Wednesday 25 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - I

The jailbreak ingenious, convenient and free

Developers jailbreak enthusiasts have a habit of jumping on every new version of IOS and more generally on every new mobile device from Apple. But what do the jailbreak? This is a modification of the source code of the phone (or tablet) of the Apple brand. The purpose is twofold: to manipulate the program to its source but also its iPhone defy a ban announced by Apple.

Specifically, it is possible to bring new features to its smartphone without waiting for any update from Apple. This sometimes requires some technical operations, it includes some (low) risk and this action is relatively minority among users of IOS. But the opportunities are ingenious, often practical, sometimes unnecessary and mostly free. Moreover, Apple has inspired many times over the proposed new jailbreak for its own updates. Overview of the features that are possible once its jailbroken iPhone.

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