Tuesday 20 December 2011

25 USB drives that have personality - VI

Steampunk USB Drive

The proposed creation Cerrious by Design includes a USB Sandisk 4 GB retractable. Handmade in very small quantities, it consists of pieces of metal laser cut and artificially rusted with a chemical treatment. Plus: a small orange light blinks during transfer operations of the key. 27 euros.

SuperCrypt 256 GB Super Talent

It will not be talking about design particularly original or misuse of objects, but storage capacity and performance. The SuperCrypt USB 3.0 256 GB Super Talent is proposed by a single key but high-capacity and providing maximum transfer rate of 240 Mb / s read and 170 Mb / s write.


These USB drives for a new type not yet exist and are currently just a concept devised by the Russian design studio Art. Lebedev Studio. Called Flashkus, this model anticipates a future where USB will become like other consumables, disposables and customizable.

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  1. I wonder when'll India stop importing these things from JAPAN & CHINA and start making on our own... I read somewhere that the Japan incident later this year has caused in price rice of these gadgets.. Is it True???


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