessed by three different experts viz the Interviewing Officer, Group Testing Officer and the Psychologist. There is no separate weightage for each test and the marks allotted by the experts are given only after taking into consideration the performance of the candidate in all the tests. The marks are also based on the previous performance of the candidate. Lastly, the candidates are recommended or not recommended by the experts and their word is final.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

LG's W7 wallpaper OLED TV

LG's W7 wallpaper OLED TV
The era of television has been seen to engulf the entire universe. With the new technologies being fed in television it has marked the level of expertise. In the genre of LCD’s and LED’s there have been much innovations. We have seen branded companies like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and several other companies exploring new heights in this field. The competition amongst the companies is to design the slimmest television of the time with new technologies that will tempt all gadget lovers.

LG has surpassed all limits by introducing the thinnest television of the time with several enticing features to provide all sorts of comfort to their customers. The CES that took place in Last Vegas this year have launched many OLED televisions. But, none seemed to be as thin as the one introduced by LG. It has unveiled a terrific Dubbed ‘Wallpaper’, branded W7, which is a massive 65-inch OLED television which is unbelievably just 2.57 mm in its thickness.

 It has been designed to keep it as slim as possible that will almost stick to the wall like a portrait and will be hanging with the help of magnets. The accompanied magnetic brackets provide support to the OLED that is required to portray a picture like view for which it has been stylized for. The magnets also seemed to making new records with the thickness of less than 4 mm from the wall just like the unimaginable breadth of 2.57 mm of the television.

The awe-striking design and edge of the television will tempt you to take this latest launch of television to your place. LG has come up like a show-stopper brand with esteemed technologies in the field of electronics and has secured a pioneering position with their latest launch of OLED TV. They have confirmed that there aim is to develop a television leading to a flat screen that will provide an experience of a “picture-on-wall”. The screen which provides terrific picture quality is associated to a box that comprises of technical components and speakers, by wire.

The sleek, razor like profile of W7 makes the TV to be presented like something illumined and hanging in the air, that ensures a mesmerizing experience to its viewers. LG has confirmed that the TV will also be launched in a version of 77-inches than being restricted to only 65-inches. LG has also launched a number of other OLED televisions like G7, E7, C7 and B7 at the US tech show. But the W7 version of OLED has taken the competency of thinnest television to new heights.

This latest version is capable of providing HDR footage accompanied by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos surrounding sound that will give you an effect of multiplex while sitting at your house. It also develops all the pictures frame by frame without compromising with the picture quality. It equivalently inserts dynamic data where required.

Experience the sexiest OLED television of the era with W7 that ensures realistic and natural picture quality from all angles.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Google Confirms End of Internet Drone Project

In the past five years internet penetration has boomed all across the globe due to rise in the cost effective technology and equipment. In a bid to empower users with internet connectivity Google has designed a project wherein drones will be used to offer internet. However Google has terminated its ambitious internet drone project named Titan after gradually running it for last three years. Google has specifically designed these drones to beam internet to the users in the remote and rural areas. This project had a number of similarities with its Loon project wherein aim was to bring internet connectivity through hot air balloons.

Technical difficulties cited as the reason

Google cited two major reasons for pulling the plugs from its drones program. The droned used in the Titan in order to provide internet were solar powered devices and it has run into a wide variety of technical difficulties which seriously limited the potential of the Titan. Another reason was to bring necessary funding to enlarge scope and technological expertise for the success of the Titan. Google finally confirmed just a few days ago that it has officially shut down the Titan program in the early 2016 which came as surprise for most of the technology experts but its demise was not mourned to a great extent.

The quick history of the Titan Program

Google X division was responsible for the Titan Program and it was brought this division’s control during 2015. This division performed the exploration of the high altitude areas with unmanned aerial vehicles in order to provide the internet access within few weeks of getting Titan at hand. Over the a year of research has shown that the economics related to the use of drones and technical feasibility associated with Project Titan was still high and it offers the best solution at the given time to connect remote and rural areas in the simplest fashion.

The rise and fall of Titan

In the beginning of the 2014 Titan Aerospace was acquired by Google to develop drones and necessary technology for providing internet through it. This was done specifically to counter the attempts from Facebook to provide internet through unmanned aerial vehicles. During the early days Google has famously stated that atmospheric satellites will be right instrument in bringing internet to millions of people round the globe.

