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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Apple iOS 11.3.1 Has A Nasty Surprise

Apple users are in for an Ugly surprise in iOS 11.3.1

So what is an update to an operating system supposed to do? You may say fix bugs and maybe introduce some new features to the OS, but apparently some think differently, exhibit Apple. Taking the example of Apple iOS 11.3, users expected bug fixes and some new features but all they got was some more bugs and the previous ones not really fixed, just forget about new features. This fiasco in turn put new pressure on Apple to make some serious changes with iOS 11.3.1, but then again we have a repeat iOS 11.3 performance but this time with a little kick and believe me this kick will hurt.

iOS 11.3.1 seems to have one fix in mind but other than that it fails to address any other issues, when in fact there were a host of other fixes that were desperately required. Now coming back to that special kick, with iOS 11.3.1, you get, maybe the most serious iOS 11.3 bug so far, an audio skipping issue. Thought you were smart huh in skipping the iOS 11.3 update and going straight to iOS 11.3.1, but now are thinking otherwise?

The Audio Skipping incident with iOS 11.3.1:

Incident or frequent occurrence is more like it. This issue seems to have affected a number of Apple users. So what exactly does this bug do?

The audio skipping problem actually skips or distorts your audio, whether it be listening to your music or podcast or receiving or making calls. It seems like you have a bad line but is actually the audio skipping bug that you get free with iOS 11.3.1

What’s more is that with the audio skipping bug in iOS 11.3.1, features like phone calls, podcasts, music playback are all made almost useless.

Reaction to the audio bug in iOS 11.3.1:

As you can imagine users are furious that they now have to contend with this bug over every other issue that is there. This problem too with iOS 11.3.1 seems to have also affected a large number of Apple users out there.

Some are even thinking of making a switch to Samsung after many years with Apple. Looks like the bug problem finally got to them. The audio skipping problem with iOS 11.3.1 also has nothing to do with battery life because users have also commented that their batteries are fine and that they still faced this problem with iOS 11.3.1

Something interesting with iOS 11.3.1: 

Apple seems to be secretly claiming that by updating to iOS 11.3.1, users will actually get this problem solved. This leads to more unsuspecting users updating to iOS 11.3.1 and then Voila! They are face with the dreadful audio skipping problem.

Apparently there is no end in sight with this problem. There seems to be no fix to the iOS 11.3.1 issue and while many claim that a hard reset of the iPhone with iTunes may help, there is no evidence to support it.

Thursday 9 February 2017

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Screenshots have turned out to be the most innovative and smartest way to have a record of some important thing or to share information with others. This enables you to get a prove of anything or substantiate your point in no time. There are different methods of taking screenshots on different devices. The different devices include:
Windows Computer – You can easily take a screenshot of the existing screen without having to download any extra tools or software for it. All you need to have is a regular keyboard used in Windows and from that keyboard you just need to tap the print screen button.

This button is generally found on the top right corner of your keyboard and in some cases you also have to press the shift button to bring this function into the active mode. As you tap this button the computer will automatically go for a screenshot of the whole existing screen and will save it to clip board. If you wish to take extra screenshots then you will have to utilize an added program which is known as the Snipping Tool.

After downloading this program, you will have to search and locate your computer for the apt tool and then open the program. Press new and crosshair that enables you to choose the desired area that you intend to capture, as soon as you release the button you will then have to save the file. It is best if you include the Snipping Tool to your Start bar.

Mac – The best known device to feature finest screenshot ability is Mac. In this device you are provided with a short cut that easily selects the portion that you want to take image of. All you need to do is hold the shift and command keys simultaneously and also the number 4 button that will transform your mouse or trackpad into a crosshair. By using crosshair you are required to draw around the area that you want to take a snap of. After this step, your desired image will be protected as a .png file on your desktop.

iOS Devices – Inorder to go for a screenshot on an iOS device, like an iPad or an iPhone all you are required to do is hold on to the home button and the power button that appears on top right side corner of iPhone 6 and on the top of other iPhones issued before this. In this way the snap of your existing screenshot will be taken and will automatically get saved to Photos.

Android Devices – Taking screenshots on most of the Android devices is almost similar to the one’s we take on iOS devices. With the developed version of androids, the way to take screenshots have become even more easier, as you just need to hold on to the volume down and power button simultaneously. After the screenshot have been taken a quick options of animation will appear and your captured image will be saved to the Photos app in the screenshot section.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Problems of Apple Users to Use AirPrint through iOS

The iOS is a new mobile operating system made by Apple Inc. and allocated mainly for Apple’s hardware. It is such an operating system, which controls a number of the iDevices of company. Originally launched in 2007 mainly for the iPhone, it is extended to hold up other Apple devices for example the iPod or iPad.

