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Monday 9 January 2017

Snapdragon 835 Chipset Which will Power 2017 High End Phones

Snapdragon 835
Qualcomm was expected to launch its Snapdragon 835 chipset with a grand ceremony during CES 2017 but most of its prolific information was revealed before that. Snapdragon 835 is its latest powerful chipset which is expected to power some of the most expensive and premium flagship devices in the rest of the year. Its information has been revealed in full by the famous leaker who goes by the name @evleaks. The documents procured by this leakster appear to be the official press release documents which bring key details about this chipset.

Snapdragon 835 rumors and leaks are abundant

A number of information related to the Sanpdragon 835 chipset has already been released in the online arena. Some of the presentation slide made its way on the Chinese social network Weibo. Quite contrary to the established trend these rumors and information were true to its core which has simply killed away the surprise that Snapdragon would have brought in CES launch event.

How Snapdragon promotes its upcoming chipset?

Snapdragon has boldly proclaimed that 835 which be much smarter, smaller and energy efficient than any of the chipset ever developed by the company. Qualcomm has invested a huge of money and resource at developing this chipset which will allow smartphone manufacturers to go further with their plans of developing thinner devices with larger batteries in future. Snapdragon 835 has a 10nm design with the presence of over 3 billion transistors which lends better functionality and power over its predecessors.

Qualcomm documents reveal that the improvements made in Sanpdragon 835 will help in redefining the charging, camera capabilities, connectivity, security and battery life on the upcoming range of smartphones.
Snapdragon 385 will bring better connectivity coupled with security

Snapdragon 835 features the X16 LTE modem and custom support for 802.11ad Wi-Fi networks which helps in delivering one of the fastest and robust connectivity options to the consumers. This will allow users to download content at 10X faster than the first generation of 4G LTE devices and modem itself will have a 45% smaller footprint and with incredible power efficiency. On security front it will have three layers of protection to the users on Soc, device and system levels. Snapdragon 835 will authenticate users with fingerprints, pin codes, eye or face based security. This will ensure that upcoming breed of smartphone will feature the iris scanners and camera enabled security more prominently than before.

Redefining smartphone experience in every possible manner

Qualcomm is leaving no stone upturned to make Snapdragon 835 chipset successful than its predecessors. It will also feature the coveted machine learning which will enhance the computing capability of the phones in future. Smartphones will start offering object recognition technology for better photos and VR experience will be also enhanced with real-time hand tracking capabilities. The trend for adopting the AI or virtual assistants on the smartphone will take a major push with Snapdragon 835 as it will help in strengthening their presence along with support for biometric authentication.

Thursday 30 July 2015

Znaps – A Simple Designed Solution in Charging Phone


If one has ever had the opportunity of using the MacBook’s MagSafe connector or the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable, they would get to know how convenient a magnetic power connector could be when compared to the iPhone’s charging system.

A Toronto based company known as Znaps has come up with a way out that brings about convenience to both the iPhone as well as Android phones with a Kickstarter campaign that is in progress of turning the smartphone’s charging port as well as cable into a magnetic charger. It seems similar to Apple’s MagSafe power connector that enables the user to plug and unplug easily, the power connector to a laptop with satisfying magnetic snap.

Moreover, it can also detach if and when someone tends to trips on the power cord. Znaps is a simple designed solution which tends to transform a charging cable utilising a pair of easy adapters which plugs into the Lightning or microUSB port towards the bottom of the mobile device and to the end of the cable. As the two adapter are in place, one can `snap and charge’ or snap or sync, without even looking.Znaps seems to bring about an enhancement to the iPhone and Android devices though consumers would need to wait for some time before it is made available to the customers.

Znaps Connector Compatible with Lightning/MicroSD Ports

Founders of Znaps had turned to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the purpose of support in putting the adapter into production. The campaign being barely a quarter of the way through with only 24 days remaining where Znaps has already collected $437,295 out of its $94,221 goal which is 464% of Znaps’ goal.

The Znaps connector is said to be compatible with Lightning and microSD ports and is also reversible. This means that one will not have the need to fiddle with it in order to fit it in the right position since the Znaps, which is a tiny magnetic adapter adapts into the device’s charging port – Lightning for iOS devices, MicroUSB for Android, together with a separate magnetic adapter that fits over the cable connector.

Thus the user could just place the phone’s charging port close to the charging cable and it snaps in with the power of the magnet. It can get disconnected without much damage if it is pulled on the phone while it is still being charged.

Water Resistant – Power to Protect Sensitive Area – Power Socket

Besides this the Znaps is water resistant having the power of protecting the most sensitive areas on the phone which is the power socket wherein the adapter tends to lower the risk of any water damage to the phone. The Znaps magnetic adapter comes at a cost of $9 and wheninserted in the iPhone 6 or any other iOS or an Android device, it helps in charging the device instantly.

Due to the magnets in the adapter and cable, one can charge the mobile device by bringing it near the cable that tends to snap into the right position. The shipping of Znaps would probably begin somewhere in November and those interested in MagSafe type of charging technology for their iPhone or Android phone could pre-order the Znaps adapter or they could fund the Kickstarter campaign, opt for a custom pledge and get hold of their Znaps adapter by the end of November of in December.