These drones will be extremely during disaster relief and it will play a vital solving a number of major problems such as deforestation and other environmental damage. Soon after the test flights in 2015 Titan started facing a large number technical of difficulties along with funding issues which eventually derailed the project within a year.

Google X division has released a statement wherein it officially confirmed the demise of Titan and the reassignment of various staffs to its different part of business which includes Project Loon and Wing. In similar fashion Facebook ambitious attempt at beaming internet from the drones took a backseat when its drones ran into various technical difficulties.

Saturday 14 January 2017

Waymo: Detroit Auto Show Reveals a Google Designed Self Driving Van

Google has been developing Waymo a self driving vehicle for quite some time and it isn’t secret as a number of reports about its testing have emerged in the past. However we have been for a long time to see this vehicle in live action finally that moment arrived at the Detroit Auto Show. This edition of Detroit Auto Show was filled with a slew of sport utility vehicles, flashy and sleek deans and robust pickup vehicles. But Google unveiled an odd-looking and quite classic minivan Waymo which has the self driving capability infused in it. This particular minivan has been designed and manufactured by Google which comes with its indigenously developed autonomous driving capability.

Google shift its self driving vehicle development under new business

Just a month ago Google’s parent company Alphabet has did away with the driverless car project to a new business company. Now the self driving vehicles developed by the Google will be made under Waymo but it will still have the Google branding on it. The point of creating a whole new company to cater to the self driving vehicle segment is that it will help in commercializing the vehicle in short period without much needless scruples of gaining authorization. The first minivan showcased by the Google Waymo is simply the first vehicle in series of vehicles which will launch in upcoming years.

An elegant old design with modern driving capabilities

Tesla and BMW has shown futuristic autonomous vehicle in the past and they are going to make their way in the market by 2020. On other hand Google has gone with a traditional and conventional design model with it minivan but it is equipped with Google’s indigenously developed self driving capabilities. This Waymo minivan makes use of self-driving sensors and advanced vision system which has been exclusively developed for this vehicle. Google has partnered with Fiat Chrystler to manufacturer the van which showcases the collaboration between a true automobile maker and tech firm at its best.

As stated earlier Google isn’t the only one which is keen on developing safe, reliable and robust self driving vehicles. Some of the established automakers like General Motors and Ford Motors are also aggressively working towards developing their own self-driving vehicle and both of these has showcased plan of having a manufacturing unit in Michigan in upcoming months
Google plans to turn every mainstream vehicle into autonomous vehicle

However Google has some other plans for itself driving technology. It is gearing up to offer ready made packages of its self-driving equipment which can be easily integrated to any kind of mainstream vehicle to turn it into an autonomous vehicle.

An official from Google has stressed upon the fact that Google has invested a huge sum in developing all the self-driving sensors in-house which allows it to add new functionalities and to remodel it to work with other vehicles with ease. Google self-driving technology has one important goal at its core which is to bring full autonomy to the vehicles without undermining the safety quotient of the vehicle.

Friday 13 January 2017

Google Says New Version of Google Voice Coming Soon

Google Voice
Seeing as how 2016 saw various new administrations from Google, including Duo and Allo, it's anything but difficult to disregard the old yet helpful Google Voice application. Since its reconciliation with Hangouts in late 2014, the Google Voice application hasn't seen any noteworthy overhauls. Nonetheless, Google uncovered recently that you might just observe a shiny new form of the application this year with a new update and modification.


Google Voice is a helpful application that offers call sending and phone message administrations, voice and test informing, and universal call application. A lot of individuals still utilize it yet Google hasn't precisely made the experience charming. Some new applications have prevailed to some degree by concentrating on versatile clients – a region where Google Voice has fallen behind, having not redesigned its android applications and iOS since the main portion of a year ago. Google has essentially left Voice to sit and gather tidy, dismissing it as it doesn't exist. What these new elements involve stays indistinct, yet hopefully the holdup is justified, despite all the trouble.

Google's fairly maturing VoIP calling administration, Google Voice, is get ready to reveal a huge overhaul, the organization has affirmed. A few Google Voice clients this week detailed seeing a redesigned interface touting "the new Google Voice" on the web adaptation of the administration, alongside a connection that would give them a chance to give it a shot. Plainly, the message was posted too soon in light of the fact that the update didn't come through when the connection was clicked.