Introduction of AirPrint-

In one of the current version of the operating system of iOS, Apple has introduced a new item called AirPrint. It is made to bring an innate printing support to the platform of iOS and this can be available on version 4.2 or also in some other devices for example, the iPhone, or the iPad. There are some steps that should be followed to use this AirPrint to any type of printer that is linked to a Windows computer, comprising Windows server. With the help AirPrint, it seems simple to get full quality image and file printing from the iOS as well as OS X applications. AirPrint is prepared into most accepted printer systems. The features comprise easy discovery, mechanical media choice, and enterprise-class options.

Problems of the Users

However, though some users claimed that iOS is quite useful to them, there are some others who reported that this new operating system of Apple has caused a number of troubles in case of AirPrint, a tool that lets the iOS to print over Wi-Fi. The problem does not allow the users to print.

From the various reviews on the page of Apple’s forum, it is known from the customer that whenever they update they update their iPhone or their handsets to the operating system they found an error message, that is, URF error and consequently the printing gets halted. In the opinion of most of the users, AirPrint functions with devices that are running through iOS 7.

An online discussion with a Support representative of Apple did very little to solve the current problems of AirPrint. The Apple agent has stated that AirPrint is supposed to work well, and thus, the users must get in touch with AppleCare or they can arrange a meeting with the Apple Genius if they are facing difficulties with the wireless printing. Though, Apple has not given a satisfactory response to the request, a British-American website for news, on the other hand, quoted a statement on a discussion panel, which denotes that Apple might fix the trouble with its approaching version of iOS 8.1

However, there could be a hopeful side in this context. On one of discussion forum about Apple , it is said that the company is already aware of the faults and announced that iOS 8.1 will faults very soon.

There are also some other complaints that a number of printers, yet listed under the list of some popular models of Apple are no longer well suited with the Airprint when they update iOS 8. Some other users reported that the printer itself perhaps needs some modifications of the firmware to work properly with iOS 8.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Now it’s time to Turbocharge iOS 8 Web-Surfing Experience

If you are among the people who thought of iOS8 is an update to that of iOS, then it’s time to wait and watch. People who own the previous models will now have the upgraded version apart from getting additional features as options. If a person is still not ready to upgrade from version 4 to 6 , then iOS 8 might be the model they have been waiting for. Some of the most useful changes if the iOS 8 have been mentioned below:

Improved Safari: 

Most of the smart phone users have a mobile version of a website/webpage that basically lacked links, common functionality. Through the new iOS 8, the users will be able to now get a desktop version of the same website. All one needs to do is to tap the website url on the top of the page and then just drag it down in the middle of the screen.

If you are fed up of all the tabs in Safari then in iOS one will just have to click on the “+” sign to get all the recently closed tabs. The single disadvantage being the page is not visible if accessed in private mode. If a user like to surf in a private mode, the tapping the private tab option will enable to them to launch Safari in a private mode, keeping the current windows intact.

Apple had also included an option wherein the user will be able to take a picture of their credit cards to improve their mobile commerce easier. The users just have to tap the card field and they will get the Scan credit card option. The user will be able to punch in all the required information.

Bright spotlight: 

One will get a more powerful spotlight search in iOS8. Through this the user will be able to search not only through iPhone content, but it will also connect to web to give the user more information from various websites. Just swipe the phone screen and activate the service. This feature is fast and crazy responsive in iPhone 6.

Notification Center: 

Now there are more additions in the notification center. Notification widgets will be available with selected apps.

Plugged-in Siri: 

A person will be able to activate or wake up the phone while plugged in, by simply saying hey Siri. This is useful when your phone is at desk or when you are sleeping.

Find my phone: 

This is one the coolest feature which the company is hoping that the user doesn’t have to use it. In case your phone battery runs out, the user will have the option of sending their location to icloud.

