Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Tops of 2011 - II

The iPad 2

The first iPad had already scored in 2010, the early universe of Internet tablets such as we know them. With the iPad 2, Apple has just had to correct some details that fans demanded two cameras (one in front), a faster processor, all in a device 33% thinner and 15% lighter. The success of this new tablet was even more resounding than the previous one, the iPad 2 being one of the great success of 2011.

The rise of Android

No doubt the iPhone dominates the smartphone market in terms of sale devices. However, the competition represented by Android, that is the system that equips mobile phones many competitors in the apple stores since this year a larger number of users IOS, the system of the iPhone. Put simply, it sells more Android phones, all brands of phones that iOS (iPhone only). This is a significant success for Google, which shows by the popularity of its mobile system.

Zynga and Facebook games

Facebook games are increasingly popular, and one of the editors was to have been one of the first meetings a success in this area is certainly Zynga, which holds particular Farmville. The publisher already had 39% market share in 2010 and largely confirmed this trend in 2011, three of his being the most played games on Facebook.

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