Update features-

Be that as it may, its reality has been an empowering sign for Google Voice clients, a number of whom have felt as though the administration has been surrendered for Google's numerous more current endeavors in the interchanges space, including Hangouts, and all the more as of late, informing applications like Allo and Duo. Google didn't share any further points of interest on its arrangements, however, a redesign to Voice is long past due. Its versatile applications were last upgraded in the second quarter of 2016, and still, after all, that, the redesigns included only 'bug fixes'.

The overhaul will probably involve a modified UI particularly for its desktop form, which still games the plan dialect of the old Gmail. It is likewise anticipated that would arrive with fabrication that will be firmly incorporated with Hangouts, and additionally, other related Google informing administrations, for example, Google Allo and Duo. Put something aside for the advertisement, Google has not discharged any official proclamation about the approaching Voice overhaul. Knowing the organization, nonetheless, we can expect a point by point log of new components particularly if the upgrade ends up being colossal.

Google's procedure as to its correspondences applications has been muddled, so it will enthusiasm to perceive what the new Google Voice involves. The organization has various correspondence items, which appear to be in a consistent condition of flux. The organization expressed the move did not flag the finish of Hangouts, but rather would basically be accessible as a discretionary application. Be that as it may, Hangouts' destiny is significantly more unverifiable after Google uncovered a week ago that it would close down its Hangouts API by means of an upgrade in the Hangouts site.

Thursday 12 January 2017

Amazon Flying Warehouse That Will Deliver Your Stuff By Drone

Amazon Flying Warehouse
Amazon’s new flying warehouses will dispatch products using drones

The e-commerce market has been rapidly developing in the past few decades, and Amazon being one of the pioneers is devising new methods to expand their grounds. This mega internet retail store has recently broken the news of using giant airships to serve as flying warehouses. These mobile warehouses will make the process of delivering goods to consumers easier and faster. The concept is a ground breaking one, and till date no other online retail store has even thought of using a drone as a means of making faster deliveries.

Fastest method of making deliveries

This is not simply a concept, as Amazon had recently conducted a demo to prove the effectiveness of this drone delivery system in the United Kingdom. How is this method far more effective than the traditional delivery system? Imagine, you are at your football match practice and in need of a jersey or a ball. You could simply place your order and you will receive the item within a few minutes without even leaving your seat. Amazon will set up its ‘airborne fulfillment centers’, from which the ordered items will be dispatched soon after ordering, at will be delivered at the consumer’s doorsteps in a matter of minutes. After the product is dispatched the drone will glide or float most of the way and then use its propeller to navigate the route and fly itself to the consumer.

Spaceships to reduce costs

While these drones will make the delivery within 30 minutes, the use of airships will further cut down the time and make even faster product deliveries. One of the reasons as Amazon highlights for introducing spaceships is large gatherings like sports game or concerts which might require mass deliveries within short time. Moreover, this online retail store also believes that using airships instead of drones will actually increase profits by reducing the costs in general.

An incredible concept created by Amazon

While creating the concept of using airships, Amazon looked into the technological tradition used for creating the first self propelled dirigibles back in the 19th century. The filing stated that substantial energy was required for sending drones from ground based facilities. The reason being, the propellers of the drone have to spin constantly in order to stay aloft. Moreover, on the return trip the drone will not be loaded with any product and it would be a wasteful expense. Instead, using airships would be more efficient as it would remain still at a higher altitude. These airships would deploy drones which would glide or float towards the ground by way of gravity, and lesser use of power would result in reduced expenses.

These airships will float to an altitude of 45,000 and will be stocked with a variety of products. When an order will be placed, the unmanned aerial vehicles would fly down and make the delivery at the correct address using its in-built navigation system. Well, this step taken by Amazon definitely has proven the brand’s efficiency as a leading online retail store. Its constant endeavor to make faster deliveries has helped it become an international brand.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

5 TV Trends to Expect at CES 2017

Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas is an important technology mega-event in the world which brings forward the best of upcoming gadgets for the rest of the year. Televisions happen to be stable and integral showcase of this event which has been making head turns since a long time. This year we will get to see TV manufacturers making huge inroads in the 4K ultra HD category. A new era of cutting edge TV design and viewing technologies will be brought to the consumer having the capabilities work in unison with ultra HD devices like cameras or double up as PC monitors.

4K is the new base for display in TVs

The display resolution has always played a vital role in the buying decision of the consumers. Currently it seems like 4K display resolutions has become the basic requirement in the televisions regardless of their shape, size, features and capabilities. Therefore at this year CES we will get to major players like Samsung, Sony, LG and others followed by emerging players to offers larger televisions in varied pricing range.

Television category is going through a highly competitive phase wherein revolutionary smartphone makers and technology firms are making their way with rapid strides by launching their flagship models in limited quantities. This includes the tech giant Apple with its Apple range of TV along with some rivals from Middle Kingdom namely MI and LeEco. It is expected that 4K resolution will feature 1080p Full HD on most of the model while selected few will showcase the 2160p Ultra HD resolution display.

HDR will become a must have feature in TVs

High dynamic range or commonly referred as HDR will emerge as a must have feature in the upcoming range of televisions from all the brands. It will feature not in the premium model but even in the highly affordable budget segment as well and with further possible expansions. This year premium television is expected to feature heightened level of display brightness and black levels and enhanced color performance than before with the utilization of the technology like quantum dots.

Advancement made in colour department

Over the years a large number of manufacturers have established their own remarkable way of enhancing the color performance on their own device. In CES 2017 TV manufacturers will not shy away from boasting about their dramatic improvement made in the real color coverage by past year. Black Level performance in the LCD display is less talked thing in the television corridors as no significant improvement has been made on this front so manufacturers will certainly keep mum on this fact.

Non-4k TV products are here to stay

2017 CES will bring the 4K camera models along with a splendid range of 4K UHD monitors which are almost at par with 4K televisions. Manufacturers are continuously enhancing the capabilities and features of the monitors to make working and designed a much memorable and exciting affair than before. 4K entertainment on the monitor screen is due to the HDCP 2.2 compatibility.

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Selfie Taking Concept Car for Millennials

Concept Car
Fiat Chrysler’s new Portal concept car unveiled at a recent electronics show 

A breakthrough innovation which has taken the automobile industry further ahead is the Portal concept cars. The car was recently unveiled in the prestigious automobile event called Consumer Electronics Show. The maker of this extraordinary sedan is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and the car has a list of amazing features, the result of 20 years of constant research. According to automakers, this Portal Car is exactly what the Millennials wanted.

Separate cameras for every passenger 

This Selfie taking car features six different cameras, each attached to the separate six seats of the car. The cameras can take photos of every person sitting in the car. Passengers onboard would be able to take photos with ease, and capture every precious moment while vacationing or enjoying a road trip with their loved ones. This portal concept car by Fiat has plug in ports for electronic devices like for charging mobile phones, and every passenger gets an individual port. The camera can not only take pictures but it can be easily attached to other devices and everyone can share their new pictures with ease on social media.

Customize and create your own playlist 

Music is an integral part of driving and traveling, so Fiat’s Portal allows everyone in the car to share videos and songs. This is an important feature of the car, and every person present in the car can create a playlist which can be enjoyed while traveling by everyone. Another cool Portal feature is ‘zoned audio’, which allows every passenger onboard to enjoy listening to separate songs and music without using headphones. The same technology helps the car driver to listen to certain amplified sounds, like siren of an ambulance.
The van’s ceiling has a shared display screen which allows the passengers to create a combined playlist by mixing separate tracks from occupant’s devices.

Customizable interiors 

The interior of this top notch concept car is fully customizable. The car seats can be easily moved back and forth, and if they require extra space they can simply remove some of the car seats. It also features LED accent lightning, and the passengers can simply change the color of the interiors whenever they want to. Another high tech feature of this revolutionary automobile is the facial recognition software on the outside of the coupe which will help recognize people from a distance approaching the car. The entire entertainment feature and the interiors of the vehicle can be customized using the high tech system.

The self driving mode is limited in the Portal, and the driver can again gain control of the vehicle ones he is ready. When the steering wheel is not in use, it simply folds into the dashboard. Although, the event was a massive success CES, is not yet sure if Fiat Chrysler can actually create what they have said. The company has not made any announcement or revealed any plans to actually fabricate a high tech vehicle like Portal. It can only be hoped that the company soon creates a high tech automobile as this Portal concept car.

Monday 9 January 2017

Snapdragon 835 Chipset Which will Power 2017 High End Phones

Snapdragon 835
Qualcomm was expected to launch its Snapdragon 835 chipset with a grand ceremony during CES 2017 but most of its prolific information was revealed before that. Snapdragon 835 is its latest powerful chipset which is expected to power some of the most expensive and premium flagship devices in the rest of the year. Its information has been revealed in full by the famous leaker who goes by the name @evleaks. The documents procured by this leakster appear to be the official press release documents which bring key details about this chipset.