Friday 12 September 2014

A New Quantum Particle Calculation Making Waves in Scientific Field

Quantum Particle
Researcher had successfully developed a new and more advanced way of measuring the wave functions, which describe the strange behaviour of subatomic particles. With this breakthrough development the quantum computing, secure wireless communications and quantum teleportation would come closer to reality than it was ever before.

A New Beginning

There is a small realm of scientific field, whichis known as quantum mechanics. It states that the particles can exist in multiple places at once through an unusual phenomenon called superposition. And in order to describe the huge number of positions and velocities which a particle can have at any given moment is measured through the use of wave functions.

Both the quantum computing and teleportation relies on particles, which can exist in multiple places at once.

Benefit of this Remarkable Research At a Glance

Wondering how this could be utilised in advancing the computing powers of the machines? Well the superposition of the particles would allow the computers in performing calculations and transferring information at a much faster rate than the conventional computers.

How This Could Be Achieved

Quantum computing and quantum teleportation would need huge systems with a large amount of quantum particles with the ability to interact to create many dimensions. When this is achieved in the proper order and in efficient manner then only both of it could turn into reality.

A lead researcher on this finding also stated that the huge multidimensional systems have complicated wave functions, which cannot be measured earlier due to inefficient traditional methods. But with the new method it is highly possible to calculate wave functions more accurately and faster and it will be beneficial for scientists in developing quantum technology for new generation.

How the Wave Functions are Calculated?

Earlier the wave function of a quantum system was calculated by taking a huge number of measurements and then estimating a function or an equation, which was best, suited for all the measurements. This old technique was called ‘direct measurement’, which used to measure the wave function by weakly measuring position and strongly measuring the momentum. This technique was suited only for the small systems with few dimensions but as with the advancement, the system grew bigger and bigger it became more and more difficult to accurately measure the wave functions.

Therefore, this new technique is developed called ‘compressed direct measurement’, which uses a series of random measurements of the position and momentum of the particles in their quantum state. Then an algorithm is assigned which finds the wave function, which is best, suited for a number of measurements. This new technique is about 350 times faster and just requires 20 percent of the measurements than the old one.

The Era of Quantum Tech

Researchers have asserted that the new direct measurement technique can mould the way of success for quantum computing. The regular computers handle ‘bits’ of information while a quantum computer could ‘qubits’ of information, which could be represented by either zero or one at the same time. Compressed direct measurement can help in reaching terahertz speed, which will give incredible speed in transferring data in the form T-rays. These waves have the ability to pass through most materials like paper, clothing etc. However, it should also be noted that these waves are difficult to detect and manipulate, therefore scientists would find difficulty in harnessing them into digital media. Furthermore, quantum is still a new idea in technology as well as an emerging field it will take time before becoming reality.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Forget Plastic Bottles, Drink Water In A Bubble

Plastic invades our lives and pollute our planet. To curb this problem, a team of technology designers has developed a new way to drink water without using water bottles. Instead of using water bottles they used a very novel method.

The plastic bottle is removed and replaces it with a water bubble surrounded by ultra- thin edible membrane. How to do without plastic in our lives? This is a million dollar question and the scientists are working on it to find a solution. A team of three London based Designers have found a solution by completely reinventing the concept of the water bottle.

The three friends have created a new form and a new way of drinking water. Either drink it or eat it. The new idea is christened with a name Ooho. For this, they are using simple cooking methods such as molecular cooking and other processes such as spherification, a technique that consists in giving any food in the form of a sphere by freezing.

Here, water is surrounded by a thin membrane composed of edible brown algae and calcium chloride. Rodrigo García González detailed that the water is surrounded by double membrane and that double membrane provides hygienic protection within the membrane, and the manufacturer can put labels between the two layers without using any adhesive.

While the protective membrane is formed, the water is placed in a frozen state to give the spherical shape. Then simply apply the substance created it form the membrane.

The idea is to have an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water which is both easy to handle (just buy the ingredients and equipment) and it is cheap because the cost is less than € 5, According to the designers. The idea behind Ooho is really interesting: replace water bottles by an edible bubble is really innovative!

Monday 30 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - VI

Increase the size of application folders (InfiniFolders)

Since 2010 and the arrival of iOS 4, the iPhone offers the ability to create application folders for meet and avoid duplicated too many pages on his smartphone. But on the Apple phone, the number of applications is limited to 12. With InfiniFolders, the recipe is expanding to not setting any limits. Operation is simple: more than 12 applications, scroll mode automatically turns on. Beware though, this feature is not free: $ 1.99 on Cydia.

Sunday 29 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - V

Filtering calls and SMS (iBlackList)

How to handle annoying calls mistresses, bosses who are to rule the weekend or even hysterical fans on his iPhone? Simple, just to jailbreak then install iBlackList. Create lists (former teachers or work for example), add the relevant contacts and voila. The application also handles SMS, on the same model. Only bad news: this tweak is free for 10 days and then paying $ 12.