Other features: 

Now, one can get weather report from the weather channel through the weather app. Photos can be easily placed in the notes application. This is the latest app which is allowing users to fill in their own medical details for emergency time. Users will be able to see their battery use percentage through the new battery app.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Tips to Consider When Switching From Android platform to iOS platform

 switching from android to iOS
Even though there are many people who find the android and iOS platforms to be similar, there are some significant similarities between these two in terms of features but there are considerable amount of differences also. So, what one should be doing if they are planning to switch over to iOS platform. This transition doesn’t need to be as traumatic as one might feel, switching from android to any iPhone model or iPhone 6 (after its released) can be easily achieved by following these below mentioned tips: There are extensive lists of tips that have been given by many people which can help you in this easy transition. Some of the major ones are:
  1. New Keyboard: If planning to switch to iPhone 6, then you should be expecting android based keyboards. Android users have been blessed with multiple options for including wallpapers, widgets etc when compared to iPhone users (limited access) which include the iOS keyboard since its launch. This new keyboard will enable the apple users to type in entire sentences with fewer touches and even might hint to complete the sentence.
  2. Widgets: These are extremely handy when coming to get information about stock, weather etc. Users of this app can wait for a complete revamp in the coming apple models.
  3. Acompli App: Even though initially the searching mails in iOS was more difficult when compared to android, but now with the planning of Acompli app, the users will be able to only send email from the sent and received section but also will be able to send the locally saved files without any issues.
  4. Notifications have been given priority in iOS as every email will get highlighted. If has been divided into different times and different days to enable an easy access. For professionals iOS is highly recommended because it features all business requirements.
  5. Restricting access to apps: When it comes to android, restrictions are created by creating different user profiles but in iOS, restriction has been given importance. Apps can be controlled through password protection.
  6. iOS is planning to enhance the sharing and linking option in their phone which was not given priority before.
  7. If you planning a switch reverse way around then a voice search might give a bit of encouragement. Android comes in with a exceptional voice search app which is still a shortcoming in the iOS.
  8. For a customization features fan, it is boon to switch to iOS as their permission control feature is totally missing in android.
  9. The users of iOS will find the home button an easy option when compared to android phones, in which the back button is the only advantage in comparison to the iOS phones.
  10. iOS phone users have nothing to envy about as they get an easy option for upgrading to a higher version by paying maybe a higher price but when it comes to update that can received from Google play can only update apps and not the android version.
So, if you looking to switch from an android platform to iOS; iOS8 the latest version from Apple is something to wait for.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Great Mobile Platforms Android Vs iOS

 Android Vs iOS
Android and iOS both are great mobile platforms and have room for improvement as well as different ideas for what the users need. Google’s Android together with Apple’s iOSis excellent operating systems which are used primarily in mobile technology like the smartphones and tablets.

Android, a Linux based and a partly open source is more of a PC than iOS, where its interface and basic features are more customizable from top to bottom, though the uniform design element of iOS tends to be seen as being more users friendly.

The options from smartphone and tablet system should be considered with care since switching from iOS to Android or vice versa will involve the purchase of apps again in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Android presently being the world’s most common preference in smartphone platform is used by several different phone manufacturers while iOS is only used on Apple devices like the iPhone.

iOS Pros and Cons 

Apps come to iOS first despite its tiny market share and these devices tend to see app release much ahead of Android. They have strict app policies where iTunes app stores utilizes these polices to keep average app quality high.

 The iOS interface is quite good with the overall UX does not change from what users have got familiar with. Quality hardware – iOSis available on a few devices though Apple has a high standard for those devices and ensures that each device is well designed and capable in functioning.

Lack of customization – By maximising user friendliness, Apple has created an environment that for the most part with default settings could be good for all and excellent for users who would like the choice of many options but frustrating for others who would be interested in personalizing their experience. Users can face lack of device option with two to three choices for iPhone, or two choices for iPad with each device being a lot similar.

Android Pros and Cons

In Android there is a huge device variety which comes in all shapes, sizes and prices with every manufacturer having their own particular blend of Android, with extra features together with capabilities. This results in competition with fast innovation from the UX point of view.

Android devices are highly customizable and are more open than Apple devices right from downloading new default font to overhauling theuser interface and the changes are more accessible on an Android device.

App Policies are less restrictive where Google Play has their own policies that are not as strict as the iTunes stores, though Google Play is not the only choice to distribute Android app and if Google Play tends to reject an app, there are other sources available.

Android has extremely versatile software which can power various types of devices best phones and tablets. It is also used to control set top boxes various headless devices and drones.

The app quality in Android, due to its lighter restrictions and the possibility in side loading apps easily, are not as dependable as iOS. Moreover, with side loading from other sources there could be a possibility of getting infected with malicious software.

With the entry of various Android devices coming up most of the manufactures do not have Apple’s reputation when it comes to reliability of products which is applicable to both the hardware as well the propriety software which is provided by the maker of these devices.

Friday 21 February 2014

How to Download Torrent on iOS

Bittorrent technology avails you to download torrent on Chromebook and that isn’t illegal. Like other downloading technology this to opt for both legal and illegal content. People think this as an illegal content owing to its popularity and missing out this technology. There are millions of legal content available at torrent site, they provide the illegal content on the desire of customer and make money through releasing movies. Almost only few got a note about the authority of bittorrent.

While considering this view with apple, Apple refuses to allow any torrent clients on the App Store. But it is possible for iOS user to download bittorrent using Safari browser. What is the logic behind this? iOS allows you to download illegal content from torrent. There are many methods which by using a service that essentially download the torrent and gives as a direct download link in its place.

Many services for iOS available but it chooses zbigz. This operates by copying a link from torrent then upload to the, and paste the link to that site clack on go and wait till the files are uploaded. On the go after uploading, it will start downloading using the service bittorrent on zbigz on any format as you desire. Apple iOS using Safari is possible and you can do it, but in some cases you will not be. Whenever Safari browser emerges with an download link it will simply open up something in browser that have an download size of 2MB PDF file instead of opening of up size of 700MB Ubuntu.iso which serves for no purpose.

Instead of doing up with these you can download an downloading app from store available at tons in iOS. Apps like Goodreader has build-in download function available in them. Filer is other app that servers as a browser to zbigz and using them paste the torrent link and while uploading wait for a while. Then you can start downloading using the Download Manager from Filer. Once the file can be completed you are allowed to access it from Filer’s file manager, also it avails an option of sending it to other application using Open in options available.

Zbigz avails you for free which allows you to download both large files, but few restriction do present. Hence it is also advice able to move on premium offered at $10 per month and on year whole t avails at $85, you may think that may cost a little bit when you go on to grab files for quick ones. On miss out bittorrent only in your system then its worth to go on. Also some other service are available that you can try out is PUT.iO. Hence these are the ways for your iOS to download from bittorrent.

Monday 30 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - VI

Increase the size of application folders (InfiniFolders)

Since 2010 and the arrival of iOS 4, the iPhone offers the ability to create application folders for meet and avoid duplicated too many pages on his smartphone. But on the Apple phone, the number of applications is limited to 12. With InfiniFolders, the recipe is expanding to not setting any limits. Operation is simple: more than 12 applications, scroll mode automatically turns on. Beware though, this feature is not free: $ 1.99 on Cydia.

Sunday 29 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - V

Filtering calls and SMS (iBlackList)

How to handle annoying calls mistresses, bosses who are to rule the weekend or even hysterical fans on his iPhone? Simple, just to jailbreak then install iBlackList. Create lists (former teachers or work for example), add the relevant contacts and voila. The application also handles SMS, on the same model. Only bad news: this tweak is free for 10 days and then paying $ 12.

Saturday 28 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - IV

View the weather and upcoming events on the lock screen (LockInfo)

The weather is probably one of the most used features on smartphone. But according to the devices, it may be faster or slower to navigate. Here, no need to unlock his iPhone to check out the local forecast.

Friday 27 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - III

Enable / Disable WiFi from the notification center (SBSettings)

A feature that has been around for ages on Android but still conspicuously absent for IOS. Never mind, developers are responsible for BigBoss to carry on iPhone using SBSettings. This tweak can offer easily enable and disable the WiFi from the center of notifications, without going through the tedious settings.

Thursday 26 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - II

Download paid applications for free (Installous)

Developers who focus their work on the jailbreak will not say never, but the main reason that drives users to jailbreak is being able to download paid applications for free. There is obviously a tweak (application linked to jailbreak) for this. It is installed Installous, a form of alternative App Store in which there are official applications to get without paying.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - I

The jailbreak ingenious, convenient and free

Developers jailbreak enthusiasts have a habit of jumping on every new version of IOS and more generally on every new mobile device from Apple. But what do the jailbreak? This is a modification of the source code of the phone (or tablet) of the Apple brand. The purpose is twofold: to manipulate the program to its source but also its iPhone defy a ban announced by Apple.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

The Tops of 2011 - II

The iPad 2

The first iPad had already scored in 2010, the early universe of Internet tablets such as we know them. With the iPad 2, Apple has just had to correct some details that fans demanded two cameras (one in front), a faster processor, all in a device 33% thinner and 15% lighter. The success of this new tablet was even more resounding than the previous one, the iPad 2 being one of the great success of 2011.

Thursday 14 July 2011

iPhone: the first antivirus available on the AppStore

Apple products are known to suffer fewer attacks than other OS. Yet in recent months, many flaws were uncovered, most often used to allow the terminals iOS jailbreak. A publisher has ever since the first virus for iPhone available on the AppStore.