Snapdragon 835 rumors and leaks are abundant

A number of information related to the Sanpdragon 835 chipset has already been released in the online arena. Some of the presentation slide made its way on the Chinese social network Weibo. Quite contrary to the established trend these rumors and information were true to its core which has simply killed away the surprise that Snapdragon would have brought in CES launch event.

How Snapdragon promotes its upcoming chipset?

Snapdragon has boldly proclaimed that 835 which be much smarter, smaller and energy efficient than any of the chipset ever developed by the company. Qualcomm has invested a huge of money and resource at developing this chipset which will allow smartphone manufacturers to go further with their plans of developing thinner devices with larger batteries in future. Snapdragon 835 has a 10nm design with the presence of over 3 billion transistors which lends better functionality and power over its predecessors.

Qualcomm documents reveal that the improvements made in Sanpdragon 835 will help in redefining the charging, camera capabilities, connectivity, security and battery life on the upcoming range of smartphones.
Snapdragon 385 will bring better connectivity coupled with security

Snapdragon 835 features the X16 LTE modem and custom support for 802.11ad Wi-Fi networks which helps in delivering one of the fastest and robust connectivity options to the consumers. This will allow users to download content at 10X faster than the first generation of 4G LTE devices and modem itself will have a 45% smaller footprint and with incredible power efficiency. On security front it will have three layers of protection to the users on Soc, device and system levels. Snapdragon 835 will authenticate users with fingerprints, pin codes, eye or face based security. This will ensure that upcoming breed of smartphone will feature the iris scanners and camera enabled security more prominently than before.

Redefining smartphone experience in every possible manner

Qualcomm is leaving no stone upturned to make Snapdragon 835 chipset successful than its predecessors. It will also feature the coveted machine learning which will enhance the computing capability of the phones in future. Smartphones will start offering object recognition technology for better photos and VR experience will be also enhanced with real-time hand tracking capabilities. The trend for adopting the AI or virtual assistants on the smartphone will take a major push with Snapdragon 835 as it will help in strengthening their presence along with support for biometric authentication.

Code Associated with Russia Hacking Found on Vermont Utility Computer

Russia Hacking
Hacking of the Russian campaign which dubbed Grizzly Steppe was discovered by the Obama administration and they found that the code associated with the hacking was found on a laptop that was associated to a Vermont electric utility computer but was not connected with the grid.

The Burlington Electric Department said that they took immediate measures in figuring out the laptop by issuing alerts everywhere for its detection. They even assured that their officials are working over it to stop any further infiltration of the utility system by tracing the malware.

The Burlington Electric Department said, that the Department of Homeland Security have discovered a malicious code in Grizzly Steppe, which needs to be decoded. After this discovery they without wasting any time scanned all the computers in their system to locate the malicious software. The infected code was figured out in one of the Laptop which was of Burlington Electric Department and wasn’t connected to the organization’s grid system.

The detected malicious code was intended to have resulted from a comparatively less hazardous episode, due to visiting a website related to certain queries or questions. One of the team working with the concerned problem said that the Russian hackers might not have been involved directly in this case. The exact date of the incident is yet to be detected.

President Barack Obama issued an order where he expelled 35 Russian spies and passed ordinance on two Intelligence Agencies of Russia regarding their involvement in hacking U.S political parties in the election of 2016 presidential chair.

A declaration was passed after the Washington post where it was reported that the hackers of Russia infiltrated a Vermont utility. The government and the officials of utility industry judiciously monitored the nation’s electrical grid on a regular basis because it is all immensely computerized and any malfunctioning might lead to severe disruptions in the functioning of services related to any emergency or medical aid.

One of the senior most official of the administrative department under President Obama declared that all defenders of several networks based in United States can defend themselves against the unauthorized activity related to cyber crime by Russia.

No immediate response towards the request was answered by the Department of Homeland Security. The officials investigating with the case considered the incident as a minor one that on the long run did not lead to any disastrous results. But still they are alert and extremely critical regarding any disturbances that might occur by the disgraced action of the Russians in the field of cyber activities.

The officials have become entirely serious and have kept a strict watch eye on the Russians to avoid further malicious implications from their end. They have traced the infiltrated code and has successfully managed to bring it under control by taking in much advanced technologies and government aided campaigns in the space of cyber crime.

On a positive note Russia is justly held responsible by the U.S. officials for enabling them to develop such a highly intensive security measures to restrict any further hacking