Saturday 28 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - IV

View the weather and upcoming events on the lock screen (LockInfo)

The weather is probably one of the most used features on smartphone. But according to the devices, it may be faster or slower to navigate. Here, no need to unlock his iPhone to check out the local forecast.

Friday 27 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - III

Enable / Disable WiFi from the notification center (SBSettings)

A feature that has been around for ages on Android but still conspicuously absent for IOS. Never mind, developers are responsible for BigBoss to carry on iPhone using SBSettings. This tweak can offer easily enable and disable the WiFi from the center of notifications, without going through the tedious settings.

Thursday 26 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - II

Download paid applications for free (Installous)

Developers who focus their work on the jailbreak will not say never, but the main reason that drives users to jailbreak is being able to download paid applications for free. There is obviously a tweak (application linked to jailbreak) for this. It is installed Installous, a form of alternative App Store in which there are official applications to get without paying.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - I

The jailbreak ingenious, convenient and free

Developers jailbreak enthusiasts have a habit of jumping on every new version of IOS and more generally on every new mobile device from Apple. But what do the jailbreak? This is a modification of the source code of the phone (or tablet) of the Apple brand. The purpose is twofold: to manipulate the program to its source but also its iPhone defy a ban announced by Apple.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Google: the evolution of Earth in pictures

Google has used Landsat satellite data to get videos showing the evolution of our planet over time.

Each film shows a different aspect of the Earth. We can thus discover the deforestation of the Amazon or the rapid growth of Las Vegas with a picture from 1999 to 2010 made
​​the thread.

Monday 23 July 2012

A German judge prohibited the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Europe

That was almost long as we had not heard of the trial against Samsung and Apple. In that regard the supposed resemblance of the Galaxy Tab to the iPad, the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf in Germany ruled in Apple by banning the sale of Samsung 7.7-inch tablet. A decision on appeal which confirms the previous sentence, dated October 24, 2011. Unlike this time, the prohibition does not apply as the Germanic territory, but also the rest of Europe.

Sunday 22 July 2012

The history of Twitter available soon

Here's some news that will delight some users of Twitter. Your history may well become fully searchable and can be downloaded same, like Facebook. A possibility that the reporters from the New York Times obtained from the mouth of Dick Costolo, chairman of the social network. By cons, the process would run into some problems that mobilize many developers. Provide access to all data for each user seems a bit more complicated than expected, especially in terms of research.

Saturday 21 July 2012

Amazon and Apple: Choose the rumor of new tablet

Among the shelves of last generation, we already knew the Nexus 7 of the next Google or Microsoft Surface devices with Windows 8. It seems that new models are also in preparation for the next two tenors of high-tech industry, and not least because it's Amazon and Apple.

This is the very serious New York Times reports that the two information. Thus, Amazon could market a new version of its Kindle Fire, which would have a larger screen. A release date has even advanced: July 31, 2012.

Facebook addresses with a service pro like LinkedIn

According to Forbes magazine, Facebook could launch a new service next month: Jobs. The title is ambiguous, and some can see a direct attack against LinkedIn, the professional social network. But both services are very different, and that the Facebook community picks up on the social network is probably not related to the new service.

Many users maintain in effect two different lives on Facebook: one private and one related to the professional world. Many stories of people having sometimes a little too involved with each other has prompted a majority of Internet users to be careful.

Thursday 19 July 2012

iPhone 5 is already in production

This is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics of the summer: when will the new iPhone 5 appear? After the first false images and covers showing the dimensions of the device, rumors circulated about the imminent arrival of the iPhone 5. According to information provided by the Japanese blog MacOtakara, Apple has already begun production of its smartphones.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Facelift for Bing

A few weeks ago, a new version of Bing has been deployed in the United States. The search engine from Microsoft now offers its skin change in Europe. Exit the superfluous; the service focuses on the essentials. One senses the arrival of Windows 8, with an interface that adapts to the carefree touch media.

No major changes from the side of the home, which always features a large photo. The improvements are located at other levels. Page load was optimized, as the search algorithms.

The Blu-ray box set that Marvel fans waiting

Good news for fans of films licensed Marvel, a Blu-ray box set comes in a limited collector. Marvel Cinematic Universe soberly called: Phase One - Avengers Assembled, 10 Blu-ray are stored on board in this impressive, and very elaborate, suitcase. You will see or re-review one of six films (Captain America, Iron Man 1 and 2, Hulk, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk and Thor) and discover the story "The Phase One Archives".

The U.S. porn industry full of racketeering scandal

Five American pornographic production studios are on the dock. They are accused of extorting money from Internet users who downloaded their movies illegally.

The studios have complained so wanted to do themselves justice, but by using the passage. To find people who looted their property, they hired more people to "locate IP addresses associated with the use of a file-sharing software like BitTorrent. "

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Kindle 2 Fire: four models to counter the Nexus 7

Amazon is back with a second generation of Kindle Fire. According to an NPD analyst DisplaySearch, four models are in preparation.

Richard Shim, an analyst in question, explained that three of them will be 7 inches. Thanks to its sources from the suppliers of electronic components, it claims to be able to advance some features of the range Kindle Fire 2: